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What Select FlexiMounts' Products are For

Nov 18, 2022

Picture this. You’ve recently decided that it’s time to just declutter your garage, get rid of the mess, and have a brand new one for you and the family. No more excuses this time. This time you will do the work and you will get it done no matter how much time, effort, and even money you need to spend for the project to be done. Your garage has simply been a dumpsite for too long. But here comes the issue…

You have stumbled upon the FlexiMounts’ site during your hunt but don’t quite know which one is most suitable for you or what are things you can store or do with the particular product. We understand; we’ve been through the same hole so we’re here to guide you on what you can use selected FlexiMounts’ products for so that your garage is squeaky clean and organized after you do your decluttering. 

Overhead Storage Rack 

You should use an overhead garage storage rack or ceiling-mounted shelves to maximize the ceiling as a storage space. This is where you will store items that you occasionally use or that you don’t need to be within reach all the time. You can put the seasonal athletic gear in here or holiday decor that you only use once a year. 

Here are two products from the brand:  


For ample vertical support and longer ceiling brackets, this product is for you. It will prevent the shelf from falling from the ceiling because it is secured on the wall. Its weight capacity is 400 to 600 pounds and the height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches. It is made of cold-roll steel that is guaranteed to be of high quality after undergoing rigid tests. This is also a waterproof product that could avoid getting your products damaged by water. It could store seasonal items such as athletic gear you only use for winter or for summer. This comes with an integrated grid design that makes it stand out from others available in the market. This comes in black and white and you may choose from different storage spaces: 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 6’, 3’ x 8’, 3’ x 6’, and 2’ x 8’. 

If one of your worries is installation, don’t worry because this can be easily installed by following the step-by-step manual and installation template that comes with the product. 


Need a product that can carry a heavy weight? This overhead storage rack has a weight capacity of 800 pounds. It is 4’x8’ in size and its height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches, meaning it provides up to 150 cu. ft of storage. Made of cold-roll steel like the other products, it is also waterproof and has that signature FlexiMounts integrated grid design. It can also be easily installed, coming with the trusty step-by-step instruction and an installation template. Everything will arrive in one box on your doorstep. You won’t be afraid if it will fall from the ceiling because it comes with high-quality screws and all the hardware of this product has gone through strict quality tests. Note that this is compatible with joist spacing of less than or equal to 24”. 

Wall Shelf 

You of course will store items in your garage that you need to be accessible. You can store these on a wall shelf. These are easily reached by hand or by a few steps up. You can store here tools that you use weekly or supplies that you regularly need. Here are two items from FlexiMounts: 


If you don’t have much space in your garage, you may opt for this BR24 general 2-pack wall shelving. It is 2’x4’ in size and could carry 440 pounds in total, 220 pounds per tier. It is made of powder-coated steel that is of high quality and has passed through rigid quality tests. It can easily be installed by one person because it arrives in one box that has all the hardware you would need. You may choose to install it in a parallel or vertical manner. Like our other products, this also features an integrated grid design that makes it stand out from others in the market, makes it easier to assemble, and gives it more stability compared to other storage solutions that have a multi-piece assembly. You may opt to add flat hooks from FlexiMounts so that you could hang your bikes. It comes in black and white. 


This wall-mounted storage solution from FlexiMounts comes with all the necessary hardware which makes it easier to install in a concrete wall or wall studs. It’s 2x6 in size and could carry 400 pounds in total. It’s made up of top-of-the-line, powder-coated steel that has undergone quality tests. Its buckle design comes with velcros, a feature that prevents it from falling. Homeowners may play around with installment because of the product’s flexible layout with various combinations and different stud spacing. This unit comes in either black or white. It is a certified classic FlexiMounts’ product. 

Bike Rack 

If you or your family is the adventurous type, you should use a bike rack to properly store your bike without fearing if it will be damaged or scratched. You can also of course use a bike rack to save floor space and that you don’t have to keep putting it out of the way when you walk around your garage. Plus, it makes room for the car to be properly parked. 

Hanger Wall Mounted Bike Rack BR1 

Perfect for any home, this wall-mounted bike rack has a height-adjustable feature with a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. It’s made of cold-roll steel that can support up to six bikes. These are J-shaped hooks that will secure the bikes in proper vertical positions. The hook spacing can be adjusted based on where it’ll be stored. 

These can also be easily installed with just four steps to follow. Drill holes in a horizontal line where you can install wall plates with tapping screws. Pass the bike rod through the plate in the left wall and insert the hooks on the right end of the bike rod. The last is to fix the left end of the rod with two screws and then plug it in to the right end. 

And then, if you further check the FlexiMounts’ site, you would also notice the hooks the brand offers. These are mainly to add storage capacity for your overhead storage racks and wall shelves. Naturally, these items would be on a lower level so you can hang here your garden and repair tools. 

GRH1  4 PCS Flat Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving 

These hooks are specially designed by FlexiMounts to be attached to its ceiling racks and wall shelves. Made of cold-roll steel, it has a weight capacity of 50 pounds. It comes in four flat pieces and is all scratch-resistant with a powder coat finish. It can be used in multiple ways such as hanging bikes, tools, sporting goods, and more. 

GRH2 4 PCS Rail Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving

This comes in four pieces and can be used for overhead racks and wall shelving. Its weight capacity is also 50 pounds and its material is made from cold-roll steel as well. The difference with the GHR1 is the shape, this one is a rail type of hook. 

GRH3 2 PCS UTILITY HOOKS For Overhead Racks 

You can also opt for the GRH3 which are two pieces of utility hooks that can only be used for overhead garage storage racks. It is made of cold-roll steel with a weight capacity of 35 pounds. It is also scratch-resistant with a powder coat finish and can be used for various functions.