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Garage Life
Why Work From Home (WFH) Might Be Your Dream Job
With a little planning and the right attitude, WFH can be a recipe for productivity, well-being, and a happier you.
May 16, 2024|138
Making Garages Accessible for Everyone
By incorporating accessibility into garage design and implementation, we can create homes that truly work for everyone
May 15, 2024|103
The Joyful (and Wallet-Friendly) Commute by Bike
Hop on a bike and discover the wonders of cycling to work!
May 13, 2024|198
The Queen of the Castle: Celebrating Moms and Making Their Day Shine
this Mother's Day, celebrate the amazing woman who runs the household. Show her you appreciate her, not just with material things, but most importantly, with love and affection.
May 10, 2024|283
Taming the Garage: Transforming it into a Senior Sanctuary
senior-friendly garage space
May 08, 2024|201
From Drab to Fab: Maximize Your Garage with a 2024 Makeover
Think of your garage makeover as a chance to unlock hidden potential.  Here's why it might be time to transform this often neglected space.
May 07, 2024|208
Cancel Your Gym Membership for Something Better
What if I told you that the solution to your fitness woes might be right under your nose, or rather, right in your garage?
May 06, 2024|178
Designing the Perfect Garage for First-Time Homeowners
Owning your first home is like unlocking a new level in adulthood, complete with responsibilities and exciting projects.
May 03, 2024|243
Garages are The Hidden Gems of American Homes
The garage isn't just a place to park your wheels; it's a potential game-changer when it comes to home buying and selling.
May 02, 2024|262