March 12
The number of infections grew rapidly in the U.S.

The infection rate in the US suddenly exploded, causing personal protective equipment to almost run out. FlexiSpot begain utilizing all contacts and resources to see if anything could be done to protect those we care about.

March 17

The first batch of protective equipment was delivered to CA

FlexiSpot looked for reliable suppliers all over the world to collect personal protective equipment for needy people in U.S. Luckily, the first batch of protective equipment was delivered to our warehouse in CA

March 25

Because we care

We tried to deliver face masks as soon as we could. We began to give out FREE face masks to needy people who applied for masks on our website the next day following receipt date.

March 26

Free face masks for individual who must go out

The first batch of FREE face masks was shipped out from our warehouse.

March 27

Needy people received masks from us

More and more people have received face masks from us and they send us sincere thanks with pictures. We are happy to see our beloved ones are happy and safe again.

April 2

For school

We donated 200 face masks to Anderson Community School Corporation, where pupils and and faculty were in risk of getting infected.

Since March 30

For medical workers on the front line

We donated 300 masks and 10 protective coveralls to Kaiser Alameda Hospital, Kaiser Walnut Creek,John Muir Medical Center and Sutter Health.

Read what our face mask applicants are saying about us
Rene Pereira

If you are worried about the quality of these masks because they are free, don’t be! I work as a receptionist at a dental office (although I am at home now) and these are just like the masks my office uses. Very nice quality!

David Z.

I thought this was too good to be true but it is legit! I ‘ve been trying to find masks for weeks without any luck until I got this email. They came in 2 days (postage was $8---company is not making any money on these!) and they are really good masks. What a nice thing for this company to do!


Finally I will not be afraid to go to the grocery store. These masks are really good! My whole family thanks you, Flexispot!

Quinn C

These are like the masks you would get at your doctor’s office. Not a scam! So happy to have these, thank you FlexiSpot.

Willie Walter

I work in a grocery store and desperately needed face masks but couldn’t find any anywhere! When I saw the free face mask page from FlexiSpot, I was so relieved. I honestly cried when I got them. Thank you FlexiSpot, you are a lifesaver, literally!

FlexiSpot also care about who protect us. Fight against world virus!

We gave away both face masks and protective coveralls to Kaiser Alameda Hospital (Kaiser San Leandro & Fremont).We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to be of assistance and we will continue to offer help to protect those who protect us.

Mayor of City Livermore

We donated 5000 face masks to mayor of city Livermore and other employees of city hall. Mayor of city Livermore presents two honorable pins to Lane and Eileen for their most valuable contribution to the city and to the public.

We donated 300 masks and 10 protective coveralls to Kaiser Walnut Creek. We appreciate the brave people who perform essential services at this time of crisis and we are grateful to everyone who steps up to do their part.

Requests for masks continued to flood in, and we knew we had to do more.We donated 1500 face masks to Livermore Fire department to help heroes in harm's way.

We gave away 10000 face masks to John Muir Medical Center to help the doctors, nurses and other first responders who protect vulnerable people in U.S.