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Building a garage

Add Value to Your House by Building a Garage

You might wonder why having a garage is necessary if you park your car on the side of the road, lead a minimalist lifestyle, or don't work on projects requiring a dedicated workshop area.

Dancing is our Passion

How to Become a Dancer

I see, so you desire to become a dancer.

Fleximounts overhead garage storage

Why We Recommend Installing Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Many garages have been plagued by massive quantities of clutter for a very long time.

Pest control

Best Practices to Shoo Away the Pests Making A Home in the Garage

We welcome guests and surprises into our homes every once in a while.

Tires in Snow

How to Extend the Life of Your Winter Tires

There are many items that you save for storage after winter and only use then.

unpacking cardboard boxes

The Key to a Clean and Organized Garage is an Effective Storage Solution

What else do you keep in your garage in addition to your car?


How to Not Get Stressed This Coming Valentine's Month

The month of hearts, February is almost here as January is ready to come to an end.

Garage as home office and play area

An Alternative Use for the Garage! Try these out!

How time flies! It's almost the end of the first month of the new year.

Making Own Furniture

Over 11 Reasons to Make Your Own Wood Furniture

Never underestimate a tree's power.

Stretching before Cycling

First Step to Avoid Injuries when Cycling: Proper Warm Up

If you cycle without performing the correct warm-up and stretching routines, injuries and muscular tension may happen.
Cyclist in maximum effort

You're a Cyclist If You Know How to Do These Five Skills

It's a big achievement that you finally figured out how to ride a bike while upright!

Cleaning Time

Stop Making Excuses! Now is the Time to Clean

Have nothing planned for this week, whatever the case may be.

Man enters the room

Garage Detox: How to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Space

You can feel the energy of the space when you walk in.

Time to Clean

How Decluttering Can Help Ease Your Anxiety

You might be experiencing a lot of mental tension right now.

Garage mess

The Garage is a Disaster: How and Why Did This Happen?

Are things in the garage a complete mess?
photo studio in the garage

Start 2023 Right: Begin Your Photography Career in the Garage

2023 feels like the best year yet.


Can't stop shopping? Here's how you can

When they're feeling depressed or anxious, so many individuals turn to retail therapy.

Clean Garage

Storage Ideas for the Garage You Never Knew You Needed

The garage serves as a place for us to park, as well as a workspace and storage room.

Obsessively Washing

How to Deal with an OCD Condition

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is diagnosed in 1 in 40 adults and 1 in 100 children, according to the World Health Organization. 

Muscle Up

Organizing the Garage for a Home Gym

One of the top New Year resolutions every year is to lose weight. 

Cleaning the Garage

Make Garage Cleaning and Organizing Easy with these Simple Steps

Is cleaning ever easy? Some might say easy peasy, while others will frown at the thought.

Cleaning Time

Does Your Garage Smell Bad? How to Wash Away the Stench

When we don't have a place for something in our house, we almost instinctively dump it in the garage.

bicycle parked in winter

Should One Rethink Twice Before Cycling During Winter?

Cycling and winter are an odd combination if you think about it.

Two-car garage

Project Garage: Decluttering the Space

Looking for a weekend project?

discarding stuff in the room

New Years Resolution: Put Your Garage on a Diet

Year after year, one thing that never leaves our New Year's Resolutions list is to go on a diet.

soundproofing the garage

Noise-proof Garage for the Sound-Sensitive Neighbor

The hammering, cracking, and popping of your neighbor's carpentry, masonry, or other mechanical activities that they chose to conduct that day is the most annoying thing in the world. For several days straight would be far worse.

It’s Not Just A Man’s Job

The Garage is For All Genders

Homeowners and visitors tend to think of the man in the house when we make any mention of the garage.

Apple store

Inspiring Garage Stories that will Motivate you to move

It’s great to start the year with a dose of inspiration. 

Removing holiday decorations

Holiday Season is Over: Expert Advice on What to Do with the Decors

It's a brand-new year. One thing is sure: you cannot escape this aspect, uh, reality, whether it thrills or frightens you.

Smiling Newborn

How to Free Up Space in your Tiny House for Your Newborn

Let me start by congratulating you.

Fleximounts products

These Garage Storage Options Give My Space A Much-Needed Breather

My interest in garage organization has recently grown.

Garage Interior

A Guide on Garage Storage Solutions

You are already in that headspace of wanting the best for your garage.

Fleximounts garage

Top Garage Organization Partner You Can Count on

Nobody enjoys entering or working in chaotic surroundings.

garage home office

Is the Garage a Great Home Office Candidate?

The garage has mostly served as a place for your family to store cars for a long time.

Garage Workshop

Saying Yes to a Clean and Functional Garage: A New Year's Resolution

New Year, new garage?

Equestrian Training

Trying Expensive Activities at a Later Age

There may be a privileged few who get to try a lot of sports at a young age.

Garage Parking

Why Could Our Garages not Accommodate Our Vehicles?

The way we use our garage has changed over the years from just a place to store our cars to a storage room and a workspace, to mention a few.

man on his garage

Let this Be the Year You Finally Declutter Your Garage

Let this be the year that you finally stop saying things that you don’t follow through with action. 

Shoveling snow

5 Sure Solutions for Handling a Major Winter Problem in the Garage–Snow Melt

Despite the fact that we adore the snow that winter provides, we are unable to share the same sentiments about the snow melt.

Paint Rolling

Painting Your Garage Anew this New Year

It’s 2023 and likely that you’re yearning to do something new.

Newbie cyclist

Some of the Most Common Mistakes a Newbie Cyclist Commits

Some may have picked up cycling as an activity due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Ready to Cycle

Learning to Cycle Before 2022 Ends

It’s probably your goal this year to finally learn how to ride a bike.

Washing bikes

Basic Bicycle Maintenance: What You Need to Know

How often you should give your bicycles a thorough cleaning is a general query that is frequently posed.

Great deals search bar sign concept

New Year Deals from FlexiMounts

There’s a reason why December to January is probably one of the most favorite months of many. 

Bicycle and Gifts

Santa, I have Been Good This Year: A Cyclist's Christmas Wishlist

The Christmas holiday season has arrived.

young man packing up garage junk

Cleaning Up for the Holidays: The Quintessential Garage Junk Discovered

The Christmas season is the ideal time to go through all of your boxes and the spaces in your garage.

Tucking Away Holiday Decor

Hiding the Decorations after the Holiday Madness

How did your Christmas Day go?

New Garage

Grab these Christmas Deals Offered by FlexiMounts

Want to have a brand new garage as soon as the New Year kicks in? 

Christmas Shopping

The Christmas Splurge Worth Every Penny: Wall and Ceiling Garage Storage Racks

Every year, when the Christmas holiday comes, we itch to buy something that fits our need for validation–a job well done after a whole year of working hard and rummaging through our hardships and pains.

On a Ski Run

How to Have a No-Stress Skiing Trip

You're most likely here since this will be your first ski trip.