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Pro 4′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack


  • Weight Capacity800 lbs(High Loading)
  • Height Adjustment22-40 inches
  • Size4’X8′
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

1.High Quality Construction – Safe and high loading capacity.
2.Easy Installation – Step-By-Step instruction and installation template.
3.Waterproof – Avoid water damage and store seasonal items.
4.Different – Integrated Grid Design.
5.One Box – Everything arrived in one box.

  • Color Black, White
  • Storage Space 4' X 8'
  • Weight Capacity 800 lbs
  • Installation Type Ceiling Mounted
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Heavy duty

Reinforced hanging garage storage wire deck design guarantees a high loading capacity of up to 800 lbs.

SHeavy duty



Flexible Installation

Flexible Installation

Mount your garage ceiling storage racks nearly anywhere. With FlexiMounts smart joist configuration, you can mount your hanging garage storage racks in both wood and concrete at any position: perpendicular, parallel, and even on slanted ceilings! Determine if your ceiling rack will be installed parallel or perpendicular to the direction of your ceiling joists. Make sure that the distance between the vertical posts is 48" apart. Use a stud finder to locate the joists if the ceiling is finished with drywall.


Height adjustable

With a 22'' to 40'' ceiling dropdown height, Fleximounts provides up to 105 cu. Ft. of storage to store your seasonal and unused items.

Height adjustable



Stability & Safety

Stability & Safety

Ample vertical support Longer ceiling brackets Larger contact surface.


Additional Storage Options

FlexiMounts garage ceiling storage rack space can be easily expanded with FlexiMounts hooks and clamps to store bikes, tools, and more!



Overhead Garage Storage Racks
Item # GR48/GR48B/GR48NC GR48M/GR48MB GR46/GR46B GR38/GR38B GR36/GR36B GL44B
Width 48″ 48″ 48″ 36″ 36” 48”
Length 96″ 96″ 72” 96” 72″ 48”
Max Capacity 600 lbs 800 lbs 550 lbs 600 lbs 450 lbs 300 lbs
Compatible Joist Spacing ≤24″ or =48″ ≤24″ or =48″ ≤24″ or =48″ ≤24″ or =36″ ≤24″ or =36″ 12″ 16″ 24″ 48″
Ceiling Dropdown 22″-40″ Max Vertical Lift: 108″
Include Decking
Youtube Video

Youtube Video


Additional Information

Dimensions 96 × 48 × 40 in
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