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The Benefits of Using Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Jul 14, 2022
Excess clutter has been haunting many garages for so long already. In a study released by the U.S. Department of Energy, around 25% of 2-car garage homeowners could not use the garage space as parking for vehicles due to clutter. And among them, only 32% could fit a single car because of clutter. But one might wonder, how come garage owners do not seem to find a solution to that problem? There are a lot of causes one can name, but one thing that remains constant among garage owners is not using an efficient storage system. No matter how many times and how much time one may devote to cleaning and tidying if one does not utilize the proper storage system, all these efforts will go for naught. Part of the cleaning planning and process should always include the storage. While one might argue that one’s garage already has installed cabinets and floor-hogging storage systems, they are actually counterproductive and waste the floor space. When one sees the real value the limited floor space may offer, the garage owner will find joy in knowing that the walls and ceiling are spaces that could maximize the benefits that a garage may bring into one’s property.

Reasons Why You Should Use Overhead Garage Storage Racks

1. Gives you more floor space
Imagine you only have 15 sqm of garage floor area. Bulky items like storage boxes, vehicle tires, sports equipment and the like will most likely take up around 5 to 7 sqm. The space left is not enough for a car to park nor barely enough for your garage workshop area. And what’s more irritating is the fact that these stored items are only taken out once in a while so in most cases, they just hog the floor space in your garage. Using an overhead storage system makes use of the underutilized ceiling space in your garage. This way, the bulky items are now removed off the floor, which will make the garage more functional.
2. Lets you adopt better organization
Since overhead storage racks can be seen right away once you step foot in the garage, you will most likely be more sensitive to clutter. You will see the need to maintain a tidy organization, which in turn will help you spend less time searching for the items when you need them.
3. Gives you peace of mind when it comes to your vehicles
In relation to the first item, you have created a more spacious area for your parked vehicles in the garage. You would not be wary of accidentally knocking over an item in your garage, nor have to park your vehicles outside due to lack of space caused by clutter in the garage. While some of you think that parking on the driveway or on the streets is fine, however, certain circumstances will not be in your control. Your vehicles are susceptible to theft, and exposed to natural causes like extreme heat and cold, tree branches, and animal wastes.
4. Makes perfect storage for a wide array of items in your garage
A heavy-duty storage solution works like magic once installed. The reason why many garage owners leave the bulky and heavy items on the floor is because they fear that their storage may break over time. But once they become familiar, read and hear personal reviews of other garage owners about utilizing an overhead garage storage, they will unlock the super secret into maintaining an organized and clean garage. There are a lot of items one can store on overhead garage storage systems, some of which include:
  • Off-season decorations like Christmas tree, wreaths, lights, Halloween costumes and front porch decorations
  • Seasonal lawn and garden tools like grass trimmers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, snow blowers, lawn care and snow removal equipment
  • Car tires and bicycle tires
  • Storage bins and containers
  • Camping and sporting equipment
  • Workshop tools and machines
  • Car roof racks
  • Patio furniture
We Recommend
We know a lot still have apprehensions about using ceiling-mounted racks. For one, the boxes of items are suspended mid-air, which causes fear if ever there may occur falling accidents. And second, the storage solution needs installation done in ceiling joists, which not all garages may have adequate support. These issues are entirely valid. But again, by finding a sturdy and storage system you can trust, you will enjoy the comfort and convenience an overhead garage storage rack can bring in your garage space. And alas, a more accessible and cleaner garage will greet you every time you enter the room. There are quite a lot of overhead garage storage racks available in the market. However, one must be careful when choosing which one to purchase. And one such brand that many put their faith in, and emerges as an Amazon bestseller is Fleximounts. While there are many overhead garage storage racks to choose from, it will all boil down to the size of the racks that you want and your garage can accommodate. If we are to pick one style, you can never go wrong with the GR48M. The Fleximounts GR48M Pro 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack is built with heavy duty in mind, as the reinforced hanging garage storage wire deck design guarantees a high loading capacity of up to 800 lbs. But you need not worry because the quality construction of this rack assures safe and high loading capacity. For added stability and safety, the ample vertical supports longer ceiling brackets and larger contact surface. The screws that are included in the package are thicker compared to the others available in the market, and went through strict tests to assure the quality of the hardware. Moreover, the rack is also waterproof, which protects the stored items from getting damaged due to water or liquid leakage in your garage. The GR48M offers flexible installation as you can practically mount the garage ceiling storage racks nearly anywhere. With Fleximounts smart joist configuration, you can mount the rack in both wood and concrete at any position–perpendicular, parallel and even on slanted ceilings. Just make sure that you maintain 48-in. Distance in between the vertical posts. Use a stud finder to locate the joists if the ceiling is finished with drywall. What’s more is that the garage rack can easily be expanded with hooks and clamps to store more items like bikes, tools, cables and more.