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Pulling Off the Garage Party of Your Dreams

Feb 06, 2023

You and your pals are at the stage of life where you always throw parties. Or you've reached the age where everyone in your friend network is celebrating a lot of significant life events. Your pals are tying the knot. Your sister recently became engaged. Your children are completing their high school and/or getting college degrees. For the holidays, your folks are coming to see you. Your buddies have recently returned to town after living abroad. There are also sad occasions to celebrate, such as when your primary school teacher passed away lately or when your best friend from elementary school is relocating to a different part of the country. 

Since there is so much going on all around you, you have been inundated with party invitations. You enjoy hopping from one friend's residence to another since you are an extrovert. You take pleasure in the chats, meals, dancing, and music. However, it also puts pressure on you to plan outstanding events on your own.

How will you differentiate your event from all the dinners, gatherings, and celebrations your friends and family are hosting? These people usually attend parties every week, so you've definitely already ran out of creative ways of making your dinner special for them.

Why not begin in a private setting? Make your home a welcoming place for visitors. This time, you'd like to provide them a different atmosphere, so you don't want to organize a party in your dining area where they'll hang out afterward in your living room. Why not think about holding your next private gathering in your garage? To lead your party attendees to your yard or garden afterward, you simply roll up the doors. You will require less cleaning to do after the party when the guests return home if you hold it in the garage. Your guests will appreciate the different, more relaxed atmosphere that the garage party provides as a change of pace from the elegant setting of the party that they just attended the other weekend. 

This also implies that the items you keep in the garage need to be well stowed and organized. Your garage needs to be thoroughly cleaned, pest-free, and free of dents and cracks. Both the installation of suitable insulation and the integrity of the wall painting are requirements. It will take some time to tackle all of these but it’s worth it because not only will you have a great party, at the end of the gathering, you also have a clean garage. Now you will finally have the motivation to declutter it. Ask help from your family, a close friend or a romantic partner if it’s overwhelming. 

We've included a list of clever storage options that you can put in your garage to make the most of the space there for the next gathering.

WRC24B Corner 2-Pack 2’ x 4’ Wall Shelving 

This wall shelving will make use of corner space that can guarantee to optimize your garage space. It can be used as a corner shelf or a 2-pack shelf. Like the other wall shelves and overhead storage racks from FlexiMounts, this item also features an integrated grid design. It’s easy to install by one person because the package comes with all the necessary hardware. An installation template will also help locate where to mount the holes. Dad may install it in wood studs or a concrete wall. For additional storage, this is compatible with FlexiMounts GRH2/GRH2B and hooks GRH1/GRH1B. 


FlexiMounts has wall shelving options that feature three levels of storage. The company boasts a patent design in structure where you don’t need any tools to adjust the product. The weight capacity of this wall shelf is 300 to 450 pounds in total. You may adjust the height of each level according to your actual needs. It comes in two sizes that you can choose from: 1’x3’ and 1’x4.’ It is made of powder-coated steel that is guaranteed to be of high quality. Like the other products, even though this is in three shelves, it can also be easily installed by one person. It is also compatible for use in wood studs or a concrete wall. 

GR48M or the Pro 4’ x 8’ Overhead Garage Storage Rack 

This overhead storage rack has a weight capacity of 800 pounds. It is 4’x8’ in size and its height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches, meaning it provides up to 150 cu. ft of storage. Made of cold-roll steel like the other products, it is also waterproof and has that signature FlexiMounts integrated grid design. It can also be easily installed, coming with the trusty step-by-step instruction and installation template. Everything will arrive in one box on your doorstep. You won’t be afraid if it will fall from the ceiling because it comes with high quality screws and all the hardwares of this product has gone through strict quality tests. Note that this is compatible with joist spacing of less than or equal to 24”. 


Maximize safety and stability with this Amazon Best Selling product from FlexiMounts. It can carry up to 600 pounds of weight and is 4’ x 8’ in size. Its height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches and it is made of cold-roll steel. Again, it comes with a Step-By-Step instruction and installation template so don’t worry too much about the installation process. It is also waterproof like the other products which makes it a great storage option for seasonal items that are mostly tucked away during the year. This will arrive in one box including accessories you may attach to it. You could attach four pieces of flat hooks or the GRH1 or two pieces of utility hooks (also included) or the GRH3. These hooks offer additional storage for your items. 

Final Word 

You don’t have to break the bank in order to come up with a unique, fun, and intimate party. Just be true to yourself, stay on budget, and do what speaks to you. Don’t stress and enjoy the party!