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Pull off a Romantic Date in Your Own Garage

Dec 15, 2022

You could forget to set aside time for your particular mate during the chaos of Christmas.

You plan a dinner date with your best buddies. You have to go to the office Christmas party. Your daughter's buddy and her parents join you for a playdate. For the holidays, your folks are coming to town. You have a series of meetings. Your companion is standing by in the shadows, waiting for you to make time for him.

When you feel more secure with your relationship, you frequently neglect to treat them as special. You neglect to provide them with even just two hours for a romantic evening. Avoid doing this mistake to prevent the flames from dying. What's a single romantic evening in December if it entails spending time with the one you cherish?

It's possible that you don't have the time (or the money) to make reservations at a luxury restaurant right now. Or perhaps it is already too late to arrange to eat outside given that eateries are often packed during this busy season.

You can still go on a date night even if you're at home, so don't panic. It would be even more spectacular if you used your imagination to turn an odd location into a charming place for a date. Yes, the garage is the topic at hand.

The garage is now used for more than just storing cars. It serves as a storage space for other things including lawn-mowing equipment, power tools, and athletic equipment. 

Additionally, it might be utilized as a location for exercising, hosting gatherings and partying, and creating art.

It seems sensible given this logic that garages can be used for romantic encounters. You have room to work on some form of set design, and cleanup is a breeze once you're done.

However, you must first tidy up and arrange your garage.

Use FlexiMounts' wall- or ceiling-mounted storage options to free up room on the floor. You might wish to consider these two smart storage solutions this Christmas:


This overhead storage rack has a weight capacity of 800 pounds. It is 4’x8’ in size and its height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches, meaning it provides up to 150 cu. ft of storage. Made of cold-roll steel like the other products, it is also waterproof and has that signature FlexiMounts integrated grid design. It can also be easily installed, coming with the trusty step-by-step instruction and an installation template. Everything will arrive in one box on your doorstep. You won’t be afraid if it will fall from the ceiling because it comes with high-quality screws and all the hardwares of this product has gone through strict quality tests. Note that this is compatible with joist spacing of less than or equal to 24”. 


This wall shelving will make use of corner space that can guarantee to optimize of all vacant spaces in your garage. It can be used as a corner shelf or a 2-pack shelf. Like the other wall shelves and overhead storage racks from FlexiMounts, this item also features an integrated grid design. It’s easy to install by one person because the package comes with all the necessary hardware. An installation template will also help locate where to mount the holes. You may install it in wood studs or a concrete wall. For additional storage, this is compatible with FlexiMounts GRH2/GRH2B and hooks GRH1/GRH1B. 

Here are some date suggestions you might execute in the garage now that the organization is taken care of.

Film night

The experience of seeing a movie with your partner at home as opposed to on a big screen is different. Make sure your garage has a blank wall where you can project the movie. Alternatively, if you have a widescreen TV, you can decide to use that instead. Create a couch, and gather blankets and pillows. Purchase or prepare refreshments for the two of you. Always a wonderful idea are pretzels, burgers, nachos, and pizza. Remember to bring drinks. A Coke will serve if you want anything simple, but a glass of wine would suffice if you want something more elegant. To save time, create a list of films from which your spouse can select.

A couple's massage

Before scheduling a home massage, make your garage feel tranquil and spa-like. If you feel confident enough, you could even perform the massage by yourself. Linen fabric in white or a light tint should line the walls. Using candles and aromatic oils can help create a mood. Music that is relaxing and lights that are dim. Arrange a massage table, stones, lotions, and oil, as well as towels. In a crockpot, these may be reheated up.

Prepare facial scrubs or masks, cucumber for eye care, and salts in water where you can soak your feet in to make the experience even more calming. Fruits on the side and mimosas are essential. 

Easy dinner prepared at home

Why not prepare something simple yet unforgettable? You should make dinner yourself and your significant other will surely appreciate the gesture. Request that they purchase the wine to correspond with your predetermined meal. You have complete control over the date's tone and atmosphere because there are no restrictions imposed by an external venue. You can burn candles and hang lights to create a romantic atmosphere; just be cautious not to place them too close to anything combustible. Create a playlist, play it loudly, or invite a live band to perform throughout dinner. Be ready with a card, a present, and the dining table all set up for the night. 

Why not recreate your first date and revisit your prior memories if you've been with this individual for a while already. The advantage of this situation is that you will not be concerned about being trapped in traffic at all, and you may park in the garage for however long you like.

We wish you and your date a wonderful, albeit unlikely, evening in your garage! Forget about the Christmas madness first and enjoy the company of each other.