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4 Handicrafts You Can Do in the Garage

Jul 05, 2022
There are many things you can do in the garage, being that it’s a huge vacant space. Unlike rooms in your house, the garage doesn’t house any furniture that is used on daily basis. It’s not like you have a sofa and a TV in your garage where you couldn’t do anything else other than watch TV or lie down and read a book. There is room to move around in your garage which allows you to be able to do anything in it. You can exercise at home in the garage. You can hold an intimate dinner with the love of your life inside the garage space. You can have a yard sale. You can start a business and store your inventory in the garage. You can even have your own roller skating rink when there is enough space. One thing that you can also do in the garage is making crafts, woodworks, metalworks, sewing, crocheting, sculptures, pottery, and the like. Here are some ideas of what you can create in your garage:
1. Any piece of wooden furniture
You can easily set up a workbench and start your work. You most probably need a saw, a ruler, a pencil, a hole driller, a hammer and nails, paint, and of course, the wood. Many people get attuned to their love for woodwork when their garage is clean and they can do a lot of woodwork inside.
2. Repurposed clothes
Having problems making patterns? You can always repurpose your old ones and follow their already existing patterns. You just need a sewing machine to make your old clothes new again. You can even experiment and make bags or shoes out of jeans. You can make a skirt into a top or a jacket—the list goes on. The bottomline is you have a space in the garage for sewing and keeping your essentials organized and neat.
3. Metal jewelry
You can also work with metals or minerals in the garage, making your very own customized bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. If there’s a color you want to achieve, you can always cover it with paint your main materials. This hobby includes a lot of scrutinies that you mean you have to be extra careful in finishing your pieces or it can lead to its demise.
4. Pottery
Since the pandemic, more people have been addicted to making ceramic pots, mugs, and the like. You can buy your own, painted and glazed, or you can make yours right in your garage. Your hands must be soft and not tense when dealing with soft clay. This can destroy the shape that you are going for. Isn’t it everyone’s dream or at some point in our lives, we have romanticized the idea of having our own workshop at home and making our own ceramics? But before all of these can happen, you need to take a look at your garage and see if it needs a major overhaul. If your answer is yes, then it’s time to do some major cleaning and renovations. You can help free up space in the garage by installing smart storage solutions such as overhead racks and wall shelves from FlexiMounts:
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