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Your Garage Has Different Needs in the Winter

Jan 13, 2022
Prepping the garage for the winter season is like updating your clothing sets. The padded jackets and coats, heatwear, long underwear, woolen pullovers, stocking, and earmuffs are unboxed and put in the front row of your clothing racks. Getting ready for the low temperature means gearing up on bulky, heated clothes. It is your first line of defense against the extreme cold weather. Likewise, the garage needs different care when fall passes and winter takes over. Take some time to get organized and make sure that your garage is ready for the season. Read on below for some practical tips that you will be needing to add to your winter preps checklist.
Winter Items In, Other Seasonal Items Out
You will be counting the months till you will be able to use summer or even fall tools such as garden tools, hoses, and lawnmowers. So, to better organize your garage, which will save you a lot of time and effort, pack up those items that you would not need for the winter season. Aside from the gardening tools and other garage items, it is also time to move sports gear like basketballs, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, swim gears, and other equipment. Then place the winter items to the front of your stored items. In this way, you will see right away the things that you need without having to scour through boxes and boxes of items. You can easily spot the shovels, snowblowers, even sports gears like skis and sleds, and other stuff used for winter.
Storage System We Recommend: Fleximounts GL44B Lift 4′ X 4′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack
Using overhead garage storage racks eases the problem of overstoring on the valuable floor space of the garage. When things are carefully tucked away on the ceiling compartments, the ground will open up for your vehicles and activities that you will be doing inside the garage. However, the only downside is carrying the boxes onto the ceiling storage and eventually putting them down when you need something. This poses a danger to you as you might accidentally fall over to the ground due to the weight of the items lifted. In fact, 500,000 people are treated every year for ladder-related injuries and 50% of which are all ladder-related accidents due to individuals carrying items as they climbed, according to AAOS. Fortunately, Fleximounts offers the Lift 4′ X 4′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack GL44B. This storage lift removes the need for a ladder or any heavy lifting, protecting you from potential accidents. It can be raised and lowered by a crank or power drill for a smooth and effortless operation. And it eases access to your items that are high above the garage floor without using a ladder. It can lift a maximum of 108 inches vertically and can carry a maximum weight of 300 lbs. The storage lift has a safe and secure mechanism–a specially designed safety lock prevents any movement when not in use. Use the winding pole to pull out the safety lock on the gearbox, then push back in to lock after use. Moreover, the rack is made of heavy-duty steel cables, which secure the rack in place. The GL44B also boasts flexibility when it comes to compatibility with angled ceilings because of its adjustable length steel cable. Additionally, it is universally compatible with different ceiling joists of both wood joists and concrete ceilings–12”, 16”, and 24” ceiling joist spacing. However, it is not fit for metal joists. Aside from its storage capacities, the Lift 4′ X 4′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack GL44B is designed for multiple uses such as lifting hardtop, car top carrier, kayak with straps, and many more.
Be Shovel-Ready
Snow piles against the garage door are such a pain every winter season. And just like every winter, we see to it that we stay on top of shoveling. It is easier to shovel away when the fresh snow on the ground has not reached a minimum of 8-10 inches. And if you own a snowblower, your job is pretty easy and quick to accomplish.
Create an Entryway Boot Tray
Bringing your boots inside the garage or even your living space is a no-no. You will be subjecting your floor to mud, ice, and snow. And of course, you already know how tedious it is to clean the mess. So, set up an area where you can leave your boots and other winter items such as wet scarves, coats, hats, and mittens.
Keep Your Liquids In-Check
Are there still cans of paint, wood stain, weed killer, and other liquids in the garage? Then, it is time to move them to the basement or attic, especially if your garage is unheated. Just make sure that when you move the liquids, they are out of the reach of kids and pets.
Add Insulation
If you see that you will be spending a lot of time in the garage, say for workshop projects or mechanical jobs, make sure that you install a heating unit or add insulation in the room. Another remedy you could also do is to add weather stripping to the windows and doors to shut the cold air and let the room stay warm.
Check the Garage Doors and Windows
Always make it a habit to thoroughly check all the entry points in your garage. Be alert when there are already signs of ice build-up. You should remove them immediately. Likewise, lubricate the moving metal parts so you can properly shut them and the cold winds and winter snow cannot penetrate the room.
Let the Garage Floor Stay Dry
The garage floor is prone to puddle formations from melting ice from tires and boots. There are two easy tips you can use to keep the floor dry. First, you can add non-slip floor mats. Not only will they keep you injury-free as wet floors can get slippery, but they will also absorb the wet particles that your vehicles or other equipment produce when the ice starts to melt. Second, you can also utilize an expanding foam. What it basically does is it serves as a flood stopper and keeps the water away from your tools and other areas in the garage. It is waterproof, and sturdy so that it won’t get damaged even if you walk or drive over it. If you are thinking about how you can remove it when summer comes, it is easily let off by scraping it.