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Valentine's Isn't Exclusive for Lovers: Your Family as Your Forever Date

Feb 13, 2023

Whoever thinks romantically involved couples can only celebrate Valentine's Day is so wrong. However, it is undeniable that February 14 has traditionally been marked as a day of romantic love. More and more people are making this holiday a family event or a social gathering. Use this day—which is all about love, as it should be every day—to teach your children the value of showing their love, even in simple gestures. Love, as they say, is a family affair.

This Valentine's Day, try these straightforward activities as a direct way to tell someone you care or that you love them.

Valentine's Day-Inspired Food

First things first, food is king! Everyone will undoubtedly feel cherished if they receive food. The best way to improve your demeanor and spirit is via food. These are also kid-friendly. If your child has a discerning palate when it comes to eating, this activity will pique his curiosity and cause him to gobble up the food without delay. Valentine's Day recipes that are simple to create exist.

One of them is French toast in the form of a Valentine's heart. Bread (whole wheat is recommended for those who choose the healthiest option), an egg, skim milk, strawberries, and maple syrup must be prepared. You may let your children beat the eggs in a low, medium basin with a fork. Then, for each egg used, add 3/4 cup of skim milk. A teaspoon of maple syrup should be added, too. Make sure to thoroughly combine the liquid ingredients. Cut out hearts from the middle of the bread pieces using a cookie cutter. After that, dip each slice of bread into the egg mixture. On a sizable skillet over medium heat, gently brown both sides. Garnishing the French toast with strawberries and maple syrup completes the dish.

Making chocolate peanut butter heart-shaped cookies is a wonderful additional option. Every child would like to snack on cookies.

Get some peanut butter cookie mix ready. There are pre-made packets available at the grocery store. The more heart-shaped chocolate candies you can get, the better the result. You must also prepare vegetable oil, water, eggs, sugar, and chocolate chips. Set a 375 °F oven temperature. In a medium bowl, thoroughly combine the cookie mix with vegetable oil, water, and egg to make dough. Create 1-inch dough balls, then coat them with sugar. Put them two inches apart on ungreased cookie sheets. Until light golden brown, bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Put the chocolate chips or candy onto each cookie as soon as you take them out of the oven. Finally, move to cooling racks.

Activity Card for Valentine's Day

The goal of this exercise is to complete each activity in order to receive a sticker. Depending on the activities you wish to add, this may take the entire day. f you complete all the activities, you'll obtain a token that both you and your child will like, such as a ticket for a day's worth of Playstation time or a two-day pass from doing housework. Or you may make more material presents, like a box of chocolates or some brand-new clothing.

Decide what sorts of things you all like doing as a family first. So you may limit them and add them to the task list. Make each treasure map unique after that. Have your children decorate them with stickers, glitter, or drawings, among other things. Then, position all the treasure map cards on the kitchen counter or fridge door so that they will be the first things you notice on Valentine's Day.

Some enjoyable activities you can include as tasks include making Valentine's card and expressing your love for a specific family member in four lines, completing an assignment that a family member has asked you to undertake, such as sweeping the floor or setting the slippers by the door, giving a family member a five-minute hug, playing a board game, delivering a letter to your peer, encouraging a friend, riding a bike or taking a walk, among others.

It is more important to complete every activity so that you can ultimately receive a reward than to focus on doing the chores as quickly as possible.

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