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Trying Expensive Activities at a Later Age

Jan 05, 2023

There may be a privileged few who get to try a lot of sports at a young age. They are born with a golden spoon and their parents can afford to enroll them in classes on pentathlon training, equestrianism, ski jumping, car racing, tennis, sailing, bobsleighing, etc. 

Buying gear and equipment is no problem for them. Their parents will even assure that they are enrolled with the best teachers and instructors out there. Even if it means that they have to be sent abroad to get the best training. 

Or if it’s just for fun, they can do any sport on any weekend, fly to different countries if the sport is dependent on the weather, or play the sport with someone famous.

It’s a different story for those who are middle-class or even under. If they want to try these sports, they either have to be really good at it, be friends with someone rich, or save up for it when they are already earning their own keep. 

This is probably why some people have more experience than others. Or why there are adults who only get to try activities at a later age? There are many other reasons but it can also possibly be the lack of money when they were still children. With the money they have, their parents of course opted to send them to school instead of paying for extracurricular activities that they cannot afford. 

If you personally fall under this category, then you must be feeling as if you’re racing with your age to try new things you weren’t able to do back when you were still studying. But first, cut the stress out. If anything, the right people will be inspired by you trying something new even if you are already old. It’s all just in your mind. Focus on enjoying an activity instead of ranting about your age and never getting to do what you want to do because you feel that you’re already past your prime and would be seen as too old by your classmates. 

And that’s actually one of the points. You are already old so you must know by now that they care more about themselves than they do about others. You don’t have to be self-conscious because no one is looking all the time. And if they are and you look silly, then there’s the fun of it! So what if they laugh? Is it the end of the world? 

It’s okay that you’re only going to try skiing for the first time (God knows how expensive skiing trips can cost! It’s okay that you’re just learning how to bike (bikes cost a lot now these days, especially those that are a bit on the luxury side). It’s no problem that you’ve never tried ice skating or you don’t know how to ride a horse. Most people never even get to try scuba diving in their lives. 

Cut the stress and just start searching for those classes you can sign-up for. Isn’t it more rewarding that you are actually paying for yourself instead of relying on generational wealth that you had no contribution to? 

But also when you start doing these sports, you don’t need to just prepare for the equipment or instructor, you also need to make sure that the garage can fit in the equipment securely and in an organized manner. 

Here are some storage solutions to make sure the garage is squeaky clean once your athletic equipment arrives. 


This product can support up to 300 pounds of weight and has an adjustable height. It is constructed of cold-rolled steel and can hold up to six motorcycles. These J-shaped hooks will hold your bike upright in the proper position. The placement of the hooks is up to you, thus the spacing can be changed. These are very simple to install and only require four steps. Punch holes horizontally so that you may use tapping screws to fix wall plates. Hooks should be inserted into the right end of the bike rod after passing it over the plate in the left wall. The left side of the rod must first be secured with two screws before being plugged into the right side. 


This is a 4" x 8" variant with a 22 to 40-inch height adjustment that is also installed on the ceiling. It is made of cold-rolled steel, which gives it strength and durability. It has a sturdy design that can support up to 600 pounds of weight without any problems. Similar to the GF48F, it is waterproof and ideal for keeping seasonal items. It includes two additional items: two utility hooks and four flat hooks (GRH1) (GRH3). One person could now install it even more simple thanks to the integrated grid design. Additionally, it maintains the frames and integrated wire grid welded together, creating a strong and robust storage solution.

Classic 2-Pack 2’ X 6’ Wall shelving WR26

The hardware for this wall-mounted storage option is included, making it simple for one person to install. To install it, simply look for a concrete wall or wall studs. It is 2x6 in dimension and has a total carrying capacity of 400 pounds. The steel is powder-coated, and after passing rigorous quality checks, it is assumed to be top-notch. It also has a buckle design with velcros, which is a feature that keeps it from falling, which we adore. Due to its adaptable design, which includes multiple stud spacing options and combination possibilities, homeowners can configure it as they see fit during installation. This is available in white or black. 

GRH1  4 PCS Flat Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving 

 These hooks are specially designed by FlexiMounts to be attached to its ceiling racks and wall shelves. Made of cold-roll steel, it has a weight capacity of 50 pounds. It comes in four flat pieces and is all scratch-resistant with a powder coat finish. It can be used in multiple ways such as hanging bikes, tools, sporting goods, and more. 

GRH2 4 PCS Rail Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving

This comes in four pieces and can be used for overhead racks and wall shelving. Its weight capacity is also 50 pounds and its material is made from cold-roll steel as well. The difference with the GHR1 is the shape, this one is a rail type of hook. 

GRH3 2 PCS UTILITY HOOKS For Overhead Racks 

You can also opt for the GRH3 which are two pieces of utility hooks that can only be used for overhead garage storage racks. It is made of cold-roll steel with a weight capacity of 35 pounds. It is also scratch-resistant with a powder coat finish and can be used for various functions.