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Jan 09, 2023

Nobody enjoys entering or working in chaotic surroundings. It's annoying to look at and a complete nightmare to deal with a messy, untidy garage. It restricts movement and productivity, raises safety concerns, and increases the risk of accidents.

Even though organizing a garage may not be everyone's field of expertise, employing the proper equipment, such as garage shelving, storage racks, and hanging storage will get the job done. As a result, one may feel confident in the storage options Fleximounts may offer. The firm gives you the tools to manage your garage quickly and effectively by providing cutting-edge, high-quality organizing equipment. Then you'll know what the ultimate effortless and enjoyable experience is like. After all, the administration of garage space may be simpler and more accessible than ever imagined.

Invest in Garage Storage and Equipment that are Reliable and Sturdy

Only by selecting a garage storage solution, you can rely on can you be sure that your storage needs are met. Such a system should be well-proven in terms of reliability, stability, durability, flexibility, and user-friendliness. All these characteristics are found in the wide range of garage storage systems that Fleximounts provides. Your access to a wider variety of elegant, useful, and well-made garage equipment is a priority for Fleximounts. Your experience is made easier and more versatile by every effort.

WR Series Classic 2-Pack Wall Shelving

Due to its ease of use and easy accessibility for your everyday goods, garage wall shelving is handy. Additionally, it maintains cleanliness and order overall.

The garage shelving has been demonstrated to be safe due to the buckle design with velcros that prevents the brackets from bending or collapsing. The stability and safety of the things put on the shelf are thus not a worry for you. Additionally, all equipment has gone through thorough testing.

Given that it may be utilized with concrete and wood stud walls, the WR Series provides greater compatibility.

Anyone can complete the installation of the shelf thanks to the detailed instructions. In addition to the instruction manual, Fleximounts offers the hardware, installation template, and bubble level needed to put up the wall shelf.

WB102 Manual Height Adjustable Workbench

Workbenches are needed for any garage workshop, whether doing maintenance, finishing DIY projects, or building something new from the outset. Your work is facilitated, and your workspace is kept organized when you use a solid workstation. It expedites project completion, but more importantly, it assures your safe operation, particularly while working with materials that might injure you if mismanaged.

A stable tabletop is needed for several operations and activities. With the addition of height adjustability, this workstation is a clear favorite. You may manually adjust the frame's level to meet your preferred height. To work as productively as possible, you may rely on this workstation whether you like to stand or sit.

It allows you to increase your desk to the ideal height with a height adjustment range of 29.5 inches to 44.1 inches. Thanks to the extra-large crank handle's smoother motion than standard cranks, you can effortlessly lift the desk even with heavy loads like toolboxes, vehicle cleaning equipment, paints, and many other items. The best aspect is that you would never need tools to adjust the height of the table legs, unlike other workbenches without a crank handle.

The WB102's 1.5 mm cold-rolled steel frame is strong and can hold 500 lbs. There is plenty of workspace on the worktop table, which has a surface made of solid rubberwood, and a desktop that is 47.2 inches by 23.6 inches by 1 inch.

GR Series Classic Overhead Garage Storage Rack

You could gain by making the most of your overhead garage storage and elevating your things off the garage floor. It will help keep pests and rodents out of your garage, keep your garage looking neat, and protect your belongings from leaking liquids.

Because of its superior construction, this overhead garage storage employs a ceiling-type installation with a safe and high loading capacity. The grid design and frame are welded together, and heavy-cold rolled steel is the material utilized, resulting in a sturdy and reliable construction that can sustain a maximum weight of 400–600 lbs. Moreover, the Fleximounts screws have passed rigorous tests and are thicker than those from other companies.

This garage storage rack's ceiling drop-down may vary from 22" to 40". It may be used to fasten either ceiling studs or solid concrete ceilings, and it is perfect for modifying the height to fit you and your garage space adequately. Because of the integrated grid design, assembly is made easier.

BR1 Hanger Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

Vertically storing your bikes creates valuable floor space that may be utilized to park your car or store other stuff. It also facilitates easy mounting and dismounting of each cycle. You may save your strength for the day's cycling exercises! Make the most of the garage's storage capacity by using the BR1.

Only high-quality materials, including cold-rolled, powder-coated steel, are used in the wall mount bike rack to avoid chipping, cracking, and rusting. Any number of bikes—one, four, or six—can fit on the rack. The six-bike stand may be able to support 136 kg. They are dependable for load-bearing capability, robust, long-lasting, and able to withstand repeated usage. It is perfect for bikers who plan to live this way for a long time. Of course, as you get better at riding, there's a strong chance you'll pick up more bikes suited for particular pursuits. This may lead to more storage space and robust storage rack needs.

The J-shaped hooks are easy to use since they perfectly match the style of your bike hubs, giving you a firm grip to hold the bicycles where you want them to be. The hooks may be easily adjusted to suit different bicycle sizes anywhere on the rack as storage needs change. Most bicycles (within a 2.56-inch diameter range) are compatible with the bike wall mount hanger, including children's, road, and mountain bikes.

FS24 Giant 2′ × 4′ Garage Shelving Heavy Duty

Because it is made of carbon steel, the FS24 garage shelf is incredibly durable. It can support up to 4,650 pounds of weight and has a large storage capacity on each frame. The shelf's four support straps and strong vertical beams also offer a lasting design, giving you peace of mind that your belongings will be kept safe.

Its steel construction with a powder-coated finish improves its toughness, stability, and corrosion resistance. The aesthetic appeal is ageless and fashionable, and cleanup is easy.

This shelf may be used in a variety of applications due to the changeable height of each tier. However, don't fret. The shelves are secure, and locking pins keep the cross beams in place. The shelf is equipped with protective plastic foot pads to prevent rusting of the rack's bottom and harm to your flooring.

Fleximounts Promises Top-Notch Products and Services

Fleximounts is steadfast in its commitment to only providing the highest caliber, exceptional garage organizing goods, and services.