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Start 2023 Right: Begin Your Photography Career in the Garage

Jan 19, 2023

2023 feels like the best year yet. And we are talking about finally pursuing your passion while earning money. As they say, find a job that does not feel like work.

Right now, graphics rule the world. Visuals are necessary for promoting a business or product, showcasing an influencer or public person, storytelling, and more.

Images stimulate engagements. Brand retention is a result of engagement. Sales are produced through brand loyalty. And aren't sales the ultimate goal for all marketers and business owners?

Effective marketing uses images to cast a spell on us. Because our brains dedicate more functioning nerves to vision than other senses, we are especially drawn to imagery. What we observe uses up 50% of the resources in our brains. When we view visuals rather than texts, we develop the ability to interpret information more quickly. Numerous studies have demonstrated that adverts or online materials featuring images are more likely to be interacted with by customers and generate more clicks.

It takes 1/10 of a second to grasp the main idea since we are adept at comprehending pictures. Images thus play a crucial part in creating content and marketing materials. According to Skyword, posts and articles with graphics receive 94% more views than those with pure text. High-quality photographs are, therefore, more appealing and produce better outcomes.

More and more people and businesses are searching for photographers who can provide the pictures they want for promotional materials. Of course, some just want their portraits taken for souvenirs. This is an encouraging advancement for photographers.

You should capitalize on the demand as photographers. The time has arrived to set up your garage-based photography studio.

Why is the garage fit for your photography

The natural surroundings and light provide stunning photographs, so shooting outside is a great idea. However, let's be real. Simply put, there are too many factors beyond our control, like unintentional bystanders and irregular light or intensity. To fully manage all the factors required to generate a photo set, shooting at your location and your own pace is still a preferable working environment.

It only takes a few steps to get everything you need for the shot. Only a few adjustments will get you the desired lighting, and a hand's reach will get you the backdrop and accessories. Additionally, you won't need to rush to the nearest eatery or petrol station when you need the toilet.

Establishing a photography studio also entails saving money and being cost-effective. Gas, transportation, and the lease of camera and lighting equipment are among the additional costs incurred. When renting photography studios, you must pay by the hour, so just think of the expense if you were to shoot all day long. Additionally, if you are hired for several shooting jobs, you will use most of your earnings to cover the rentals expense.

However, having the studio at your home considerably saves traveling costs, the money you could have better spent on new equipment. Additionally, you would use less time and effort every time a session was scheduled to haul and set up your bulky photographic equipment. And you might have used that time on the trip to engage in more fruitful pursuits like getting in touch with clients, organizing and editing images, publishing material, and resting—which, despite what many of us miss, is a crucial component of productivity.

Your photography business will appear more legitimate if you mention having a physical location on your business cards and websites. Clients have more faith in their photography demands when given a more professional setting.

Identifying your expertise

Your portfolio is the first thing prospective clients will check. Therefore, if you are aware of the type of photography you are better at, it will be simpler for you to promote your services, and it ought to be evident in your earlier work.

Depending on your specialization, there are particular industries you can explore. If you possess portraiture competencies, you may market your services to industries needing profile images, families needing annual portraits, fashion and beauty models, and enterprises. Restaurants and online food businesses may hire you if you have exceptional food photography and styling skills. You could also propose designing their website and menu.

Additionally, you may upload your pictures to online stock photos services like Canva, iStock, Shutterstock, and more. Each download will be used to calculate the profits. Consider this to be a passive source of income or similar to stock market investment. Your pictures will be published on various websites, and you must wait for the money to be transferred smoothly into your account.

Your skills will also improve as a result of having your photography studio. There is never a shortage of time to experiment with various photography techniques, broadening your horizons, because you already have the tools and the studio. As a result, after you've built a connection with a customer, they'll get in touch with you quickly if they require another shot.

Putting up the studio

When building up a photography studio, the location should come first. Consider the photography equipment you will use, the style of photography, and the clients you will cater to. After setting up your equipment, you should have plenty of room to walk around. Which is better for you—a large space or a tiny one?

For portrait photography, it's crucial to consider how many individuals can fit in the area at once. The focal length of the camera lens you use will also be key. There should be at least 10 feet between the photographer and the subject when using a 50mm lens on a full-frame camera. Additionally, the frame should have enough headroom.

The natural light that filters into the space tends to be steady throughout the day, making a south-facing window in the garage useful. It also emits softer lighting, which is ideal for food and portrait photography.

Second, a photography studio would be lacking without its camera gear. The type of photography you will be providing will determine the particular lenses and other equipment you need. Your toolkit must include camera equipment, tripods, and lighting gear.

The laptop or desktop monitor should also be color-corrected for your screen to display accurate colors. It is a crucial component, especially if the pictures are printed out. Use a Fleximounts workbench to ensure that the hardware is safe. You may change the camera and lighting equipment settings by displaying the images on the screen in real time.

When necessary, you might purchase more equipment and supplies for the shoot. But for various photo sessions, it is useful to have a simple background and chroma keys. You will need a reliable storage system to keep your investments safe and secure. Use a Fleximounts overhead garage storage unit or wall shelving to keep your items as you accumulate accessories and upgrade your photographic equipment.

Finally, opening a photography studio and business might be a massive stretch, but it will undoubtedly be rewarding. Simply have faith in your abilities and guts, and follow your creativity wherever it takes you. If you enjoy your profession, working will never be a difficult job.