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Learn The Way to Increase How Much Your Garage is Worth

Jan 31, 2023

One part of a home that is frequently overlooked is the garage. The majority of homeowners discover too late that by improving their garage, they may have substantially raised the price of their home. Avoid making this error and consider your home an investment. Every time you redesign a space, you raise its worth in the event that you choose to sell it in the future. By contrasting the available housing market statistics, you may even keep track of your home's current valuation.

Even though it can seem like an unnecessary investment now to renovate or upgrade your garage, you'll discover how much it's worth it when the time comes to put your house on the market. You are not even required to be a professional to use some trends while remodeling or improving your garage to raise its present value. These four improvements to your garage are possible.

By investing in a new garage door, you can raise the garage's worth.

A component of your home's exterior is made up by your garage door, thus improving it can improve the curb appeal of your property. Your home will look finer and more valuable, which will entice potential purchasers to raise their offers in the future. Investing in your garage door is one way to improve curb appeal. The cost of replacing the garage door won't be as high as other home improvements you must do. It still relies on what you'll use in its place or how you'll make it more visually appealing without being garish.

Installing storage options will raise the garage's value.

One area that can be utilized for storage is your garage. It's a beneficial use of your garage space that might elevate the market price of your home. When moving to a new home, you might consider bringing your cabinets and shelves with you, but leaving them behind can help draw buyers to your home. 

Choose storage options that combine elegance and utility. You would want an item that can maximize the utilization of the area you have and makes the most of every crevice. At FlexiMounts, you may choose from ceiling racks, wall shelves, utility hooks, and heavy-duty storage shelves. Here are three from the company's storage options.


This BR24 general 2-pack wall shelving is 2’x4’ in size and could carry 440 pounds in total, 220 pounds per tier. It is made of powder coated steel that is of high quality and has passed through rigid quality tests. It can easily be installed by one person because it arrives in one box that has all the hardware you would need. You may choose to install it in a parallel or vertical manner. Like our other products, this also features an integrated grid design that makes it stand out from others in the market, makes it easier to assemble, and gives it more stability compared to other storage solutions that have a multi-piece assembly. You may opt to add flat hooks from FlexiMounts so that you could hang your bikes. It comes in black and white. 


Need a product that can carry a heavy weight? This overhead storage rack has a weight capacity of 800 pounds. It is 4’x8’ in size and its height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches, meaning it provides up to 150 cu. ft of storage. Made of cold-roll steel like the other products, it is also waterproof and has that signature FlexiMounts integrated grid design. It can also be easily installed, coming with the trusty step-by-step instruction and installation template. Everything will arrive in one box on your doorstep. You won’t be afraid if it will fall from the ceiling because it comes with high quality screws and all the hardwares of this product has gone through strict quality tests. Note that this is compatible with joist spacing of less than or equal to 24”. 


Maximize safety and stability with this Amazon Best Selling product from FlexiMounts. It can carry up to 600 pounds of weight and is 4’ x 8’ in size. Its height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches and it is made of cold-roll steel. Again, it comes with a Step-By-Step instruction and installation template so don’t worry too much about the installation process. It is also waterproof like the other products which makes it a great storage option for seasonal items that are mostly tucked away during the year. This will arrive in one box including accessories you may attach to it. You could attach four pieces of flat hooks or the GRH1 or two pieces of utility hooks (also included) or the GRH3. These hooks offer additional storage for your items. 

Change the floor of your garage to increase its value.

You may believe that replacing the floor would be expensive, and in some cases, it would be. It might not, as well. Your garage floor could be enhanced by simply applying epoxy to it. You may benefit from a garage free of cracks while still residing in your home because this would last you for years. You may be certain that detail-oriented, discerning customers won't pass up your ideal garage floor.

Installing insulation in your garage will raise its value.

If your garage and home had adequate insulation, you would instantly raise its worth. During the winter and summer, the garage is exceedingly chilly and hot, respectively. By insulating every air entryway, you could regulate the temperature inside and use your garage at any time of year. The market will undoubtedly recognize that benefit and be willing to pay more for a location that can accommodate any season. Insulation installation is doable on your own and also reasonably priced.

Final Word 

When you increase the value of your garage, you can sell your house at a much more expensive rate in the future. That for us is a win-win.