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Is Your Garage Pet-friendly

Aug 04, 2021
Our family pets freely roam our homes and we may not be able to monitor them 24/7. A slight opening going to the garage is an invitation for them to enter. Most of the time, our garages contain hazardous and toxic materials that we use for our home cleaning, car maintenance, and other dirty works. And with this, we do not have total control of the environment that our pets will be subjected to. So before anything bad happens, have your garage pet-proofed.

Identify the hazards

Remove toxic threats such as car fluids, coolant, oil, cleaning products, paint supplies, insecticides, pesticides, alcohol, and other chemical wastes. Always check for liquid leaks from your car or supplies and have them cleaned right away. If the garage is the only space you can store these products, place them on sturdy overhead garage storage racks or wall shelves far from your pet’s reach, which Fleximount has according to your needs. Aside from storing them in higher places, you can also put locks on cabinets that are on the ground. We can’t stress enough how proper shelving can not only declutter your garage, but keep your home accident-free. Workbenches, storage spaces and wall-mounted racks should be solid and durable. No storage should be easily toppled, especially when your pet starts to run around hastily in the garage. Not only should you be wary of the harmful liquids, also inspect hazards that can cause entanglement like cables, wires and ropes. Sharp objects such as knives, nails, screws, loose hinges and knobs, long objects like mops, ladders and other materials that your pet may accidentally knock over, set them aside. Maintain a pest-free garage as you may be leaving the food and water of your pets there. They should be free from contaminants and insect intruders. Your four-legged babies will surely want a chase and will knock over whatever is blocking it. And this is a call for unwanted accidents that can cause injuries. A good practice is to inspect from time to time, and for you to take notes of the inventory that sits in your garage. And this will also help you maintain a clean and livable space. Another solution is to use alternatives that are far from containing toxic materials like painting your walls with eco-friendly products. Our fur babies tend to lick surfaces, so as not to risk them having a taste of the toxic residues of most paint products, opt for eco-friendly ones. Even the detergents or cleaning substances that we use, always opt for safer ones.

Temperature control

Don’t you think it’s about time to install proper ventilation in your garage? Not only for your pets but for you and your family as well. Garages can get humid or freezing cold, depending on the season. Introduce windows in your garage to let the air flow and sunlight peek inside. Put a ceiling fan for a secondary source of cooling air. Install a screen door for added ventilation. Aside from making your garage cool, your pets can also have a view of the outside without you having fears of them scurrying away to the streets. Put insulation which can be very helpful in maintaining the heat in the garage when cool months arrive. The garage can neither be too hot nor too cold to make it livable for all the residents in the house.

Create a comfortable space

Our pets tend to curl up in a corner of the room. It’s inevitable, it’s their nature. So why not create a comfortable pen that is still spacious for them to walk around, or put in a soft bed that they can lie down and rest. Place cushions, pillows and blankets for a more homey feel. Throw in some toys to keep them preoccupied by themselves. This substantially helps in keeping them away or making them busy when you are entertaining guests or working from home, attending online meetings. Always fill their water container, especially on hot days. And if you have a cat, place a litter box. Or a wee wee pad for dogs. Train your fur babies to use these especially when no one is home to follow them around and clean after their wastes. Give them their own space in the garage. Pets understand boundaries. And they can be very territorial. But will also practice staying put within their restrictive limits.

Install a surveillance camera

When all has been set, making sure that the garage is pet-proof, it does not hurt to install a surveillance camera that you can easily access through your phone. Whether you are in your own room or outside making errands or stuck in traffic on the way home from the office, you can always check the condition of your pet and the garage.

Exit points

It is unavoidable that your pets can be stuck in the garage. Maybe the only door access has been accidentally shut after the pet enters the garage and there is no way out. Always think ahead. Create pet doors that they can easily push. Make entry and exit points to and from various rooms in the house. However, always make sure that the door going outside is securely locked. You cannot let your fur baby roam the streets unattended. It also pays to have a spare key of your garage door with your trusted neighbor in case no one is home to rescue your pet. As we all treat and love our fur babies as part of our family, it pays to take into careful thought and consider the spaces that we give them. Afterall, garages can be a storage of all the stuff that we don’t use everyday, but this does not mean that the space can be left dirty and dark. Always keep it clean and pet-proof.