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Is Keeping a Dust-Free Garage Even Doable?

Sep 12, 2022
Don't you find it infuriating that despite having to sweep and vacuum every available surface of the garage, dust somehow returns the next day? There is actually no magic involved in that as there are numerous natural origins of home dust in your area. They can originate from multiple sources, including paint, wood, building materials, textile fibers, pet dander, dirt, insects that have died, pollen, and many more. So, in essence, what we're suggesting is that dust cannot be fully removed from the garage. Although, you may reduce their presence by taking action. Dust management in the garage is the key.
How important is dust control?
There is little doubt that inhaling too much dust is harmful and that it might eventually lead to significant respiratory illnesses. You can unintentionally be exposed to a substantial number of dust particles because the garage is a section of your house that already likely receives more foot activity than before. Too much dust in the garage, or any area for that regard, not only risks one's health but also creates a cluttered appearance and feel. You'll want to leave the garage right immediately due to the thick layers of dreadful gray dust that are covering it.
Where does dust actually originate from?
It's a sensible move to dust off any materials or item before bringing it into the garage, but this may not be enough to keep the dust at bay. You must first examine your garage's general condition. A concrete garage flooring that is not sealed deteriorates over time and may leave a powdery residue. To stop dirt and dust from flying inside the room, check your garage doors to see whether they have tight seals. Second, the garage door welcomes dust with open arms each time you swing open it. Although there may not be a solution for it, it is wise to remember to clean more often. If not, the garage will fill with dust. The same is true for visitors and automobiles, which are obviously bearers of dust. Particularly on damp surfaces, they have a tendency to attach and settle in. The road salt becomes a fine powder when it hits the ground during the winter. Therefore, it is quite likely that the fine particles will become caught on your boots and automobile tires if you walk or drive through the streets at this time.
How can I keep the garage's dust levels down?
The first thing is to completely block any garage openings. Approximately 60% of interior dust originates outside, therefore if your entrances are not properly sealed, dust and debris will inevitably enter the garage. With the right seals, bugs would also be kept out in addition to dust. When compared to all the calamities that are disasters waiting to happen without installing adequate seals, weatherstripping the door frames and window sills is more cost-effective in the long term, lasting 5 to 10 years. The garage floor coating system would be the second best choice. Over time, the disintegration of concrete floors causes the surface to accumulate powdery particles. For this reason, floor coatings are useful in avoiding deterioration and fine dust production. In addition, they guard the garage floor against scratches, stains, and flooding. Third, one of the main factors in minimizing dust is decluttering. Remember, clearing out your garage doesn't have to be a hassle. Using the proper tools and cleaning techniques, clearing out and cleaning the garage area may be done quickly and easily. Cleaning from top to bottom can help the dust settle in the lower places, which you will focus on later, so keep that in mind. Use moist towels, microfiber, and electrostatic dusting cloths to wipe dusted surfaces. When dusting off, stay away from using dry materials. Additionally, by determining the proper storage for your area, you may solve the majority of your dust intrusion concerns while freeing up more floor space for your automobiles and foot-trafficked activities. In the market, there are several wall shelves and overhead garage storage options. Hundreds of things may be found with a fast search on online shopping sites. But if you don't know what you need and prefer in a garage storage, it will take time to find what would work best there. In addition to affordability and cost, the criterion you should look for in a storage item is the ability to use an organizing shelf that can serve a variety of functions and offers flexibility, which will meet your needs—whether it be for weight capacity, reinventing the shelf's orientation, or compatibility with the type of walls already existing in the garage. Getting a rack that is already appropriate for the construction of your garage will be simpler and more economical, as is just basic sense. One dependable top storage option is the Fleximounts WRC24B Corner 2-Pack 2’ x 4’ Wall Shelving. Utilizing the corner walls to place the wall shelf allows you to save a significant amount of room in the garage. You may use the WRC24B as a corner shelf or a two-pack wall shelf, giving you installation flexibility. Additionally, it works well and is appropriate for both concrete and wood stud walls. Its heavy-duty and strong performance is due to the powder-coated steel that it is built of. You can be confident that the contents kept on each shelf will be secure and that your garage will not get cluttered with falling debris because each one can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs without becoming unstable. In addition, it is more stable than similar products with multi-piece assembly that are on the market; thanks to its one-piece grid design for a simpler construction. This wall shelf is easy to assemble and install because it is made for one-person installation. The kit contains all the necessary hardware, as well as an installation template that aids in mounting holes and a bubble level for obtaining the ideal horizontal placement. Additionally, the Fleximounts WRC24B Wall Shelving storage space provides more possibilities for storage. With the help of the Fleximounts GRH1/GRH1B or GRH2/GRH2B hooks, the storage capacity may be significantly raised. The hooks may be used to hang up things like bicycles, tools, and cleaning supplies.