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FlexiMounts Labor Day Sale

Sep 16, 2021
Labor Day was created to celebrate the industrious individuals who are the force of the economy. Without them, a nation would be on its knees and near its dying breath since, without the workforce, nothing would be able to function towards a better economy. With this in mind, FlexiMounts is having a Labor Day sale to treat every blue or white-collar worker with amazing garage storage solutions to add inside the home. By using the coupon code LBD1, they can enjoy up to 15% off on the products we would be discussing below. Now come one, come all since we are offering the best storage that would perfectly fit inside any garage.
Design the platform of your fantasies. In addition to tabletop supports with pre-drilled fastener perforations, the device package includes gear attachment slabs as well as enclosures, high-quality bolts, and an incredibly simple installation handbook. The industrial countertop structure set is constructed of heavy iron. When contrasted against their ready-made counterparts, Fleximounts' table components are far more robust and also durable in nature. Additionally, this package is simple to customize. If users build their own bench, they have complete leverage over its design and construction. This could be constructed to just about whatever shape, regardless of whether it would be fancy or plain simple. Depending on your preference, you can sand, texturize, or etch a design on the timber of your choice. Everyone would indeed get amazed by the large number of excellent testimonials that have been written about this product, as well as the modification options that are available. Our bundle will be able to fulfill any requirements customers may demand. The WB107 CUSTOMIZABLE WORKBENCH SHELVING FRAME is ideal for a wide range of crafts, from massive timber carving jobs to smaller initiatives. The shelves can amazingly accommodate up to 1000 per shelf. If that is not good enough for you, we would like to remind you that you can have up to three shelves maximum. See? You will have more than enough storage for all of your garage needs. For the dimensions, the max would be 96” x 48” which are both height-adjustable. We promise three times more storage for every hardworking individual. Moreover, a few spacious dividers can elevate this. We assure you that you will adore this bench. You will definitely spend as much as you would have liked if you had purchased a whole bench. But with this choice, you can build it according to your specifications. The WB107 CUSTOMIZABLE WORKBENCH SHELVING FRAME is not only for the garage too! It could be used anywhere inside the home especially if you have a rustic theme going on. This workbench also pairs well with pops of green as it gives off a cozy vibe that may be missing in your household. You are free to decorate this with tons of greenery according to your heart’s desire.
The BASIC 4′ X 8′ OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK GR48F allows you to hide periodic as well as underutilized items upon the carport roof, to aid in saving you more space. Featuring a descent from 22 inches to 40 inches on the roof, you can store any of the items you need organized. GR48F Fleximounts Basic 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack is extremely sturdy and stable than some comparable ceiling racks because of our specially designed elongated roof connectors which attach to dual adjacent slats! All of the equipment has already gone and was subjected to extensive evaluation, so only the finest components were approved for use. Because of the sturdy metal body, customers may securely store anything to 600 pounds on this rack. The construction of it all is considerably strong and solid when compared to competitors that have a distinct chassis with cable structure. This proves to be easy to assemble. The BASIC 4′ X 8′ OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK GR48F is simple to use. The customers might have the toughest difficulty locating the overhead panels in which to pierce. Installation as well as setup guidelines are sufficiently thorough to be understandable by any user of the equipment. The BASIC 4′ X 8′ OVERHEAD GARAGE STORAGE RACK GR48F is distinguished by its unique structure, which includes four corner triangles and two frames reinforced Bars. It also has a straight post that has been specifically developed for deck installation. Connecting fasteners are used to join the decks and frame to the chassis at several attachment positions.
For households who have tons of bicycles scattered around their property, the FLEXIBLE BIKE HITCH RACK FOLDABLE BHR4 and HANGER WALL MOUNTED BIKE RACK BR1 are the perfect solutions to address this issue. If your family loves to go on biking sessions out of the state, you are probably searching for effective ways to bring the bicycles along with you in the car. But never fret because the FLEXIBLE BIKE HITCH RACK FOLDABLE BHR4 solves this issue through its innovative and adjustable design. This is constructed with a good coating of durable and long-lasting paint to provide a powder finish that screams elegance and luxury. The anti-wobble grips on the mast with collapsible appendages help to improve the attachment among components. This implies that the bicycle racking may be strongly or safely fastened to the wall or other structure such as the car when you go on travels. The HANGER WALL MOUNTED BIKE RACK BR1, on the other hand, is a great addition to households who need to optimize their area. It boasts a design that is constructed for the security of each bike as well as an intuitive spacing that allows every customer to relocate the rack anywhere they need.
Final Thoughts
FlexiMounts celebrates Labor Day with every hardworking individual through having a great sale. With all of these choices, everyone is guaranteed to have a garage that works just as hard as they do in their lives.