WB107 Customizable Workbench Shelving Frame

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WB107 Customizable Workbench Shelving Frame


  • Build your dream work bench. Each kit includes all the necessary hardware: workbench legs with pre-drilled screw holes, hardware fixing covers and plates, high-quality screws, and easy-to-follow instruction guide. Lumber not included.
  • Heavy-duty constructions. The work bench frame kit is made of heavy-duty steel. When compared to competitors’ resin-made brackets, Fleximounts offers greater durability, rust-proof quality, and years of dependable load-bearing performance.
  • Customizable to your needs. You’re in complete control of the workbench size and color. Build your DIY work bench to any size up to 8 feet long and up to 4 feet wide. You can stain, paint, or finish the lumber as desired.
  • Assembled workbench can hold up to 1000 pounds per shelf.
  • The maximum dimension can be 96″ in length, 48″ in width, and adjustable in height.

Choose Your Size & Color

Customizable shape, color and size. Build it to suit your ideal specifications up to 8 feet long and up to 4 feet wide.Stain, paint or finish the wood as desired.

Heavy-duty Construction

2X more storage than traditional workbenches Iron-made workbench legs last for years Top-quality stainless steel screws

Multiple Use

Customizable Workbench is suitable for the garage as assembling tables or potting benches. or study desk for home.

10 reviews for WB107 Customizable Workbench Shelving Frame

This is easy to assemble. It’s nice to customize the size to fit your space. I used a mixture of scrap wood and bought wood. Very sturdy.

Love how sturdy these legs are! Like others, I drew up a sheet of plywood to get the most table I could out of a full sheet of 3/4″. I was able to get a 4’x2′ table with 3 shelves and couldn’t be happier with it! I tend to overthink many of my builds, thinking about joinery, aesthetics, sturdiness and this kit takes all the thinking out of it! Awesome kit, if you need a work bench, this is a great option!

This work bench is very sturdy and reliable. It was super easy to install. I was very impressed with the quality of metal used and how durable it was.

Fine product for my 2×4 outfeed table and 2nd shelf storage for drill press, sander and 18×30 sanding box.Worth the money in time savings and structural stability.

This is such an easy way to build out a workbench for the shop. I️ love the sturdiness of the material and felt like it was such a great value for my money. I’ll be adding a second unit in the next few weeks. I️ was able to modify the legs to add material for caster wheels and now I’m completely mobile.

We love this workbench! It was an intermediate assembly, very sturdy and love how it’s customizable to length, depth and shelf height. Keeping this one forever for sure

Great Quality! Great Product!
Love the customizable length and width options for your work space!

This is a perfect idea for being in between current benches. It is a far upgrade from using an old desk and a gateway to my handmade woodworking bench. It gives me a lot more storage area under the work top and with the two shelves above the work top I can put my battery chargers and cordless tools.
The strength of the steel used seems to be of really good quality and it all went together just as described in the instructions. I was worried the legs would have difficulty staying square and plumb but it was not a problem. The bench does not rock or wobble even if my garage floor is not perfectly flat and level. I give the kit 5 stars because of build quality and ease of adaptability. Packaging also was very good and nothing was scratched

This FlexiMount work bench kit is extremely high quality, and easy to use. With a single sheet of plywood, and just a few 2x4s, you can make yourself a truly versatile bench in very little time. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the metal, as it did not bend or deflect at all and did not even scratch with a slip of a the screw driver. I made a couple modifications to mine to make it even more useful in my shop, which again were very simple to accomplish. I added casters to the legs to enable the work bench to be moved around with ease, and also routed dovetail grooves in the top to be used along with the MicroJig match fit clamping system. I am very excited to start putting this bench to use. I would definitely recommend this product!

First off, I like the flexibility that it gives you by only getting the legs. I was able to make the bench in the exact size that I wanted with the wood I had in my shop. I didn’t have to waste wood that it came with, and I was able to make it out of quality material from the start.
The legs are powder coated metal, definitely thick and aren’t flimsy like expected with most of these benches. They come with triangles to support the top shelf and little notches on the bottom shelves. I went with only two shelves so I could store things underneath. I was able to make this whole shelf with one sheet of plywood.
For anyone who cares, this is 60”x20” and has 2” wide pieces for the supports under the shelves. I could’ve gone thicker with my supports so everything would be flush but I wanted to be able to make this whole thing with the sheet ofplywood I had already.
It comes with Phillips head hardware.

The only thing I would change with this would ultimately be different hardware if I ever change the dimensions. The hardware is aesthetically pleasing but easy to strip out.

Ultimately I am very happy with it.