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Basic Archery Tools for Beginners

Mar 23, 2022
You might have been watching the Olympics from the sidelines. You research all the listed sports and one caught your eye. Since then, you can’t help watching one archery competition to another. You think to yourself it’s something you could nail even at this late age. You start searching for schools that offer archery classes and training. You’ve enrolled in the school and met new friends who are also into archery. Now you think it’s time to finally invest in equipment you would benefit from personally having so that you could take your archery skills up a notch. Yes, there is equipment available at the school you enrolled in and you could keep using the bow and arrow there but if you personally have yours, you could really acquaint yourself with the tools and master it. There are specific basics that you could only master once you understand the equipment by heart. We listed down below all the basic archery equipment you need to have in your arsenal as a beginner looking to improve your skills in the sport.
In archery, the first piece of equipment you must have is obviously the bow. It is the most essential gear for you to basically shoot an area from one point to another. There is no right or wrong way in picking the perfect bow for you and your archery practice. What you have to focus on when looking for a bow is something that suits your needs when pointing an arrow and shooting it. How do you know this? Try the bow out yourself. First, go on the Internet and search for stores that sell archery equipment near your place of residence. There will be a couple that the search engine will pull out for you. Pick ones to drop by and check their available bows. Get a feel of everything so that you know which one is the best for your body type, skill level, and technique. It has to be a bow that you are comfortable in. What the master archers follow is picking a bow that is within two inches of their height. It’s also completely fine if you choose a bow that is taller than you. A recurve bow is your best choice if you’re on the hunt for a bow that is hassle-free to set up and that you could use right now. This type of bow is great for beginners and is offered at reasonable prices so you don’t have to break the bank when you’ve just started trying archery.
The next thing on your list is an arrow. When you’re a beginner, it’s quite hard to pick an arrow. Don’t order online because you need to know your draw length and measure wingspan that a store could help provide you with. This will be the basis if the arrow is right for your height. Arrows can be quite difficult to buy when you’re a beginner. You need to know your draw length in order to buy the right arrows, so it’s vital that you visit a store. Because you’re a beginner, consider making your own arrows. They say you’ll be spending not too much capital to start one and then you’ll have to pay it over time.
You might hear of this for the first-time but professional archers or hobbyists, carry something for their arrows. A back or hop quiver might be able to solve your problem. This carries your arrows and whenever you play, you could just take it out. So save the extra bucks for a back or hip quiver tool if you’re really serious with archery. There are many back or hip quivers to choose from. Do not be pressured to know right away what you will buy. Ask the store clerk what he will buy if given the option. No one is rushing you so take your time because that is something that will matter a lot to you and your archery practice. Note that we have an A-hip quiver that keeps arrows facing out in front of you so they can be grabbed from their side.
For beginners, gloves would obviously protect your hands. It can also help you when you release the arrow up and straight in the air. If you are starting with a recurve bow, don’t forget to spare some money for gloves. While I resented that I’m going to save money for her and not myself, I needed time with myself to realize how elitist the comment is. Anyway, gloves make people comfortable and a pair can last them a long time.
Finger Tabs
This is an alternative to using gloves. Not everyone loves to wear a glove, especially when holding something so having fingers tabs can be an alternative. Some just find gloves too limiting and constrictive but thankfully, the tab covers the palm on your draw hand and is a good choice for people who find wearing a glove too constrictive. Finger tabs are relatively easier to look for. It’s perfect for beginners and sizes vary depending on the side of your hands. *Where to store your equipment?* Once you’re done with training, you can safely tuck your items in your quiver and store them inside the garage. The garage must have overhead storage solutions as well as wall shelves so that the items stored in your garage are kept off the floor. You will have ample space left in the garage where you could do anything. You could even set up your very own archery range in your garage. A high ceiling is not that much of a must, you just have to try it out in a wide space to appreciate it more. You can hang athletic gear in the grid design of wall shelves and overhead garage racks from FlexiMounts. You may use the site’s offered hooks, flat, utility, and rail hooks. Having an organized space to store your bow and arrow is already taking care of half the maintenance of your tools.