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7 Reasons Why Exercise Is Good for You

Mar 14, 2022
Do you want to know the secret to living a better quality and longer life? It may not be the answer to everything but it definitely helps—exercise. You have to put in the work, the hours at the gym or at home for you to reap the benefits of regular movement into your life. It’s not easy but the benefits are worth it. It will be hard for you to ignore once you get the ball rolling. You become happier with yourself and you continue to do all these healthy habits to have a better mindset and outlook in life. There’s also no discrimination as to who will benefit from regular physical activity. Everyone does. It doesn’t matter what your gender is or age or your fitness level, you will still benefit from exercise if you do it regularly and with commitment. If you need more motivation, we listed down how exercise can help provide the healthy and happy lifestyle you’ve always wanted to have deserves.
1. Exercise will prevent the development of health illnesses and conditions.
If you’re worried about the diseases you’ll get now that you’re aging, then don’t just sit there and do nothing. Stand up, dress up and break a sweat. You will have fewer chances of developing a heart disease, get records of high blood pressure, reduce the risk of obesity, etc. Simply adding more movement to your life commands your body to boost high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. It will decrease the production of unhealthy triglycerides and will help your blood to flow smoothly, also reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. When you exercise regularly, you save yourself from high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, depression and anxiety, stroke, cancer, and arthritis among many others. Exercise will improve your cognitive function abilities and reduce the risk of death in various ways.
2. Exercise uplifts mood
If you are feeling kinda down or stressed today, then you might need a sweaty exercise session or even just a brisk walk at your subdivision. Many brain chemicals are stimulated during and after exercise so towards the end, you feel happy and relaxed. Another plus side is that you feel more confident with how you look, boosting your self-esteem.
3. Exercise will help you in weight management.
No matter what your goal is, regular exercise can help you get a hold of how much weight you gain, lose, or maintain. If you want to shed extra pounds, then you may focus on cardiovascular exercises or HIIT training. If you want to gain muscle mass, lift weights. If you want to maintain your current weight, then eat the right amount coupled with the right amount of exercise. The rule of thumb is that the more intense the activity you engage in, of course, the more calories you will be burning. We recommend going to the gym or a fitness studio to break a sweat. Being part of a community motivates you to continue and progress as you continue your fitness journey. But if you are not gifted with the luxury of time, you can always still add more movement to your everyday life. One is better than zero at any given point in time. Make active decisions. Climb up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator to reach your floor. Park away from the building you’re going to so you’ll be forced to walk. Do not put items within reach so you have to stand up and reach for your essentials. Contribute to household chores. When you’re consistent, you will get the benefits that your hard work paid for throughout the years.
4. Exercise will provide you with better sleep
If you are finding it difficult to sleep every day, then you must be lacking in physical activity. When you exercise regularly and consistently, you are able to sleep faster once you lie down. Not only will the quantity improve but also the quality of your sleep where you get to reach deep sleep levels. Make sure that you won’t exercise when it’s almost bedtime because your energy levels might be too high and you won’t be able to fall asleep and rest.
5. Your sex life will be more exciting when you regularly exercise.
If you feel that you haven’t been physically intimate with your significant other because of exhaustion, then there must be something going on. Relax and exercise. It will make your energy levels rise and increase your self-esteem which will help give you a better and much-improved sex life. What’s more is that if you’re a woman and you get physical activity regularly, exercise will help you achieve a higher arousal. It also helps men that they have to check a professional if they are having problems with erectile dysfunction.
6. If you need fun and socializing, exercise will give you just that.
Exercise will introduce you to a whole new community in the neighborhood. Participating in such activities for the greater good is heroic. Not only that, you could do physically active movements while with friends and enjoy activities that all of you like in a fun social setup. We are encouraging you to already sign-up for that class, go up the mountains, or dive a tower deep into the ocean. So if you’re bored and want to do something new, this trip will definitely wake you up.
7. Exercise is an energy booster
If you are running on low energy, then you might need to introduce physical activity to your life. It will improve the strength of your muscles and make you last longer or maintain steady energy levels throughout the day. Your tissues will get their regular delivery of oxygen and other nutrients, helping the cardiovascular system work with much more efficiency. Trust us that improving the health of your heart and lungs will give you lots of energy to finish your everyday errands. Tip: If you are going to keep your weights secured in the garage, make sure there is ample space on the floor. Everything that you own can be hung or stored in an overhead garage rack or shelf from FlexiMounts. In this way, everything is up in the garage and you can do anything you want on the ground floor.