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6 HIIT Exercises to Do at Home

Mar 08, 2022
Who said you can only work out at the gym? Gone are the days that you need a gym membership to lose fat and tone your muscles. The pandemic had many devising creative ways on how to exercise at home. Because most didn’t have the equipment, some made use of water bottles and other heavy items at their houses as dumbbells. Many fitness creators grew their YouTube channels with several enthusiasts wanting to follow workout videos to break a sweat at home. Friends organized online group workouts. Gym trainers offered virtual coaching. Cycling teachers offered online classes. Many ran in their neighborhoods even with face masks on. Many picked up a bike and went places with it instead of relying on public transportation. Some took it to the next level and bought weights to work out at home. Now if you’ve decided that you finally want to live an active lifestyle, then you should know what your goal is. Are you already satisfied with your muscle mass and want to maintain it? Do you want to grow your muscles? Do you want bigger glutes? Do you want to tone your arms? Do you want six-pack abs? Do you want toned legs? Do you want to lose weight? Or do you simply want to work out and add more movement to your otherwise sedentary lifestyle? You have to be specific with your goals so that you are able to track a path for your fitness journey. Of course, it changes when you tick off goals and to-dos in your list, one by one. Now if your goal is to decrease body fat and have a healthy heart rate, then we would recommend focusing on cardiovascular exercises and high-intensity interval training or HIIT. It’s always a killer workout when it’s of high intensity and you could absolutely do it right at the comfort of your home. Here are some exercises that will guarantee you a sweat-filled workout session.
1. Plank jack
Ever heard of horizontal jumping jacks? This move is for you. What you do first is to start in a plank with your ankles together. Engage your abs and make sure that your upper and lower body down to your legs is in a straight line. You jump both feet out wide to both sides at the same time then jump back to starting position. You are now doing jumping jacks while in a plank position. Do this for the next 20 seconds and then rest for another 10.
2. Push-ups
A push-up is a full-body exercise guaranteed to give you results. First is you start with a high plank position, meaning your arms are extended with your hands under your shoulders. Your legs are extended back and your feet are in the hip-width distance. You tighten your core then drop your chest to the floor then you will make use of your arms and core to return to your starting position. Make sure your back is straight while doing this move. Do as many as you can continue for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and then rest for 15 seconds before doing another set. If the traditional push-up is hard, you can always bend your knees and have it down to the floor as you drop your chest towards the surface.
3. Mountain climber
Another favorite is the mountain climber which works on your core while getting your adrenaline pumping. First off is to start in a high plank position. You then bring one knee in one side towards your chest then return it to the starting position before the knee on the other side does the same. Alternate legs as if you’re running while in a plank. Do this nonstop for at least 30 seconds before you rest and do another rep again.
4. Russian twists
You might think this is an easy workout but it can be quite a chore when carrying weights. Have your thighs and torso form a V-shape with your back at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Raise your feet off the floor with your knees bent while you lean your body sidewards to one side first before going to the other side. While doing this exercise, you may have your arms crossed in your chest or your hands clasped in a fist in front of you. Twist to one side then go back to the center and then twist again to another side. For more resistance, get a dumbbell, a plank, or medicine ball so that your abs would feel the burn more. The weight should be close to your chest and then for every twist, tap it on the floor.
5. Burpees
Another killer move is burpees. You start in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart. Squat, put your hands on the floor then jump your feet to the back in a plank position before you do a pushup. You jump your feet closer to your hands then jump as high as you can before you return to the standing position. To modify, you may skip the pushup after the plank. Again, do as many burpees as you can in 20 to 30 seconds then rest for the next 10-15 seconds before starting another set.
6. Kettlebell swing
Another full-body exercise that just works is the kettlebell swing. What you do is to stand up tall, feet hip-width apart, and your hands carrying a kettlebell on its handle. Extend your arms, make sure your shoulder blades are squeezed together, tighten your abs, and open the chest. Your weight should be on your heels when your drop down. You should be using your lower body to push your hips forward while swinging the kettlebell up. Don’t forget to squeeze your glutes and core while doing this move. If you are leveling up your game, then it’s high time to buy weights and keep them in your home garage. Install smart storage solutions such as overhead storage racks and wall shelves from FlexiMounts so that you have ample space on the floor to install racks for your weights.