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3 Trendiest Crafts to Try in 2022

Feb 23, 2022
Thinking of new hobbies to start this year? Or maybe this hobby can turn into a money-making biz to add to your monthly income. If you’ve got talent working with your hands, then doing crafts can be your best bet. But let me tell you that you do not need to be pressured to turn your hobby into something that will bring you money. Feel free to just purely enjoy your newfound hobby as a fun activity to keep you away from stress and problems that you encounter daily at work or even at home. Oh, and what’s great about these crafts is that even kids at home can dabble into them. So, it’s time to release your creativity and get going on some of the latest craft crazes this 2022.
Going Abstract
Are you not much of a painter? Do not worry! This craft does not require years of experience in painting. All you need to do is trust your guts when pouring the paint and mixing different colors onto paper, wood, canvas, glass, tile, stones or it can be as mundane as a cellphone case or blank hand fan. The acrylic paint that you will use depends on your mood and style. You can include bottles of pastels, neons, metallics, and even primary colors. All you need to do is to drop the paint into a cup or directly onto the surface of your choice. What’s good about this craft is that there will be no two artworks that will yield the same look and results. All crafts will be unique and that would be your selling point.
The Comeback of Macramé Movement
2022 house trends are tuning to the maximalist and boho-chic styles. And the macramé crafts fit the bill. Fringes are dominating the interiors of trendy homes as weave styles offer some cool factors and versatility into your decors. All you need to prepare is a cotton cord approximately 35 meters (color will depend on your style) and a wooden dowel. There are tons of tutorial videos you can find on Youtube. And you will be surprised at how easy it is to make one macramé wall hanging decor.
Mixing Art and Sentimentality
Scrapbooking isn’t entirely new. But when was the last time you made one? Probably in middle school for an art project. Because of the pandemic, wherein we have to spend more time indoors, we kind of feel sentimental looking back at our lives traveling with family and friends. And what better way to reminisce than to actually make a craft out of this feeling. Print out your photos of your travels or special occasions. It always feels surreal that these events happened before this global pandemic hit us. And it offers a different feeling when you can actually hold onto your mementos as opposed to staring at your photos on your monitor. It’s easy to make a scrapbook. Actually, you do not need to buy new materials for this craft. You can make use of the many stickers, stationery, papers, newspapers, magazines, colored pens, and other chic embellishments that you can find in the corners of your homes. It is the perfect time to unleash your creativity to assemble this memento.
The Workspace
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