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Why We Recommend Installing Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Jan 30, 2023

Many garages have been plagued by massive quantities of clutter for a very long time. In a report issued by the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% of households with 2-car garages were unable to park their cars there because of clutter. Furthermore, only 32% of them could fit a single automobile due to clutter. However, one can question why garage owners do not appear to discover a solution to that issue. There are several reasons for this, but one that garage owners often mention is their lack of usage of an effective storage system.

All cleaning and organizing efforts will be in vain despite how much time and effort are put into them if the right storage system is not used. One should always plan for storage as part of the cleaning procedure.

Although it may be argued that one's garage already contains built-in cabinets and space-consuming storage solutions, they are ineffective and squander the available floor space. The garage owner will be happy to hear that the walls and ceiling are areas that might optimize the advantages that a garage may provide to one's property once one realizes the actual value the constrained floor space may give.

Overhead Garage Storage Racks: The Benefits of Using Them

Provides you with an extra floor area.

Let's say your garage floor size is merely 15 square meters. Bulky objects like storage boxes, tires, sports equipment, and the like will probably occupy 5 to 7 sqm. Not even your garage workshop area, let alone a place to park a car, will fit in the remaining space. Furthermore, these objects are only sometimes removed from storage, which makes them a space hog in your garage. This fact makes things even more bothersome.

One may maximize the ceiling space in your garage by installing an overhead storage system. By doing this, the heavy objects are now off the ground, making the garage more manageable.

Provides you with reassurance regarding your automobiles.

You've made the space for your parked cars in the garage roomier with respect to the first item. You wouldn't have to park your vehicles outside because of space constraints created by clutter in the garage, nor would you have to worry about unintentionally knocking over an item. Some of you might think it's OK to park in the driveway or on the street, but there are some things that you can’t handle or take control of. For example, your cars are subject to theft and the effects of the elements, including ice, snow, sleet, briars, and animal excrement.

It allows you to organize more effectively.

You'll likely be more aware of clutter because overhead storage racks are visible as soon as you enter the garage. You'll realize how important it is to have things organized neatly since doing so will make it easier to find items quickly when you're looking for them.

Makes ideal garage storage for a diverse selection of objects.

Once fitted, a heavy-duty storage solution functions like divine intervention. Several garage owners leave the big, heavy goods on the ground because they worry that their storage may ultimately collapse. But after they learn about using an overhead garage storage system, read personal opinions about it, and hear from other garage owners, they will discover the key to keeping a tidy and organized garage.

One can keep many different things in overhead garage storage systems, examples of which are:

Halloween costumes, front porch decorations, Christmas trees, wreaths, lighting, and other off-season decorations

Seasonal tools for the yard and garden, such as grass trimmers, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, snow blowers, and snow removal tools

Both automobile and bicycle tires

Bins and containers for storage

Sporting goods and camping gear

Equipment and tools for the workshop

Auto roof racks

Outdoor furnishings

We Recommend

We know a lot still have apprehensions about using ceiling-mounted racks. For one, the boxes of items are suspended in mid-air, which causes fear if ever there may occur falling accidents. And second, the storage solution needs installation done in ceiling joists, which not all garages may have adequate support.

These issues are entirely valid. But again, by finding a sturdy storage system you can trust, you will enjoy the comfort and convenience an overhead garage storage rack can bring to your garage space. And alas, a more accessible and cleaner garage will greet you whenever you enter the room.

There are quite a lot of overhead garage storage racks available in the market. However, one must be careful when choosing which one to purchase. And one such brand that many put their faith in and emerged as an Amazon bestseller is Fleximounts. While there are many overhead garage storage racks to choose from, it will all boil down to the size of the racks you want, which your garage can accommodate. If we are to pick one style, you can always go right with the GR48M.

The Fleximounts GR48M Pro 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack is built with heavy-duty in mind, as the reinforced hanging garage storage wire deck design guarantees a high loading capacity of up to 800 lbs. But you need not worry because the quality construction of this rack ensures safe and high loading capacity. For added stability and safety, great vertical supports, more extended ceiling brackets, and larger contact surfaces. The screws included in the package are thicker than the others available in the market and they went through strict tests to ensure the quality of the hardware. Moreover, the rack is also waterproof, which protects the stored items from getting damaged due to water or liquid leakage in your garage.

The GR48M offers flexible installation as you can practically mount the garage ceiling storage racks nearly anywhere. With Fleximounts smart joist configuration, you can mount the frame in both wood and concrete at any position–perpendicular, parallel, and even on slanted ceilings. Just make sure you maintain 48-in—the distance between the vertical posts. Use a stud finder to locate the joists if the ceiling is finished with drywall.

Moreover, you can quickly expand the garage rack with hooks and clamps to store more items like bikes, tools, cables, and more.