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Why We Find it So Hard to Begin Decluttering

Jul 18, 2022
Why do we always choose to do the easy thing? When we’re feeling tired, most of us would just want to lie down and watch T.V. We can’t even grab food unless someone serves it to us. We’d rather spend our days lying in bed and not doing anything, hoping that money would come raining from heaven. This is more especially true when we have fallbacks to go to when things don’t go our way. For instance, if we get fired for a job because we were performing so badly, it’s fine with us because we will still have a roof over our heads and our parents to count on in paying the bills. We don’t feel that urgent need to move or do things in our life because we have others who can carry our lives even if we don’t do anything. It might be okay now but at some point in life, this kind of mindset won’t be beneficial to us or to the people we love. One day, as we’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and see the lives of our peers, we feel anxious that we have not done anything in our own life. We won’t find fulfillment from always being dependent on our parents even if we are already 25 years old. We’d now fear that we are so in the bottom of the race and feel terribly anxious that we couldn’t catch up anymore. We wonder where has the time all gone? This is most likely the same mindset why we refuse to clean or declutter. We think to ourselves that we are surviving even if we don’t clean our surroundings. Even if our place looks like a big trash bin, we couldn’t care less as long as we’re still breathing, eating, and kicking. We chose to do the easy thing which is to lie around and just leave our mess everywhere. But one day, the reality will wake us up. We are living in a trash bin and then we feel that there’s no more point in cleaning because we’d be accumulating trash again anyway. We already feel overwhelmed with the amount of trash we have at home that we don’t want to move anymore to get rid of it. So we choose to put it off until we’re finally forced to do something about it. Remember, time can’t be taken back. Once it has passed, you won’t be able to return to it and change what you did. What you have control of right now is the present. If you want change to happen, you shouldn’t choose the easy route. You should be open to going through struggles and difficulties because those could only make you a much stronger person than you are now. You’d be thanking yourself in front of the mirror for taking the necessary steps to turn your life for the better. There will always be much bigger things to deal with. But for now, tackle the challenge of finally decluttering your home for you to have a clearer headspace and a much more pleasing environment to live in and invite positive thoughts into your head. We propose cleaning your garage first. You need storage space to put the things that you will keep from your house and the garage can provide you with just that. In some houses, the garage is even the entry point to your main home. In some houses, they can’t even park their cars in the garage because it’s so full of clutter. In some houses, the garage serve other functions aside from storing items but you are limiting the function of yours because you are too lazy to pick up a damn mop and water to start cleaning. You are too damn lazy to sort through your things and finally throw out the items that you don’t need anymore. Trust us, all you have to do to conquer the tendency to do the easy things first is to just go do it. Just go do the thing that you have to do, no matter how overwhelming it feels like at the moment. Things will get much easier once you start doing something to address that tall order. When you finally decide to declutter your garage, here are some storage units from FlexiMounts that you can install to make sure you keep your items neat, tidy, and organized.
If you have a small garage, you can always make use of corner wall shelves. This wall shelving will do just that to guarantee that all the vacant spaces in your garage are optimized. It can be used as a corner shelf or a 2-pack shelf. Like the other wall shelves and overhead storage racks from FlexiMounts, this item also features an integrated grid design. It’s easy to install by one person because the package comes with all the necessary hardware. An installation template will also help locate where to mount the holes. You may install it in wood studs or a concrete wall. For additional storage, this is compatible with FlexiMounts GRH2/GRH2B and hooks GRH1/GRH1B.
The weight capacity of this basic ceiling-mounted storage unit is 600 pounds and it is 4’ x 8’ in size. The height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches. It is made of cold-roll steel and is guaranteed to be strong and sturdy where you could load 3/8” plywood or even thicker. You may customize the color of your wooden desks or even use old wooden boards. This product has multiple dedicated embedded mounting points that will ensure the security of your products. Like other items in this list, it makes use of ceiling space which is a perfect storage solution for seasonal and unused items that are kept in your garage.
Final Word
So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to have the most exciting and fun phase of your life? It’s time to pull the trigger and start doing things outside of your comfort zone.