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Why Biking to Work is Absolutely Fun

Nov 14, 2022

Do you intend to commute by bike? You are, in fact, headed in the correct direction.

It's just enjoyable to bike. Do we really need to say anything else? Your favorite bicycling memory was probably when you were a kid, we're kind of sure about it. Looking back, riding a bike helped you concentrate more on the road and appreciate your surroundings, including the changing seasons, tweeting birds, the friend's dog on the patio, and really just the little pleasures. When you wish to disconnect from the outside world, you may also go through alleyways and find hidden treasures like quaint eateries. Consequently, riding might provide you the boost and amazing enjoyment that have perhaps been sorely lacking from your life these days.

The Path to a Healthy Lifestyle

Bike riding enables you to fit in exercise if you haven't been able to in your regular schedule. Moreover, it is better for your joints and really burns as many calories as running. Improvements in cardiovascular and aerobic fitness, coordination, energy levels, blood pressure reduction, and muscle strengthening are just a few of the additional health advantages of engaging in regular cycling.

Boosts Physical and Mental Health

Have you experienced too much stress as a result of your regular commute? You wouldn't want to get up in the morning and drive your own car or use packed public transportation while sitting in traffic in a congested metropolis. You wouldn't want to start your day that way, and you wouldn't want to finish it in the same manner either. Daily exercise can improve sleep patterns, especially for people with insomnia, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote self-confidence. In a way, biking might be considered therapy.

Improves Overall Brain Performance

Biking is a great daily workout that can help you maintain cognitive function, avoid mental decline, and enhance your general brain function. The fact that your brain is more alert and active as a result of doing this does help you perform better at work, even though it does not ensure that you will become a genius level of smart (a fair warning, kidding).

Good for You Financially

Getting around is expensive. We thus present the data. In 2021, the typical American household will have spent over $5,000 on expenses associated with purchasing a vehicle and obtaining insurance. Furthermore, the anticipated quoted price does not yet include the maintenance fee. If you also include the ever-rising cost of petrol and the cost of parking, your savings will undoubtedly be reduced.

It would only cost you $250 to $1,500 to purchase a brand-new commuter bike. The annual maintenance cost should be no more than $50 on average. The amount of money you may save by not driving a car would be about $7,050 in the initial year and up to $9,000 in each subsequent year.

We are considering reductions not just in terms of equipment but also in terms of medical expenses. According to a cost-benefit study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Portland's citizens may save between $388 and $594 million by 2040 by making investments in cycling. The city's increasing investment in bike infrastructure is to account for this.

Exceptional Practicality and Unmatched Convenience

In addition to having your busy body delayed in traffic when you drive your own car, you also have to allow additional time to find parking. And it might shave off 10 or so precious minutes from your time. Similar to this, when commuting, you not only have to rush to get on the public transportation and put up with the delays, but the congestion may mean that there are no seats available for you. And picture yourself standing the entire way to work, especially in heavy traffic—we would all complain loudly together.

Finding parking would be a little simpler if you rode a bike to work because you could secure your unit and leave right away. Being stuck in traffic is never a problem for cyclists, either.

Install a Trustworthy Bike Storage Right Away!

Use the Fleximounts BR1 Hanger Wall Mounted Bike Rack to maximize garage storage. You may literally utilize the important floor space that is freed up by storing your bikes vertically to store your automobiles or other items. In addition, it offers simple access for mounting and dismounting each bike. As a result, you can conserve your energy for the day's riding activities!

Powder-coated, cold-rolled steel is the primary high-quality material used in the wall mount bike rack, which helps to assure its longevity and resistance to chipping and cracking. A single bike, four bikes, or six bikes may all be carried on the rack. Up to 136 kg or 300 lbs may be supported by the six-bike stand. They are trustworthy for load-bearing performance and heavy-duty, long-lasting, and may endure for years. Cycling enthusiasts who intend to live this way for a very long time will love it. Naturally, when you become more into riding, there is a good probability that you will purchase other bicycles that are appropriate for different activities. Thus, it may be necessary to purchase sturdy storage racks and greater storage space.

The J-shaped hooks are simple to use since they exactly conform to the curve of your bike hubs, offering a tight grip to hold the bicycles in their correct position. Each hook is secured firmly, so you don't have to worry about them coming off the hanging bikes. The premium bike hooks also have the added benefit of being encased in thick sponge foam tubing, which keeps them from aging and breaking and provides superior protection for your bike's wheels, hubs, and spokes.

Whenever the necessity for storage changes, the hooks may be readily moved to accommodate various bicycle sizes. Most bicycles, including kids' bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes, may be mounted on the wall using the bike wall mount hanger (within a 2.56-in diameter range). But bicycles with broad tires are not included in this.