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What to do This Holiday Season When You’re Feeling Bored

Dec 13, 2022

You can take a much-needed holiday break this Christmas. 

This is what most people do if their offices won’t give a mandatory work break for them. They do not use their leaves for the whole year and use those instead come Christmas time. They just want to relax and bond with their families without thinking about the work that they still have to do. 

But then, there’s a dilemma for those who decided to stay at home but are easily bored. You might have watched all the series and movies you are interested in and now you don’t have anything else to do. What can you do at home that will put your time out of work into good use?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a new hobby. You can learn how to paint, knit or even do woodwork now that you are just at home and killing time. 

This would mean that you would have to clean your garage. Declutter and remove all the items that you don’t need anymore by selling, donating or throwing them out. Afterwards, do a thorough cleaning from ceiling to floor. While you’re at it, check for holes and cracks that need to be fixed and chipping paint that needs to be repainted. Now that’s another Christmas activity for you! 

But we digress. After cleaning and doing necessary repairs, it’s time to set up your workshop area. FlexiMounts has a number of work benches that you can use: 


This workbench is made of heavy-duty steel and has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds. It has a maximum dimension of 96″ in length, 48″ in width, and adjustable in height. It uses top-quality stainless steel screws; lumber color and finish can be customized, and storage capacity can be expanded. 


Designed with high-quality craftsmanship, this durable frame can hold up to 3000 pounds. It is made of cold-roll steel, and its thick solid surface is made of 100% rubberwood. This solid surface is 1” thick wood sealed with varnish as protection against chips and scratches. It has a built-in pull-out drawer that serves as an integrated storage space for your utility tools and supplies. Its adjustable levelling feet will ensure the stability of the bench in areas with uneven floors. 

Manual Height Adjustable Work Bench WB102 

FlexiMounts has this work bench offer that is height adjustable and all-purpose. The workbench maximum load capacity is 500 pounds and could carry anything that you can use for a chosen hobby or a project to make something for the house. It’s spacious with 47.2" x 23.6" x 1" dimensions, just about right to make a table. The height can be adjusted from 29.5” to 44.1”. With a wide range, this multipurpose desk lets anyone sit or stand comfortably yet efficiently in order to finish a task or a project. It makes use of a crank handle to manually adjust the height, the crank being extra large to offer a smooth operation compared to standard cranks. This allows for easier lifting of desks, even though the load is heavy and full. You won’t need extra tools or an electricity outlet just to be able to adjust the height of the table. 

The material is made of solid rubberwood surface and a steel frame which is one inch thick. The steel frame makes sure it is sturdy, even at its highest point. Moreover, this product also has adjustable feet.

There are also tables that are not necessarily height adjustable but are perfect for making woodwork or metal works. These are projects that are usually done in the garage so you’d want to have a table that’s very robust, sturdy, stable, and spacious. It also helps if it has a storage compartment so that you can organize the things that you need for your project and that all of them may be easily accessible. 

You can even add a pegboard  on top of it, also from FlexiMounts, to this table. It features a two-piece separate design that is convenient for both tool storage and use. It can accommodate up to 33 pounds in weight. 

So what projects can you take on during the holiday season? Here are four ideas from us: 

A Picnic Table that’s hexagon-shaped

We concur that this woodworking project, suggested by Objets Mecanique, would require precise measurements, as well as educated hands and eyes. Six broad bench seats are joined together to form a hexagon, and a second hexagonal tabletop is placed on top of it. For the upcoming brunch or picnic you're throwing with friends in your backyard garden, it looks incredibly ornate and will make a good discussion starter.

Office Caddy

Because an organizer will typically have several divisions, making one is never easy. But if you're ready for a challenging endeavor, you might add a desk caddy to make your workstation even more attractive. Add as many extras as you can to the design, such as cabinets, drawers, and storage spaces, to help you manage your documents.

Loft bed

This is ideal for the kid's room that requires additional room. A bunk bed will be a terrific idea if your kids are crammed into a small bedroom because it will save space while also preventing them from feeling cramped. Compared to a room with two beds, there will be more space for the kids to play on the available floor area.

Wood Wagon

Even if practically everything in today's world is digital, your kids will like a homemade wagon constructed of wood. It's sturdy and will undoubtedly last them for many years. There is no need to plug it in or use batteries in addition. Children might use it to explore your environment and interact with the animals. Even the subsequent generations might inherit this. Many woodworking tasks could be, after all!

Whatever project you decide to take on, we hope you enjoy it and carry on the hobby even after the holiday season. Hobbies make us more whole as a person and you’d love to do them, not just to kill time.