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Transforming the Garage for Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 22, 2021
If you still can’t decide where to have Thanksgiving Dinner, then you might just be looking at the wrong places. It may even have been in front of you all this time. Because have you ever considered hosting Thanksgiving dinner in your garage? Of course, the garage doesn’t look festive at all. You’re not even sure what lives inside of it but if you come to think of it, it’s a big space where you can put in tables and chairs for your guests. This can be a great option if you’re planning on hosting a big dinner and your house is already filled with visitors and their belongings. The garage is your next best choice, aside from going to a restaurant cramped with strangers whose conversations may blend in with yours. Plus, it’ll ruin the fun of preparing your own food with family or having a potluck-style kind of dinner that’s impossible to happen in a restaurant. All you need is a little resourcefulness, creativity, and some to-do cleaning
Use Your Pegboard for Christmas Decor
This is an intimate dinner so there shouldn’t be any garage tools insight. When you’ve removed the items on the pegboard, you could hang Christmas decor on it. It could be personalized with decorations your kids made for school or a family wreath you’ve always loved. This will immediately give your garage a more Thanksgiving look. So where should you place the hanging tools you removed? Simply hide it on the boxes or cabinets where your Christmas decor came from. You’re just swapping the two based on what you need at the moment.
Use Your Work Bench to Your Advantage
If you have a work bench that you use for crafting and fixing stuff, take out all the utility tools on it or the project that you’re working on. Make sure it’s free of items because this work bench can be transformed into a food station. You can cover blotches of paint with a tablecloth and have the surface for your main courses, turkey, and dessert. A great quality workbench is that of FlexiMounts. Designed with high-quality craftsmanship, its durable work bench with a built-in drawer can be your buffet station for the night. It can hold up to 3000 pounds. It’s made of cold-roll steel and its thick solid surface is made of 100% rubberwood. This solid surface is 1” thick wood that is sealed with varnish as a protection against chips and scratches. It has a built-in, pull-out drawer and its adjustable leveling feet will ensure the stability of the bench in areas with uneven floors. This is currently on a discount for FlexiMounts’ Black Friday deals. You may get it for $15.00 less when you use the promo code SALE15. This bench along with other tables must be placed on the side of the garage to leave the middle room free for tables and chairs. You may opt for a long table with all of the guests and your folding chairs out to entertain them. Depending on how your final set-up would look like, you can instruct your guests to choose food from the buffet station or if there’s no space left for a queue and everyone to move around, ask your children or other family members to serve the food before they sit down.
Set Up Some Fun Games
Thanksgiving dinner won’t be complete without lively conversations and fun games with your family. Use that space as probably an area for foosball or ping pong. If there is more space, you can bring in a long couch and have a coffee table at the center for a card or a board game. You may even all sit on the floor if that’s more comfortable. This is a space where the family members can bond after that sumptuous dinner. After-dinner drinks at the garage isn’t a bad idea, either. It would be easy to clean the mess after and would also be hassle-free during because you wouldn’t have to worry if a piece of furniture will be destroyed.
Make Sure Your Garage is Neat and Tidy
One way to make your garage is ready to host intimate dinners or even big parties is to keep your objects stored inside of it organized. In this way, if you choose the garage as your venue again for an event, it’s not hard to take out the objects for the night and then return them all in the morning. It wouldn’t be a hassle to set up an ambiance and it won’t be difficult to clean up as well after. To keep your objects organized, install storage solutions in your garage. Focus on maximizing wall and ceiling spaces so that the floor is free to use and there’s more freedom to move around. FlexiMounts has a lot of options, some even height-adjustable, that are perfect for your future house.

Here are two garage shelving options from FlexiMounts:

Classic 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack (with hooks) GR48-H
This storage solution is ceiling-mounted, sized 4” x 8,” height adjustable from 22 to 40 inches, and made of cold-roll steel. It boasts of high-quality construction that can safely carry 600 pounds. It’s waterproof and is perfect as well for storing seasonal objects. It comes with two accessories: 4 pieces of flat hooks (GRH1) and two pieces of utility hooks (GRH3). The integrated grid design makes it easier to be installed by one person. It also keeps the integrated wire grid and frames welded together that resulting in a sturdy and stable storage solution.
Classic 2-Pack Wall Shelving WR Series
This wall mount shelving solution has a weight capacity of 200 to 400 pounds in total. It’s made of powder-coated steel that is guaranteed to be of top material after going through multiple strict tests. It has a buckle design that prevents falling and can be mounted on studs or a concrete wall. Three storage spaces are available for this wall shelf: 2’ x 4’, 1 x 6, and 1’ X 4.’ It comes in black or white.
Control the temperature in your garage
If you don’t have a cooling unit installed in your garage, open up the garage door for some fresh air. If it’s too cold outside, close the door and make sure you can put a portable cooling unit for the dinner. Having your garage insulated also helps to control the temperature inside the space.