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Thinking of Letting Your Dream Go? Here are Tips on How Not to Give Up Just Yet

Aug 30, 2022
You have made progress toward your goal. This is probably the cause of the growing uncertainty. You doubt your ability to achieve your goals and wonder if they will really make you happy. You question whether you possess the necessary abilities, finances, and confidence that your huge ambition demands. You suddenly start to doubt yourself and consider giving up, all while being on the edge of finally achieving what you want. Keep in mind that Mama never raised a quitter, and despite everything you've sacrificed to get here, you're not giving up. I usually end it with, "breathe," because that's probably what you need right now to keep your concentration. Don't punish yourself for wandering off. Everyone does it occasionally. But hardly everyone keeps on after a moment of hesitation. Be one of those people who will not give up and will work hard to live the life they have always imagined. What do you have to lose, really? You run the danger of paying a higher price—living a life filled with regret and what-ifs—if you give up. If this doesn't work, at least you'll know in your heart that you tried your hardest. With advice on how to keep pursuing your dreams, we are rooting for you. It is just not a choice.
Change the means.
It's time to stand back and consider what you might be doing incorrectly if you've been repeating this and nothing has changed. Ask for assistance from others so that you can see your journey through different eyes and identify areas for improvement and strengths you should hold onto. Change the means of getting there rather than the desire. For instance, if you’ve always wanted to put up a business but don’t have the money for a workspace, why not set up a physical office in your garage first? You can declutter and organize what’s left in your garage so there will be room for a business to start their operations in. Start by installing smart storage solutions such as overhead storage racks and wall shelves so that your belongings are off the floor and there’s room to move around.
Hold tightly to your goal.
It won't be simple for you to give up if you have a strong will and understand why you are doing this. A lot of people give up on their aspirations because their purpose is weak. They are quickly discouraged and give up because they no longer see the benefit of continuing to attempt. Remind yourself of the initial motivation for your actions. To remind yourself of your objective and to reassure yourself that you can do it, you can place a corkboard on your wall. You might also cut out pictures from magazines that represent the goals you have for your life. You may use this as a vision board.
Consider your advantages.
Having a positive mindset is your gun at the moment. Consider what you can accomplish right now rather than concentrating on the bad, on what’s missing and what you can’t do just yet. Be grateful for the resources you have and make the most out of them. Take it one step at a time and focus on what you can do right away. An ounce of positivity can take you a long way.
Convert failures into advantages or strengths.
Failure shouldn't be viewed as a never-ending red light. Failure will only make you stronger and better than you were before. Every loss, setback, or error will allow you to learn and progress. In Japanese, this is said to be "Nana korobi, ya oki," which translates to "Fall down seven times, stand up eight." Be grateful for them and resist letting them stop you from achieving your goals. You can invest in tools that will help you focus, improve your efficiency, and boost your productivity. Ergonomic furniture is the current trend and the way to go since it can be customized according to your needs and preferences.
Celebrate the small victories.
You must take pleasure in the journey in order to achieve your goals. You could only accomplish it if you were grateful for all of your minor triumphs during the day. You undoubtedly do something each day, and just that brings you one step closer to realizing your dream. Be appreciative of that. You can never give up and should always aim for the stars with the support of this good energy. Don't be afraid to treat yourself if you've worked hard. You could invest in something that would enable you to realize your dream in order to avoid feeling regret. For instance, you can buy a laptop that works faster than your current one. Or you can buy a camera for a higher quality of your photos and videos. You can, again, invest in ergonomic furniture to be motivated more to work.
Design a plan.
When you have a well-thought-out plan, it is unlikely that you would give up on your goals. Even as you complete one of the plan's steps, you already know what your next move will be. This eliminates the uncertainty that frequently leads us to give up on our objectives. Keep your focus on something specific, quantifiable, doable, reasonable, and timely. This will make more sense of your dream that will motivate you to move and do something to make it a reality.
Final Word
Tap yourself in the back for achieving what you were able to do. You did not get this far to give up or back out. And remember, when you’re already living your fantasy and you realize that the reality of it is not as fun as you thought, you can always withdraw from it and find yourself again. Life is a never-ending journey of discovering oneself and figuring out your purpose, which gives you happiness and will offer you peace of mind. Your loved ones will always be rooting for you, no matter what path you take. Just make sure that you keep moving forward with your head held high.