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Thinking of Hosting a Wine Night? Why Not on Wine Down Wednesdays!

Nov 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered why Wednesdays make us want to sip that wine more than any other day of the week?

A poll revealed that Wednesday night is the most popular time for most people to unwind, take a glass from the cabinet, and pop open the first bottle of wine for the week.

According to research, Wednesday is when wine consumption rises the highest because, by this evening, most of us believe that most of the week is finally over. We are ready to start unwinding in preparation for the weekend.

As we anticipate the Wednesday wine o'clock, prepare your bottles for Wine Down Wednesday! And wine tastes best when shared. So, gather your friends and plan the best wine night.

Keep things cozy and private.

Ensure that no more than 12 guests, including yourself, are at the wine party to maintain an intimate atmosphere. A smaller gathering not only makes it simpler to organize every detail, including the quantity and variety of wine bottles, appetizers, and glasses, but it also promotes dialogue among all guests. When entertaining small audiences, there's a higher possibility of getting everyone involved at once rather than through side chats.

Let's now go to the more realistic point. And here, a little computation will be done. Generally, a bottle of wine holds 24 ounces, which is enough for 12 two-ounce samples. With 12 people in the group, that works out to two servings per person. Additionally, this can show you how many bottles of each wine you should purchase to have enough for subsequent tastings. If there are more than 12 individuals, you can see how things will get more challenging. Besides that, needing to buy bottles, which might not even be opened, maybe a waste of resources.

Decide on a motif.

The general appearance of the event space, such as the garage or living room, and the type of wine tasting are the two factors to consider when choosing a theme for the wine night.

The area's design elevates the wine event's level of refinement. Depending entirely on the ambiance you want to create, you may choose a romantic atmosphere or a classic and elegant style. Additionally, it presents a cause for getting dressed up with your visitors. Undoubtedly, the theme you decide on will appear fantastic in pictures.

If you want to sample a range of wines, you may do so. Different areas produce wines with various flavors. Consider the scenario when you opt to drink Pinot Noir. When compared to California's Russian River Valley, the kind from the Sonoma Coast of California is unique and different. The advantage of serving different varieties is it can be a starting point for the conversations within the group.

A wine night with blind tasting is another option. It is an entertaining and engaging exercise. To hide the brand and variety, pour wine into decanters or cover the wine bottle. Let each of the visitors guess as to what type of wine it is. Additionally, you may put up a reward for each accurate guess. Not only will wine enjoyment increase, but visitors will evaluate the wine exclusively based on its flavor rather than its price or brand.

Be aware of the food pairings.

A wine-tasting event would only be complete with food. We're not pertaining to 1-kg lobsters or medium-rare steaks; keep them for a more romantic and memorable event. Ensure the wine is not overpowered by the cuisine you serve because it may change the flavor of your wines by drinking them with food.

Exploring wine and food matching is a great general rule. You should, for instance, check out meals from that region if you are sampling Italian reds. Alternatively, check the wine's acidity level. Avoid serving acidic foods such as processed meats, beans, eggs, and some types of cheese if the wine contains high acids.

The coupling of wine and cheese is something that we are all familiar with. Before purchasing cheese for the wine platter, however, what should we take into account? Because the richness of the cheese pairs nicely with the acidity of the wine, wine, and cheese typically balance one another out. While tannic reds pair well with stronger cheeses, the lighter, crisper white wines, on the other hand, pair well with milder, less intense cheeses. Bitter chocolates, salted almonds, unsalted crackers, and sliced fruits can also be added to the platter. It is necessary to do research once again on the sugar, acids, and tannins in the meals that go well with wine.

What else needs to be planned for?

You must also prepare the following items in addition to the decorations, wine, and food: glasses, water, palate cleansers, and documentation materials.

Given that not all wines are made equal, and that color is a significant feature of wine, it would be better to offer clear glassware rather than colored ones. Although the colored ones add flair to the occasion, reserve them for a separate meal with wine. Water crackers and plain bread are both effective palate cleanser foods. Cleaning your palate will enhance your appreciation of each type of wine as you'll be sampling a variety of wines. When we refer to "items for documentation," we don't mean cameras or cell phones but note-taking tools like pencils and paper. Yes, we love a wine-tasting event with an intention to learn.

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