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The Weekend Project: Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Apr 08, 2022
Easter is almost always synonymous with springtime. While Easter is a religious holiday as it marks the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, many of the traditions are not found in the Bible and have pagan origins. One such example is the most prominent symbol, which is the Easter Bunny. It was reportedly brought by the German immigrants to America in the 1700s. They believed and told stories about an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase” or “Oschter Haws” and eventually became widespread across the U.S. Easter eggs, however, are linked to both Christian and pagan traditions. Eggs are ancient symbols of new life and have long been related to pagan spring festivals. On the other hand, Christians believe that Easter eggs depict Jesus Christ’s emergence from the tomb and resurrection. The tradition of decorating Easter eggs traces back its roots to at least the 13th century. Many believed that it actually started because eggs were a forbidden food to eat during the Lenten season. So, people would decorate or paint them to signify the end of the period of penance and fasting and then would eventually eat them on Easter Sunday as a way of celebration. Two popular egg-related traditions have sprung–Easter egg hunts and egg rolling. In the White House, the Easter egg roll first became a tradition during Rutherford Hayes’ presidency in 1878, wherein children pushed the decorated, hard-boiled eggs across the White House lawn. Although the event is not related to religious practices, many have associated it with the symbolic rolling of the stone that blocked Jesus’ tomb, which led to His resurrection. Continuing the tradition even at your home or neighborhood is one that children look forward to the most in the coming holiday. And to prepare for the Easter egg hunt and egg rolling, we have listed down some of the most creative ways to decorate the eggs.
Easter Egg with DIY Printable Tattoo Design
First, decide with your children what kind of designs they would like to be printed. As much as possible, let them choose one that has a plain background that is easy to extract or no background at all. There are many free sources on the internet that you can access. Then, print the design onto the tattoo paper. Then cover with a clear adhesive sheet that comes with the tattoo paper kit. Prepare a small cup of water and a clean cloth. Cut out the tattoos, with almost no white space on the edges. Peel off the clear plastic on the tattoo and place it printed down onto the hard-boiled egg. Dampen the cloth and place it onto the back of the tattoo for a good 15 seconds.
Easter Egg with Gold Animal Toy Design
This is perfect for kids whose love for animals (and even dinosaurs) is immeasurable. All you need to prepare are miniature animal figurines, gold paint and gold glitter, and craft glue. Start by coating each little figure with gold paint. Do about three coats, or more until the figure is coated entirely. Then at the last coat, sprinkle the glitter atop the animal figures. Using craft glue, paste the figure onto the hard-boiled egg for about four minutes. If you are feeling more creative, you can also cut tissue paper with fringe scissors to accessorize as grass.
Easter Egg with Dainty Faux Flower Design
This one’s for the kids who love to look at dainty flowers–and of course, the perfect design for springtime. Instead of letting your faux flowers accumulate dust in the corners, why not use them as decors for your Easter eggs. And they actually make a good Easter table centerpiece. Decide on the overall color theme. Say, if you want to have it in blue, you can start by adding a few drops of vinegar and blue food coloring to a cup of water, which would dye an egg blue. Then, let it dry. The next step is to prepare the flower embellishments. Snip off as much of the wire stem from each flower to have a flat base so it would be easier to glue onto the egg. Then using a hot glue, stick a flower or more onto the egg according to your liking. And voila, your spring flower-themed egg is now ready.
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