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The Weekend Project: Arts and Crafts that Mothers Will Love

May 06, 2022
It’s the time of the year that we give extra love to our dear mothers. Yes, we spend and live each day showing them how much they mean to us, but Mother's Day calls for celebration and we strive to make it everything extra. If your kid wants to give his mom something special on this day, you can both make something out of his own hands and hard work. How touching is that? There are tons of arts and crafts that you can enjoy doing this weekend. Here are some of the cutest ones:
3D Spring-Inspired Coffee Mug
Is mom running on caffeine day after day? So, why not give her a mug that she can use to fuel her work. Nothing beats seeing your child’s artwork and heart put into making it to inspire a mother to ace whatever tasks she has to face head-on for the day. What you need:
  • Plain ceramic coffee mug (preferably white or light color)
  • Paper plate
  • Pouncer sponge
  • 3D Gloss Enamel (for the 3D effect, but can be optional)
How to:
  1. Wash and dry the ceramic mug. Make sure to only touch the handle or bottom of the mug so your fingerprints won’t leave on the surface.
  2. Squeeze some enamel paint of the color of your choice onto the paper plate. Since it’s springtime, it is good to make a flower-themed design or anything that reminds you of spring.
  3. Load up paint into the pouncer sponge in a swirling motion.
  4. To apply paint onto the ceramic mug, use a swirling motion. If the paint forms bubbles, use the edge of the pouncer to gently brush across the bubbled area.
  5. Now, here is something that will excite your kids. Using the 3D gloss enamel writer, draw dots or lines onto the mug.
  6. Then, finally, place the mug in a safe space to dry for a good 48 hours. Afterwhich, bake it according to the directions stated in the 3D enamel writer. Alternatively, you can let it air cure for 21 days if you do not want to do the baking. However, as this would take more days, you can just belatedly gift it to the mother.
DIY Lemon Bath Salts
When they said, if life hands you lemons, make a lemonade, forget how satisfying it is to bathe in lemon bath salts. What you need:
  • Mason jar (or any cute container)
  • Epsom salt
  • Essential oil, Lemon-flavored
  • Yellow cupcake liner
  • string
How to:
  1. Pour epsom salt into the mason jar or container of your choice. Leave half an inch of room at the top with the lid on.
  2. Pour 10-15 drops of essential oil into the jar. Put the lid on and shake well to mix.
  3. Put the yellow cupcake liner under the lid before closing the jar.
  4. Then, attach the string to the lid to add to the effect. Finally, stick a note or card onto the jar.
Colorful Candle Made of Crayons
Do your kids love to use crayons but abandon them once they reach half of the stick? Before you throw them out, a better way to utilize them is to repurpose them into a candle. What you need:
  • Old crayons
  • Wicks
  • Container
  • Essential oil of your choice
How to:
  1. Grate or chop the crayons into the smallest possible pieces to shorten the melting time.
  2. Create a double boiler for melting the crayons using an empty coffee can or canned goods and a pot.
  3. Fill the pot with around 1-2 inches of water. Bring to a slow simmer.
  4. Add the grated crayons to the can and wait until they melt.
  5. Using an old spatula, stir every now and then to help with the melting.
  6. Turn the burner down to low heat once the wax is melted.
  7. Twirl the wick on a stick laying rest on the mouth of the container.
  8. Pour the wax into the container of your choice. Work with one color at a time.
  9. Add any essential oils of your choice; 1 drop per layer.
  10. Before adding another layer, let it cool completely, or set it in the fridge.
  11. Repeat until you fill the container.
Word of caution: as you will be working with hot materials, make sure to let your kid assist you and not make him do this project on his own.
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