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The Weekend Project: Arts and Crafts that Fathers Will Love

Jun 17, 2022
We celebrate the men we look up to, our fathers and the father figures in our lives, on the third Sunday of June. There are a lot of ways to show appreciation. One of which, especially if you have young kids, is to make arts and crafts. Not only do fathers have keepsakes, the time and effort during the arts and crafts session is one such memory that both the father and the child will hold dearly.
When did Father’s Day start?
According to historians, the earliest recorded celebration of Father’s Day was on July 5, 1908. The commemoration was in honor of the men lost in the mining incident, the Monograph Mining Disaster in West Virginia, in December of 1907. Around 361 men were killed and around 1,000 children were left fatherless because of the incident. Records also say that the origin of the Father’s Day celebration was on June 19, 1910, when the YMCA in Spolan, Washington with the help of Sonora Smart Dodd recruited clergymen to honor the fathers. Another was in 1915, Harry Meek and the Lion’s Club, celebrated Father's Day on the third week of June. It coincided with Meek’s birthday, whom the Lion’s Club named as the “Originator of Father’s Day.” After many attempts and much effort, Father's Day became a permanent national holiday in 1972 when then President Richard Nixon signed it into a law. It came after 50 years of celebrating Mother’s Day in May every year.
Arts and Crafts for Fathers
Nothing beats handmade presents. More than the gift itself, what we value in them is the time and effort put into making them, and one keeps the recipient in his mind while in the process of making the arts and crafts.
Best Dad Trophy
No other award-giving body can ever top the Best Dad Award given by his child. And the best thing is that in making this trophy, you get to recycle and reuse materials. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also money-saving as you do not need to buy the materials. The stuff that you need is a pencil, recycled shipping box, scissors, a can, super glue or glue gun, primer, and paint. As for the embellishments, you need beads, buttons, rhinestones, wood shapes, dried pasta, and other little ornaments.
Father’s Day Bobblehead
A cute and silly project that you can make is a bobblehead. For sure, giggles and laughs will echo the room every time you look at this craft. What you need to prepare are construction paper, a dixie cup, pipe cleaner, acrylic paint, markers, white glue, a glue gun, tape, a toothpick, and of course the photo of dad.
Daddy Clay Dish
If you want a more challenging craft to do, make a clay dish that can serve as a key holder or ash tray for the nicotine-dependent dads. The materials needed are air-dry white clay, a paintbrush, a toothpick, water, and a paper plate.
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