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The Go-to Dependable Garage Storage Solution that Everyone Should Get

Mar 06, 2023

Chaos is not something anyone wants to enter or work in. An unorganized, cluttered garage is unpleasant to look at and a whole misery to manage. Moving about is limited, productivity is decreased, safety concerns are raised, and accident risk is heightened.

Using the right tools, such as garage shelving, storage racks, and floating storage, will get the task accomplished even if managing a garage may not be everyone's particular field of interest. One may therefore have faith in the storage choices Fleximounts could provide. By offering cutting-edge, top-notch organizing products, the brand equips you with the means to manage your garage swiftly and efficiently. You'll then have experienced the utmost in ease and pleasure. Because of this, maintaining a garage may be simpler and easier to manage than you ever thought.

Practice Wise Spending by Relying on Sturdy Garage Storage Solution

Your only way to be sure that your storage demands are satisfied is to choose a garage storage solution you can depend on. In terms of dependability, stability, durability, adaptability, and user-friendliness, such a system needs to be well-proven. In the extensive selection of garage storage solutions that Fleximounts offers, all these qualities may be found. Fleximounts places a high premium on ensuring that you have access to a larger selection of stylish, practical, and high-quality garage equipment. With each option, your experience becomes more flexible and easier.

FS24 Giant 2′ × 4′ Garage Shelving Heavy Duty

The FS24 garage shelf is exceptionally robust since it is composed of carbon steel. It features a high storage capacity on each frame and a weight capability of 4,650 pounds. You can rest easy knowing that your possessions will be protected thanks to the shelf's four support straps and sturdy vertical beams, which also provide a long-lasting design.

Its strength, sturdiness, and corrosion resistance are all improved by the steel structure with a powder-coated finish. Cleanup is simple, and the visual appeal is timeless and relevant.

The adjustable height of each layer allows for a multitude of uses for this shelf. But do not worry. The cross beams are kept in place by locking pins, and the shelves are safely fastened. The shelf has protective plastic foot pads installed to shield your flooring from damage and stop the bottom of the rack from rusting.

GR Series Classic Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Getting the best out of your overhead garage storage and moving your items off the garage floor might benefit you. It will assist with keeping rats and vermin out of your garage, maintain the appearance of your garage, and safeguard your possessions from liquid leaks.

Its overhead garage storage uses a ceiling-type installation with a secure and enormous loading capacity due to its outstanding design. Heavy-cold rolled steel is the material used, and the grid pattern and frame are welded together to create a durable and dependable construction that can support a maximum weight of 400–600 lbs. Also, the Fleximounts screws are thicker than those from other manufacturers and have passed rigorous tests.

The ceiling drop-down on this garage storage rack may be between 22" and 40". It is ideal for adjusting the height to properly fit you and your garage space, and it can be used to affix either ceiling studs or solid concrete ceilings. Assembly is made simpler by the integrated grid architecture.

WR Series Classic 2-Pack Wall Shelving

Garage wall shelving is useful since it is simple to use and is accessible for your daily items. It also keeps everything generally tidy and in order.

The buckle design with velcros that restrains the brackets from twisting or falling has been shown to make the garage shelf safe. You should not worry about the stability or safety of the items placed on the shelf as a result. All of the equipment has also undergone extensive testing.

The clear instructions make it possible for anybody to install the shelf. The hardware, installation template, and bubble level required to construct the wall shelf are all provided by Fleximounts in addition to the installation instructions.

BR1 Hanger Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

By putting your bikes vertically, you free up important floor space that may be used to park your car or store other items. Also, it makes it simple to mount and demount each bicycle unit. Conserve your power for the bike workouts later in the day! Use the BR1 to maximize the storage space in the garage.

To prevent chipping, cracking, and corrosion, only premium materials, such as cold-rolled, powder-coated steel, make up the wall mount bike rack. One, four, or six bikes may all fit on the rack. 136 kg can be supported by the six-bike stand. They are reliable for carrying loads, strong, durable, and able to survive frequent use. For riders who intend to live this lifestyle for a while, it is ideal. Naturally, there's a good possibility you'll acquire more bikes that are suitable for specific activities as you become a better rider. This might result in the requirement for greater storage space and sturdy storage racks.

As they exactly fit the design of your bike hubs, the J-shaped hooks are simple to use and provide a secure hold to retain the bicycles wherever you prefer them to be. If storage requirements vary, the hooks on the rack may be readily modified to accommodate various bicycle sizes. The bike wall mount hanger works with the majority of bicycles, including kids', road, and mountain bikes, that have a diameter between 2.56 and 3.0 inches.

WB102 Manual Height Adjustable Workbench

Workbenches are necessary for any home workshop, whether performing maintenance, completing do-it-yourself projects, or creating something that is completely new. When you utilize a good workstation, you can do your work more easily and keep your workspace tidy. In addition to speeding up project completion, it also ensures your safety, which is vital when working with materials that might do you harm if handled improperly.

For many tasks and procedures, a sturdy tabletop is required. This workstation has become an obvious favorite with the inclusion of height adjustment. The level of the frame may be manually changed to fit your chosen height. You may use this workstation whether you choose to stand or sit to work as smoothly and efficiently.

With a 29.5- to 44.1-inch height adjustment range, you may raise your desk to your most comfortable height. Even with heavy items like toolboxes, tools for cleaning vehicles, paints, and many other goods, you can easily lift the desk because the extra-large crank handle has a smoother action than conventional cranks. The finest feature is that, unlike other workbenches without a crank handle, you would never require tools to modify the height of the table legs.

The frame of the WB102 is made of sturdy 1.5 mm cold-rolled steel and can support 500 lbs. The worktop table features a desktop that is 47.2 inches by 23.6 inches by 1 inch, a surface made of solid rubberwood, and lots of workspace.

Fleximounts Guarantees Premium Goods and Services

Fleximounts is unwavering in its resolve to offer only the best garage organization products and services that are of the highest quality.