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Simple Hacks To Make Your Small Garage Appear Bigger

Jul 01, 2020
Making your small garage bigger without renovating can’t be done with magic – however, there are ways to make its appearance look larger. It’s totally okay if you don’t have enough budget to renovate your garage door or do a garage makeover to upgrade your space. The technique in getting a more spacious garage is doing the right organization and choosing the right materials to make it work. If you have a small garage and you want to make its appearance bigger, here are some tips you need to know of. Read along!

What Suits a Small Garage?

Narrow workbench Having a narrow workbench in your small garage doesn’t only make your small garage look bigger, but it’s also beneficial for people who consider their garage a warehouse, a toy shop, a workshop, and maybe even your favorite place to hang out with. Install ceiling drawers Having a ceiling drawer is ideal storage for a small garage. It hangs between the ceiling joists and things can be easily accessed when a drawer is down. Depending on the quantity you want to store, you can customize the shelving to your own liking. Just a quick tip, make sure to only put light materials on ceiling drawers for safely opening and closing. Garage Shelves Installing garage shelves is the perfect home storage solution for those with small garage spaces. To make it easier for people who get their things on easy access, we suggest you get a HandyMan -FLEXIMOUNTS’ newly launched motorized wall shelf, which is easy and convenient to install in comparison with traditional garage racks. Equipped with a high-quality motor so it can move up and down easily by keeping storage things tidy and safely in place during the transition. It only requires a couple of parts and screws to assemble within a few minutes. Another great thing about this motor-driven shelf is that it can withstand heavy load, even at 600 lb.

How to Organize a Small Garage to Make it Look Larger?

Keeps the floors clear The more you see how spacious your floor is, the more you perceive your small garage as a big one. Instead of getting shelves that would took up space, look for overhead garage storage racks that’s easily mounted on the wall. These racks can make you floor clear from any clutter and ensure maximum visibility. And because these racks are from FLEXIMOUNTS, they’ re sure to be strong and durable, and can withstand weight of up to 600 lb. Pegboards and overhead bike racks are also perfect to declutter and provide more floor space. Repaint your garage and make it white Another trick in making your garage look bigger is by repainting it white. Dark colors are said to absorb light that makes your garage look smaller. For the perfect illusion, try repainting your walls with soft tones of off-white, blue and green, to make your room look brighter and more inviting. Walls can also appear farther back when you paint your wall trim and molding in a lighter color as well. Add mirrors and windows Mirrors give an illusion that makes your storage appear bigger. Installing windows and mirrors at the same time gives an effect of having a longer and brighter wall. reflect light and can make a wall seem longer and feel brighter. This can be especially beneficial if your garage has no windows (as many don’t). If you’re interested in adding windows to your garage door to allow for sunlight to come in, here are 4 important things you should consider. Enlarge the garage with low-cost budget Experts suggest to don’t need to shed much money on enlarging your garage – except if you want to create an extra room for a vehicle or do a complete remodeling. All you need is to create a focal point in your small garage to make it appear like a big one by creating a focal point. You need to have an area or feature that will draw the eye’s attention when you enter the garage. Keep the décor to a minimum to make sure the garage doesn’t look busy or crowded. Most importantly, sort out your things that are for donations and keep so you can store only valuable items on your bins and boxes. Simple solutions but can create a huge change in your small garage.