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Setting Up a Garage Sale? Follow these Tips

Aug 11, 2022
Hosting a garage sale can be exciting and tiring at the same time. Different strokes of people will engage in conversations, some will haggle, and some might irk you, but that is all part of the experience. You will have to devote your time and fill up your social battery. First-timers (even frequenters) could need some help setting up their yard sale. After all, this activity will let you earn cash while getting rid of some of your stuff. We have gathered some helpful tips from the so-called garage sale experts. Check them out to help you prepare for a successful sale.

Garage Sale Essentials

The two most important components of a successful garage sale are the neat presentation of your items and the quick handling of transactions. So, what are the most important things you need to prepare before selling?
  1. Extra cash and change
  2. Lockable money organizer
  3. Price tags and stickers
  4. Display signs
  5. Clothing racks for clothes
  6. Big boxes for similar items, or same priced items
  7. Bags and boxes for sold items
  8. Chairs for sellers and buyers
Check local regulations for garage sales
Different rules apply to different cities and neighborhoods, so check them first before conducting a garage sale. Some areas require permits, only allow specific items to go on sale, or even make you pay taxes and stuff. You would want an issue-free garage sale that will not make you pay fines. Research and follow your local rules above anything else.
Determine the right location
As in any business, location is king. You would definitely want an area with a lot of foot traffic. Your own garage, driveway, or yard may be the right location. However, for those whose houses do not have the luxury of these areas, you might consider asking a friend or a relative if they can host your garage sale. Or you can look for public places that offer stalls like a community flea market, local neighborhood sales, or even apartment buildings that can rent you small space.
Pick a date for your garage sale
Preparing a garage sale isn't something you can do at a day's notice. For one, you would need to secure necessary permits, if there are any. And two, you would need time to advertise your sale. You would also need a few days to declutter, sort your stuff, and decide which items would be sellable in the garage sale. Weekends – Saturdays, in particular – are the best time to conduct garage sales. Generally, people are out and about during these days, which may guarantee higher chances of more people visiting your sale.
Ask for help
While you are determined to ace the garage sale – without a doubt, you can do it yourself – but as they say, two or more heads are better than one. There are multiple tasks that need to be accomplished simultaneously, which could be very difficult for a single person to do alone. For example, while manning the booth, one also needs to rearrange the items, man the cash box, entertain the visitors, bag the items, and more. The garage sale will run smoothly if you ask for help from your family and friends. Another good idea is to host a garage sale with your family, friends, and neighbors. There will be more items on sale, and the social circle with more people teaming up with the sale will be great for promotions.
Ensure that all items that will go on sale are clean
Dirty items turn off any buyers, even if they are still in good condition. So, instead of making them buy your items, you are pushing them to turn away and look for other stuff to purchase. Dust your items well, use disinfecting wipes, run the garments through the laundry, shine the toys and ceramics, and the like. Maintaining their tidiness will lessen the chances of people haggling their prices, which could mean more money to take from the garage sale.
Advertise your garage sale
Market your sale physically and digitally. Print tarps and flyers, and hang them up on your front yard and community bulletin boards. Make sure the important details are included–location, date, and time. You can also maximize your reach on social media platforms to spread the word about your upcoming garage sale. Have your publicity materials designed in such a way that they will grab attention in a snap. Doom scrolling is a thing, so having a good design that will attract them and make them stop and read will give you bigger mileage.
Price your items fairly
Garage sales are popular in general because customers get their money's worth. In simpler terms, they can purchase items at a much lower price. People love to think about and sometimes brag about how much they have paid for a particular item. If you are somehow clueless or undecided on how to price your items, the general rule of thumb is to price them for about 10% of the retail price. For other items, you can bundle them as a deal. These items could be paperback books, kids' toys, clothes, and the like. Again, price your items fairly if you want to have a sale on that day. Customers would feel cheated if the items are priced as if they were brand new unless that item really is.
On the day of the garage sale
Preparing and setting up way ahead of the opening time will be advantageous for you as you will be relaxed and still have a clear head. Set up the layout of your booth and the way you will organize your items. Make sure to plan out the paths and aisles so shoppers can move freely among your piles of garage sale items. You can group like items together and same priced items in one area. This way, customers will head to where their needs and budget fit. You can also make your best items stand out so that even from afar, passersby would see them and make a detour to your garage sale.