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Pros and Cons of Being a Self-Confessed Coffee Addict

Oct 04, 2022
Coleen, an Architecture major at the time, developed a coffee addiction while attending college because she had a lot of assignments to complete and tests to prepare for. She needed to be fully awake and completely aware for her lessons so she would drink an average of five to six cups every day. She continued doing it when she began working for a major architectural firm in the city. She understood that she required more than just a cup of coffee in order to make the deadlines. Millions of Americans likewise finish their days with this practice. According to 2022 statistics published by Earth Web, 64% of American adults drink coffee daily, or over 400 million cups. The US is undeniably one of the top coffee-consuming nations, with Americans simply need their daily dosage to function. However, the question that has dogged this generation of big coffee drinkers for years is still relevant: is coffee healthy for me? Some of the benefits and drawbacks of drinking coffee are listed here. Be aware that this applies both to drinking the recommended amount of coffee each day, which is approximately 4 cups, as recommended by the FDA, and to drinking too much.

Benefits of drinking Coffee

A nice pre-workout beverage is coffee.
Contrary to popular belief, drinking coffee before working out does not dehydrate the body; instead, it increases a person's energy level and physical performance. It is a wonderful pre-workout drink to consume at least 30 minutes prior to having a workout because it has anti-fatigue qualities.
Coffee is beneficial to the liver.
A accumulation of scar tissue on the liver known as hepatic fibrosis or cirrhosis is linked in research to reduced rates of coffee consumption. The liver is crucial to the body's functioning because it aids in digestion and stores energy.
According to several studies, coffee can lower your risk of developing a heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson’s.
Coffee supports the body's utilization of insulin and safeguards insulin-producing cells. This indicates that drinking coffee regularly helps to lower blood sugar levels. With the help of antioxidants, it reduces inflammation as well, that could raise the chance of developing diabetes. Coffee essentially helps lower the likelihood of acquiring dementia as diabetes is considered a risk factor for dementia sufferers. Coffee beans are reported to contain polyphenols that have anticancer effects. Colorectal, prostate, endometrial, and breast cancers can all be prevented by coffee.
Having coffee can improve your mood.
According to studies, coffee either lowers the chance of getting depression or aids in its treatment. According to data provided by Healthline, 53% of coffee drinkers have a lower risk of suicide.
An abundant source of antioxidants is coffee.
According to numerous studies, coffee has a higher antioxidant content than both cocoa and green tea. Polyphenols are the name for the antioxidant substance present in most coffee beans. Antioxidants shield cells from harm and flush out inflammation-causing waste from the body. This is why metabolic syndrome is avoided by coffee consumers. Moreover, most coffee beans also have chlorogenic acid which may stop the progression of cardiovascular disease.
You can stay alert all day long with coffee.
Most individuals drink coffee to stay awake the next day and to get through all-nighters. The body gets fatigued from adenosine, which coffee blocks while releasing adrenaline from. Additionally, short-term memory is improved for up to 24 hours following use.
Bad Outcomes from Drinking Coffee too Much
While coffee is good for the body, it can also become quite addicting to drink. When you are not able to control it and you drink excessive amounts of coffee, you may suffer from adverse health effects, including the following:
1. Drinking excessive coffee may result in preterm birth, poor birth weight, and pregnancy loss.
It’s not advisable for pregnant women to take so many cups of coffee a day because it might lead to the loss of the baby in their womb. We recommend that it’s best to stay away from it, more especially when you’re a caffeine addict prior to getting pregnant.
2. Drinking too much coffee may cause gastroesopharic reflux disease.
According to the Mayo Clinic, gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD occurs “when stomach acid repeatedly flows back into the tube connecting your mouth and stomach (esophagus).” This causes the irritation of the esophagus lining. There are many people who suffer from acid reflux but you may more frequently experience it when you drink too much coffee.
3. Coffee can make you more agitated, anxious, and tense.
Just as much as it can uplift your mood, it can also do the opposite. When you have too much coffee, you might have too much energy in you that you become filled with agitation, you entertain anxious thoughts, and a lot of tension builds up in your body.
4. Coffee can negatively affect the quality of sleep and cause insomnia.
Pretty self-explanatory as we all know that people drink caffeine when they have to stay up. This means they’re preventing their body from falling asleep. Rest is very much needed for us to recharge so if you don’t get the right amount of quality sleep everyday, this can affect your overall health and energy levels.
5. Coffee can increase the likelihood of bone fractures, especially in women.
Women are more vulnerable to have bone fractures, and more so when they drink coffee! Control your coffee intake if you don’t want to suffer from bone aches.
6. Too much coffee can increase the risk of high hypertension, diabetes, and heart attacks.
Yes, coffee can stop it from developing but again, when you had too much of it, you would likely suffer from the very diseases coffee prevents from happening. Take everything in moderation.
7. Too much coffee can increase urination frequency.
You don’t want to be urinating all the time because that just gives the kidney too much work to do. It’s not healthy for the body so don’t drink coffee too much.
8. A single session of 23 liters of coffee is fatal.
Enough said. Control your coffee intake. Since you love coffee and if you’re not doing anything at the moment, why not start a coffee business? You may very well begin from the comfort of your home with your coffee business taking operations in your garage. You can even roll up the garage door and set up shop for coffee lovers in your neighborhood. Just make sure the garage is organized with smart storage solutions such as overhead storage racks and wall shelves so that aside from maintaining cleanliness, you are also able to achieve that grunge, urban, and raw aesthetic for your small coffee business.