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Preparing the Garage for the Summer Season

Feb 14, 2022
It’s getting warmer. Before you know it, the winter season is over and summertime is finally here. Of course, you already have beach plans. You might have already booked your tickets to a summer destination. You may have already shopped for swimwear and all the skincare you need on the beach. The world will come out of hibernation and Mr. Sun will be up the whole day. Your family loves the summer because of all the outdoor activities you could do. But we’re willing to bet that you might have made these plans already and you think you’re all set for the season. You’ve forgotten that you still have to take care of the garage. The summer months are bound to be hot, and if you still don’t know your garage, it is affected by the weather outside. It will require extra care than other parts of your house so that it could stay functional even during the summer season. There are many ways that you could prepare your garage for summer, and there’s no better time than to start now.
1. Declutter your garage.
It’s best if you start a new season with a clean slate so give your garage that much-needed wash from top to bottom. To prepare your garage for summer, you have to clean all the waste you accumulated during the winter season. Start by taking out everything that is stored in your garage. Set them aside to a safe location and pile them in four groups: sell, discard, keep, and donate. While you’re setting the sale of those items, go back to the garage and thoroughly clean the top shelves down to the floor. After cleaning, consider installing smart storage solutions such as overhead garage racks or wall shelves from FlexiMounts. All these will save you precious floor space for you to maximize everything your garage can do.
2. Check your garage door and see if it needs any repairs or replacements.
You have to check the moving parts of your garage door and if they’re all fully functional. You don’t want them breaking down in subzero temperatures. This will also ensure that the door is safe to use come summertime. Maybe you haven’t put so much thought into it but the garage door may just be the largest moving object in your entire house. It’s acceptable to have wear and tear, especially if you’ve been using the door for a while. But you should go to specialists if your door requires it to be repaired. Before they go to your house and inspect your garage door, check the parts yourself. Check if the manual release handle is accessible when the garage door is closed. It should not be more than six feet from your garage floor. This handle is important because you will be able to open your garage manually without needing to use the motorized opener. While the door is rolled down, check each panel of it from inside your garage. You should watch out for cracks, loose pieces, separations, or any damage. Check the springs and hardware as well because if these are loose, it might lead to serious injuries or accidents. Check if the opener is working using the manual release. Lastly, the photoelectric eyes of your garage door must be working as well. It should be reversing and opening immediately as soon as you wave something in front of your eyes.
3. Lubricate your door for smoothness.
Note that lubrication is important for the maintenance of your garage door. It needs proper oiling for a smooth operation. You could do it yourself. According to Garage Door Specialists Inc, all you need is a vacuum cleaner with a small head, rags, and garage door-specific lubricant. Make sure to protect your eyes from dust, debris, and the lubricant. These may irritate your eyes. Using your vacuum, scrape all the dirt you could find and make sure there won’t be any debris left. Grease each of your rollers with oil. The inner area of each of your rollers must have a tiny drop of lubricant. Open and close your garage to work the lubricant. Lubricate all the moving parts; do not miss out on anything. Check out if something is suffering from rust or corrosion.
4. Add insulation to your garage.
Many are uncomfortable spending some time in the garage because it’s extremely hot during summer and extremely cold during winter. There are homeowners who don’t see the need to install insulation in the garage but if you are considering doing it, you would enjoy some advantages. Your garage will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature. Insulation is not just for the cold weather. It can also manage the heat of your garage during the summer season. It also keeps things dry if there is humidity. It will also help maintain the temperature of your house. Yes, the cool or warm air from your AC escapes through the garage if it’s connected to it. When your garage is not insulated, it can do something with the internal temperature of your house. Insulation can also help you manage noise pollution in your home and it also keeps noxious fumes out. Deadly gases coming from paint cans, pesticides, and whatnot won’t reach your home if your garage is insulated.
5. Take care of the garage’s weatherstripping.
You have to check the weatherstripping of your garage from time to time and consider if it’s already up for a replacement for that year. The weatherstripping goes through wear and tear during the winter season. You should check if there are no holes or cracks in your garage. Fill those cracks as soon as possible. If the weatherstripping is also not in good shape, then don’t hesitate to fix it. The weatherstripping is important to keep the cold out, get rid of rain, sleet, or snow, and lastly, it keeps your garage clean.
Final Thoughts
Follow these steps so that you not only prepare for the summer season, it also becomes more bearable to stay in it. You will probably have a heightened sense of appreciation for it and you would be able to use it for other things aside from being a storage space.