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Preparing for your Vlogging Era

Oct 12, 2022

Sonny has always wanted to make videos for a living, but he comes from a typical Asian-American family. He had to put off his goal in order to work a job that his parents envisioned for him. He had been regularly following YouTubers for three years while working as a chemical engineer for a large food firm, learning how the sector works. Even though he would produce films unknown to others, he never stopped creating them and is still dreaming of becoming one. 

He worries that people will think he's insane, but he knows he'll one day be a popular YouTuber despite these worries. But 2020 was a game-changer for him. His working hours were split between the office and at home and he finally found the confidence to remove all of his doubts and carry out his grand plan. For the sake of his parents and his living, he still won't quit his 9 to 5 job until he has made a decent following on his account. 

Sonny's situation is not unique, especially for someone who grew up in a strict Asian household. He stands in for a substantial portion of the younger generation looking to establish their reputations by using free platforms to display their talents. Although it may seem simple for a nobody like him to suddenly be thrust into the spotlight, the contrary is true. The market is saturated, and there is the fierce rivalry. Only the most resilient of the resilient survive. But Sonny is doing things day by day, step by step. His top priority was to do research and make purchases of high-quality things for his home editing nook and vlogging station. He prepared the following:


Videos must be showcased in a whole, eye-catching bundle to be seen because so many people are vying for space on YouTube. It's true that the content should come first, but high-quality videos online have more impact than low-res ones.

Recently, phone cameras have improved, with megapixel counts matching those of professional DSLR and mirrorless cameras. With the release of DSLRs that can shoot videos at up to 120 frames per second, Sony and Canon have been going head-to-head. Even third-party lenses from Sigma allow for the crispest possible capture of movement. The final line is that there are numerous cameras on the market; all one needs to do is get the best one with the characteristics necessary to carry out his vision. Action cameras like the GoPro, DJI, and Insta 360, drones, and other fantastic camera accessories may instantly improve any final video product. They offer different angles to work with and make stories feel more real. 

Desktop or laptop

Purchasing a robust desktop or laptop is always a good choice. Purchase a device with a strong graphics card, a quick processing core (such as an Intel i5/i7/i9 model or the most recent Apple M1 chip), and a sizable storage capacity of at least 256 MB.

Investing in a high-quality working desktop or laptop will save you time while editing videos and result in the greatest possible color grading and sound enhancement. For even more RAM, think about purchasing an external hard drive. Maybe this can be done in the future as you grow your platform and have more files and videos to store. 

Lighting Devices

Lighting is absolutely essential for achieving decent image quality. Typically, two softboxes or even just one with sturdy light stands will be sufficient to brighten up the work surface. For some magic with natural lighting, set up your vlogging station close to a window where the sunshine falls just so. In the end, it depends on the situation, but adding a key light or a backlight will also increase the impact. The lighting is highly dependent on the story. 


We should also pay attention to sound quality. Nobody enjoys watching a video with a recording that's too noisy or voices that are difficult to understand. Investing in a high-quality condenser microphone, such as those provided by AKG, Sennheiser, and RODE will undoubtedly produce better results both now and in the future.

Standing Desk + Standing Desk Converter

Standing desks are currently popular among those who work from home and have been since their inception. It promises to increase productivity and improve working posture.

Your motivation and discipline will be tested while working remotely without a deadline. Create a workstation that will increase productivity and efficiency for yourself.

You can even designate a specific area of your home for all of your vlogging-related activities. The home setups of vloggers are used to identify them. Additionally, it helps if your workspace is quiet and private so that you can keep working uninterrupted. Setting up shop in your garage can be a good idea because it would give your videos a gritty, urban feel. Just make sure it's clean and decluttered, and that all your items in the space are organized and neat. You may install smart storage solutions to ensure that you maximize your garage's vacant walls and ceiling, and then free up your floor area. 

Ergonomic Chair

You’d want to be as comfortable as possible in your work area. It’s not easy to do a job that requires a lot of shooting and editing at the same time being employed by a company that requires you to report for 8 to 9 hours a day. You would need a comfortable chair that can minimize body pains while you work. It also helps you focus because you won’t be distracted by aches that suddenly make you uncomfy to continue your work. 

Plug-in Strip

Long cords typically take up desk space or get entangled when there are numerous gadgets to charge. Power strips will spare you the trouble of organizing your clutter and ensure that no one trips over twisted cords. Power strip PS12S from Flexispot has three AC outlets, one USB port, and one Type C port.

Final Word 

It has always been terrifying to venture into unknown territory for the first time, but fear shouldn't keep you from following your goals. To get that cash, save aside money, buy the necessary tools, and work smart.