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Prepare your Garage for the Coming and Going of Holiday Decor

Oct 18, 2022

It’s the time of the year when events will be happening from left and right. 

At the end of October are Halloween festivities while December marks a new Christmas season. Our homes will go through changes, from a spooky setup for Halloween and ghost month to a festive, bright, and colorful one for Christmas. Not to mention, towards the end of December there will also be parties for welcoming a new year. 

Our point being there will be many holiday decor going in and out of the garage these next few weeks. Families will be busy decorating and prepping for the holiday events. They are so keen to decorate their homes without thinking that the more they decorate, the more they have to organize after the festivities are over. 

There's a chance that you threw a dinner party and invited family and friends. They may have complimented you on how festive your home appears because you decorated it with love before supper was served. Everyone enjoyed the turkey that you provided as part of the meal. It's possible that you exchanged gifts right quickly and, of course, snapped pictures for Instagram. Since the whole family is together and you're all on vacation, it's the ideal time.

But not all of them will be around to help you take off the decor and clean the house. 

No one really talks about the Holiday Madness and don’t want to deal with cleaning or whatever since it’s still none of their business. For those who actually need to do the cleaning after, they feel overwhelmed and left out of course. 

But also at the same time, it’s a season to be jolly, merry, and enjoy with loved ones. You don’t want your joy being taken away just because you’re worried about all the mess that you have to tackle after the holiday season is over. 

Well, we believe that what you are feeling is very valid but that doesn’t mean you just wait for things to unfold and not do anything to lessen your stress.

We advise setting up the garage for storage because you will be putting away holiday decorations as soon as they are done. Additionally, this could be a good opportunity to organize a garage sale and pick which items you want to get go of. Make a decision about what to do with the unsold things after the sale, whether you want to keep them or throw them away. Put your store pile aside once you have it and then clean your garage.

You could choose from and purchase the following storage options from FlexiMounts:


It's preferable to keep objects that you frequently need to access on a wall shelf that is simple to reach with your hand. It is much easier to install this wall-mounted storage option from FlexiMounts in a concrete wall or between wall studs because it comes with all the required hardware. It is 2x6 in dimension and has a total carrying capacity of 400 pounds. It is constructed from top-quality, quality-tested powder-coated steel. Velcro fasteners are part of the buckle's design, which keeps it from falling. Due to the product's adaptable layout with numerous combinations and varying stud spacing, homeowners can experiment with installation. Both white and black are available for this item. It is recognized as a classic product from FlexiMounts that if it's your first time buying from the site, you might want to check this out from your cart first. 


FlexiMounts also offers wall storage alternatives with up to three levels of shelves if your garage isn't particularly big or you want additional shelves. The business touts a patent-pending structural architecture that enables product adjustment without the use of any tools. This wall shelf can support a combined weight of 300 to 450 pounds. Each level's height can be changed to suit your specific requirements. It is available in two sizes, 1'x3' and 1'x4', and is made of powder-coated steel that is assured to be of the highest quality. Even though it is in three shelves, this product, like the others, is simple to install by one person. It is compatible for use in wood studs or on a concrete wall. 


This product is for you if you need longer ceiling brackets and enough vertical support. The shelf is fastened to the wall, which will stop it from dropping from the ceiling. Its height may be changed from 22 to 40 inches, and its weight capability ranges from 400 to 600 pounds. It is constructed with cold-rolled steel that has undergone rigorous testing and is warranted to be of the highest quality. Additionally, this item is waterproof, helping you prevent having your things get harmed by water. It might hold seasonal items like the holiday decor that you only use during this time of the year. This distinguishes itself from other products on the market with an integrated grid design. Don't worry if installation is one of your concerns; it can be done quickly and easily by using the product's step-by-step instructions and installation template.


The GR48F is 4' x 8' in size and has a 600-pound weight capacity. The height is adjustable between 22 and 40 inches. It is assured to be strong and solid because it is composed of cold-roll steel, allowing you to load 3/8" or even thicker plywood. You can use old wooden planks or even change the color of your wooden desks.

The numerous dedicated embedded mounting points on this product will guarantee the safety of your goods. It utilizes ceiling space, again making it the ideal storage option for seasonal and unneeded items maintained in your garage.

Final Word

This is one of the happiest seasons of the year so we genuinely hope that you spend it with light and joy. Make sure to be available to your loved ones, be giving of your time, and to also exercise self-care. We hope you enjoy decorating, eating, and just spending time with family.