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Practical Tips on How to Live a Happier Family Life

Oct 06, 2022
It doesn't really matter how many hours you spend with someone if your love language is quality time. Most likely, they don't even count. The quality of time they spent with the individuals they care about the most is what counts to them. Gary Chapman, a marriage therapist, created the five love languages after noticing patterns in the tales of married couples. If you haven't heard of them, the five love languages include receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch and quality time. Chapman later published a book named "The Five Love Languages." A person's primary means of receiving and expressing love is known as his or her "love language." Today, we focus on one particular love language to learn how to truly discern whether it is what we truly desire. If you check off several items on the list below, your love language is, without a doubt, quality time.
  • You place more emphasis on spending time together than on getting and giving compliments, presents, physical contact, or charitable deeds.
  • You schedule dates and make sure to take full advantage of your time spent with a loved one.
  • During the dates, you pay close attention while the other party tells stories.
  • And when that someone doesn't actively listen to you, it hurts your feelings.
  • Or if your plans are changed, you are disappointed.
  • You prefer to participate in things with other people rather than doing them alone.
  • When you don't get to spend quality time with the people who are important to you, you experience melancholy and loneliness.
  • You may still make time for your loved ones, friends, and significant others despite the distance.
If five of the items on this checklist apply to you, then receiving someone's undivided attention makes you feel loved the most. Some even contend that Quality Time ought to be called "Quality Attention."
Increasing the Quality of Your Family Time
You and your children grow old together yet you will experience a lot of different phases as you navigate through life. Some of you who are parents may have sensed a deterioration in your bond with your kids. They confide in their buddies about their issues more than you do. When they've found their significant other, they spend more time with them. Next month, your oldest child will start college. Your other child, who is in middle school, is experiencing puberty-related issues. The family's youngest member will soon begin primary school. Although it's difficult to see when everything around you is changing, you can't turn back the hands of time. You can best utilize the present by doing that. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can still spend a lot of quality time with the family by using these suggestions.
Set aside time for a particular family activity.
You can get ready as a family for an outdoor activity that will be suitable for all of you. You can run a marathon or create a sizable wall painting. You may set up an activity in the backyard or paint with your kids in their playroom. Even better, having fun with the family doesn't require leaving the house. Together, you may organize the garage's junk and use the free space to set up anything you choose. You can use the floor space for family gatherings, woodworking workshops, arts and crafts sessions, gym sessions, and even just playing games with the aid of ceiling storage racks and wall shelves. You might spend an hour or two baking cookies, learning a new song on the guitar, reading a book before bed, etc. Running, cycling, swimming, playing tennis and other sports activities are other ways to improve your fitness.
Don't overuse technology.
Establish ground rules that forbid using electronics at the dinner table, while viewing a movie as a family, or even while performing household tasks. There must be a moment during the day when everyone is completely available.
Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.
So many families take this for granted without realizing that conversations made at the dining table are some of the most meaningful and valuable in any given family. Even though you belong to one entity of society, each of you understandably has a unique life with a unique schedule. However, as a family, you must decide on a time when you may eat dinner together and discuss your day. To be more present in one another's lives, put away the technology and dine together. There’s no point in eating food together if you are just glued to your phones. It’s also disrespectful to the food prepared before you.
Do not forget to check-in at any point of the day.
Asking how their day was will let your child know that you are interested in them and available to them. Give them your undivided attention as you speak and listen. This is the same for parents who feel that they are being neglected by their children. They would feel very much happy when their children talk to them at any time of the day and check-in with how their day is going or how they’ve been feeling lately. When we live under the same roof, we tend to forget to mind each other. Do not commit this mistake because you don’t know when will be the last time you will all be together.
Walk your dogs together in the morning or the afternoon if you have any.
In addition to getting to spend quality time with you and their animal best friend, your children will learn responsibility from taking care of the dogs in the household. They learn how to unconditionally take care of others apart from their own selves. Old parents are also given the chance to exercise and get some breath of fresh air when they go outside to walk the dogs and spend time with their family.
Offer help.
If you can help your friends, you can also do the same for your family. Ask if they need anything and try as much as possible to help them get that specific thing. Who else will help one another aside from family?