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No More Stress: Tips on How to Keep the Garage Organized and Tidy

Nov 11, 2022

You instantly frown and make a huge sigh when the thought of cleaning the garage comes to mind. When organizing a garage, where do we start? The first sight of a large amount of junk in the space may urge you to leave the room quickly. It's possible that this was the scenario for a while, and you willingly put yourself in a tough situation. And you may be telling and reassuring yourself that the clutter will be gone in a jiffy. 

Why not start the garage cleanup right away? Delaying it will just make you more disappointed and anxious. Because once you realize it, 2022 has already come to a close. When we ring in a brand-new year once more, one of our yearly goals is to keep our space nice and clean. It is a vicious cycle.

Actually, try cleaning afterward by using these straightforward suggestions. We promise that the procedure will be less challenging and unpleasant. And who knows, you could even enjoy it!

Start from the lowest point going upwards.

The best place to start is at the foot of the garage. The strewn containers and other objects on the floor impede the cleaning process flow. Thus, to get things moving seamlessly, remove everything out of the way and keep everything off the ground.

You may next move on to managing your workbenches, cabinets, and other storage options.

Use a gentle cloth to wipe surfaces and items.

Indeed, the amount of dust and grime will astound you. Given that they may have been housed and made comfortable for longer than we would like to believe, it should not come as news if grime and molds have been collected in your piles of belongings. Therefore, tidy up everything filthy before you start organizing things. Face masks, a towel handy, and cleaning spray is all recommended.

Then decide whether to gift, sell, or throw away the stuff you have behind.

And at last, the raid has started. Trust us when we say that you should eliminate more than two-thirds of the items you store in your garage.

Ask yourself if you intend to utilize the item in the next few weeks. Otherwise, let it go. The existence of exceptions is inevitable. If anything is connected to a precious memory, you can still put it in the "keep" pile. But don't use this as a blanket defense of anything. You'll most likely need to store the extra boxes and anything inside them. The process of cleaning would eventually become pointless.

Categorize the items you need to let go of into one of the three segments: donate, sell, or toss away. If something is already broken and can't be fixed, throw it away. Simply use caution while getting rid of broken glass, technological garbage, and other items that might contain harmful chemicals.

Before deciding to give the items, ensure they are still in excellent shape and valuable. If the items are still usable, decide whether to sell them or donate them. You don't want to give the receiver something that will just sit around and collect dust. No one likes to receive trash, especially for organizations and communities that are already underprivileged; yet, there are other groups in your community that will take donations; and without a doubt, they should not be the recipients of your "junk."

Find out which charities would benefit most from your workable and useful gifts. It would be best if you donated your used possessions to the organization that will gain the most. For instance, a youth institution will gladly accept your old bags or your children's outgrown sneakers.

Find a storage option that you can trust.

If organizing the items in your garage is as challenging a task as cleaning, doing it wrong might be disastrous, and if it takes longer than you expected, it could exhaust you. No matter how regularly you perform a thorough cleaning, all of your efforts will be in vain if your storage system is not up to par despite the work you put into it. The issue should be resolved if we had an effective storage system.

You can effectively solve your decluttering issues by installing a garage overhead storage rack. Making use of the ceiling area and converting it to storage would be the ideal technique for organizing the garage. The empty space above might be your refuge for goods that need to find a new home away from your living area.

The Fleximounts GR48F Basic 4' x 8' Overhead Garage Storage Rack is an outstanding storage option. The strong 14 gauge cold-rolled steel frame ensures long-lasting usage and permits safe loading of up to 600 lbs. using plywood that is at least 3/8" thick. The premium screws included in the set have undergone extensive testing and are thicker than many market rivals.

You may adjust the height of the rack to suit your needs. The capacity is 105 cu and the dropdown ranges from 22 to 40 inches. Having a maximum of 88 cu. in., compared to other racks on the market, this one has a higher capacity and a 33-inch maximum dropdown ceiling height. The GR48F has dimensions of 96 x 48 x 22-40 inches.

The fact that the GR48F Basic 4' x 8' Overhead Garage Storage Rack may be put both parallel and perpendicularly makes it an advantageous installation choice. Simply ensure that the vertical posts are always 48 inches apart. You may use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joists if the ceiling of your garage is made of drywall.

Four corner triangles and two frame reinforcement bars make up the rack. The rack is a specifically made vertical post that enables attachment of an integrated deck. It also offers several mounting places for securely fastening the deck and frame with tapping screws for additional security and peace of mind.

With the ability to alter the color of the wooden decks or, even better, recycle the used wooden planks you have laying around the garage or yard, this Fleximounts overhead storage rack offers room for creativity and adaptability. However, keep in mind that the suggested dimension is 4' x 8' and has a thickness of at least 3/8." Additionally, Fleximounts wire grids are an option for the base or deck of the rack. In either case, it offers reliable storage for all of your seasonal and underutilized stuff.

The installation won't be a problem because the guidelines and templates are simple to understand. And to complete such a garage project, you do not need to be an expert in building.