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Keeping Up with Mari Kondo and What Changed in Her Methods

May 03, 2023

If you've ever tried to declutter your home, you've likely come across the name Mari Kondo. Her KonMari method of cleaning has become a household name, inspiring millions of people to tidy up their lives and spark joy in their homes. But as with anything, even the most popular cleaning methods can evolve over time. So, what's changed in Mari Kondo's principle of cleaning? Let's take a closer look.

First and foremost, it's worth noting that the core tenets of the KonMari method remain the same. Kondo still emphasizes the importance of decluttering by category (rather than by room), keeping only items that spark joy, and thanking the items you're letting go of before discarding them. However, there have been some updates and tweaks to the method that are worth noting.

One notable change is Kondo's emphasis on digital clutter. In today's digital age, it's easy to accumulate a lot of clutter on our devices – from old files and documents to unread emails and messages. Kondo now encourages people to apply her principles of decluttering to their digital lives, starting with their phones and computers. She suggests organizing digital files by category (just as you would physical items) and deleting anything that doesn't bring you joy or serve a specific purpose.

Another change in the KonMari method is Kondo's approach to sentimental items. In her earlier work, Kondo's approach to sentimental items was quite strict – she suggested only keeping items that truly sparked joy and discarding the rest. However, in her latest book, "Joy at Work," Kondo takes a slightly more flexible approach. She acknowledges that sentimental items can hold a lot of emotional value for people, even if they don't necessarily bring immediate joy. Instead of discarding these items, Kondo suggests finding a way to display or store them in a way that honors their value and significance.

One change that has caused a bit of controversy among KonMari fans is Kondo's stance on books. In her earlier work, Kondo suggested keeping no more than 30 books in your home. However, in a more recent interview, she clarified that this number was simply a suggestion, not a hard and fast rule. Kondo acknowledged that books can bring a lot of joy to people and that the number of books someone chooses to keep in their home is a personal decision.

Of course, no discussion of the changes in the KonMari method would be complete without mentioning Kondo's foray into the world of Netflix. Her hit show, "Tidying Up with Mari Kondo," brought her principles to a wider audience and inspired even more people to declutter their homes. However, some fans of the book have criticized the show for oversimplifying the KonMari method and making it seem like a quick fix for cluttered homes. Others have pointed out that the show focuses more on the emotional journey of decluttering than the practicalities of the method itself.

Despite these changes and critiques, the KonMari method continues to be a popular and effective way of tidying up. Whether you're a die-hard KonMari fan or a skeptical skeptic, there's no denying the appeal of a clutter-free home. And who knows – maybe Mari Kondo will continue to evolve her principles in the future, bringing even more joy and tidiness to our lives.

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