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How You Could Tell That You Haven't Been Taking Care of Your Garage

Feb 16, 2023

It is so easy to lose track of your surroundings when you are too focused on something else. Say, you are completing the refurbishing of your dining chair that has been with you since you were young. With all the woodworking stuff, you fail to see that little by little, the garage has somehow turned into a space of junk.

Then, you ask yourself, "How did the garage become such a mess?" Check your path to discover how this happened. It won't occur immediately; that much is clear. It is a product of weeks, months, or even years of inattentiveness on your side. It might be humiliating to have neglected the garage's upkeep and cleanliness. In actuality, you are not by yourself in this. A survey by Impulse Research found that 24% of homeowners felt embarrassed to keep their garage doors open due to the clutter and untidy appearance.

If you fall into the category of the 24%, you likely disregarded the warning signals for a time before going about your usual business without making an effort to tidy your surroundings.

A few of the warning indicators that went missed include the following:

You're keeping items in storage that do not belong in the garage.

Food, alcohol, paint, wood accessories, electronics, and fabric or paper-based products are examples of commodities that are susceptible to moisture damage and should not be stored in the garage. Exposing them to a setting like a garage might have disastrous effects on their conditions. These items might become the abode of pests like rodents. Additionally, you might have stored better-suited goods in your garage instead of letting these items take up valuable space inside.

You are building a junk mansion in your garage.

Each person has their definition of what is garbage. The only thing garage owners have in common is the fact that a lot of stuff shouldn't be stored in the garage, to begin with. An example would be the desktop computer in the garage waiting to be fixed with the intention of sending it to repair. You have another set to replace it, so there is no rush, but you have decided to store it somewhere else first. And that may persist for a few days, followed by weeks, months, or even years.

Additionally, you could be keeping hold of the original boxes or packaging for furniture or other devices in the event that they may be defective, or the containers themselves can be useful later on when you plan to move residences. However, the longer you leave them in the garage, the more dust will accumulate on them, and damage from moisture and vermin will become more pronounced.

You have trouble locating your stuff.

Picture how hard it would be to course through each storage unit and box in your garage, having to take many steps to move from one place to another. Still, you need help locating the exact item you were looking for. You not only squander too much time, but soon you can be burning money and getting a new one might make more sense at this stage.

The floor is used to store holiday and massive objects.

When you enter into your garage, you want to find a tidy, spacious area. However, you are compelled to leave the bulky and seasonal items on the floor because there isn't enough room in the storage for them. And it might lead to a sudden decrease in the amount of floor space needed for the workspaces related with your projects, and parking spaces for your vehicles.

You are not maximizing the wall and ceiling space and employing inefficient garage storage systems.

Not to mention purchasing and putting in additional insufficient storage. Aren't you sick of having to maintain your cabinets occasionally? So, you should reconsider your garage storage options.

Determine which garage portions need to be more utilized by taking a closer look inside. These are probably your walls and ceiling. It would be a grave error to leave the walls and ceilings empty since every square inch of your garage matters. As a result of your storage being off the ground, you'll have more room for other purposes. This is particularly advantageous if your garage is small or constrained. As a consequence, you are not limited to using the garage for storage solely. Even parking indoors allows you to work on projects.

The quickest and simplest way is to use an overhead garage storage rack.

It might be difficult and disorganized to share your car with your belongings. The most popular organization tools nowadays are overhead garage storage racks. These will take too much floor space that should have been reserved only for your cars. Do not overthink; the overhead storage rack is a perfect place to store anything you do not frequently use. Hence, providing extra room for parking your autos.

There are several types of overhead garage storage racks available from Fleximounts. The  Fleximounts GR48-H 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack is one of the top sellers. This sturdy overhead storage system offers a secure location to arrange your belongings. By keeping your belongings off the garage floor and safeguarding your important items, it also aids in preventing water damage. The overhead rack for storage keeps your garage tidy and keeps out vermin and insects.

The rack can safely load up to 600 lbs thanks to its heavy gauge cold-rolled steel structure. It is specifically created to make assembling simpler. The unit is strengthened and stabilized by its welded-together integrated wire grid design and frame. The wire grid also went through rigorous testing with triple load-breaking strength.

A handy and secure area to keep your belongings is provided by the height adjustment, which ranges from 22" to 40". You may modify the ceiling drop-down to your desired height with the height-adjustable feature.

Both solid concrete ceilings and ceiling studs can be mounted on with the rack. For further security and versatility, the ceiling brackets are made to be fastened to two joists. To demonstrate the high-quality construction of the hardware, the supplied screws are thicker than equivalent products available on the market and have completed rigorous testing.

The kit comes with all required hardware and instructions. To assist you in developing a plan for organizing your belongings in the most effective way possible, an installation template is also included. Three bags of screws are also provided: one bag each of installation screws and bolts, wood screws, and cement installation.

Four Flat Hooks (GRH1) and two Utility Hooks (GHR3), among other accessories, are included with the racks in the package.