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How to Work for a Summer-Ready Body

May 30, 2022
It’s summertime! You are probably itching to go to the beach for that much-needed summer getaway. When you prepare for a beach trip, you of course think about your way of getting to the beach. If it’s in another country or on the other side of America, then you would need to take care of your flight tickets. You can also opt to book beds on a summer cruise. If it’s just nearby, then you have to know what public means of transportation you could take if you’re not going to use a car and if you are going to use one, then you’d have to set aside money for gas. You also need to assign who the main driver would be and who could replace him or her when she or he already feels tired. Know how long the trip will be so you can prepare snacks and drinks with you and the party. After taking care of the transportation, you need to know where you’re going to stay at the beach. If it’s a beachfront property or a five-star hotel, prepare more bucks to pay for a night. If it’s a hostel or an Airbnb, make sure you have toiletries with you and your host’s contact number in case of an emergency or pertinent information that can help you with your trip. Know also how you can get to your lodging once you reach the area of where it’ll be. You also need to know what activities you’ll be doing on the beach. It’s not just staring at the ocean or sunbathing all day long. Well, you can also opt for this with one bottle of beer but for those who are seeking thrill and adventure, you can of course book activities that tourists do in your destination. For instance, you may sign-up for an island hopping adventure. They might be offering a snorkeling event or a scuba diving session. You may go cliff-diving or hiking to a spot with the beautiful island in full view. For some thrill, why not try to hop on a banana boat, a jet ski, a surfboard, or a parachute. There are tons of activities you can do at the beach that will surely give you the most fun experience! Okay, so the transportation, lodging, and activities are all checked in your list. You could also research what food spots are best in the destination you are going to. But of course, let us not forget that you will also prepare your outfits on the beach. Most people like to prepare their bodies as well for summer, wanting to show off the hard work they’ve done for hitting the gym in months. You might probably not have the body that you are aiming for just yet so it’s one of your things to prepare for this summer season. But how do you actually get the body of your dreams in a month or in two weeks? Is it even possible? We’ll give you tips on how you can prepare your body for the best summer that you’ve been dreaming of for way too long.
1. Know that all bodies are beach-ready.
You should kill the thought that there is only one acceptable beach body. All bodies are different and therefore, beautiful in their own way. We have different shapes and curves and even our own bodies change throughout the day. The media has made us believe that only a toned body can wear a bikini or be shirtless on the beach. We should start from ourselves by celebrating the bodies that we are in. Now, if you have a dream body goal, make sure that it’s realistic given your natural body shape. If you’re 5’2 and your ideal body is that of Kendall Jenner’s svelte frame, then you need a reality check. If you want to have big boobs and a butt but you’re petite, flat-chested, and have no hips, then you probably need to opt for surgery. Again, it should start with an acceptance of what your body looks like before you can work on getting it to its “best” shape.
2. Have a healthy diet.
More than 50% of the job starts in the kitchen. It’s not all about doing ab exercises; it’s more about watching what you eat. Load up on protein if you are aiming to build muscles. Drop eating junk food and lessen your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Eat healthy fats such as avocados, fish, and nuts. Eat your colors meaning make it a conscious effort to munch on fruits and vegetables. Always drink lots of water and forget about soda.
3. Get the right amount of sleep.
People often underestimate the importance of rest. Your body recharges every night so you have to get the right hours in. You won’t gain any muscles for example from your exercises if you did not allow your body to recuperate from the strenuous exercise.
4. No pain, no gain. Exercise.
Of course, you need to show up and sweat. It may not be a fun experience for example, when you are weightlifting or running laps, but we can guarantee that you’ll feel a rush of endorphins afterward. If you want to lose weight, focus on high-intensity interval training or cardiovascular exercises such as running and spinning. If you want to gain muscles, lift weights. Do it progressively. The more regular you lift weights, the heavier you will be able to lift over time. Don’t focus on seeing results but focus on what you’re feeling and how exercise is changing your life for the better. The results will eventually come out if you are doing the right exercises for your goals and that you are sticking to this routine with full commitment. If you are at a loss, why not hire a physical trainer to guide you on what exercises you need to do and what the proper form is so that you are sure that you are getting the right training for your goal. To be more consistent, consider doing home exercises. You can set up a gym in your garage, having space for your equipment by installing smart storage solutions that will maximize the storage capacity of your garage. These will make use of your ceiling and vacant walls, giving you ample floor space where you can work out and store your home gym equipment.
5. Buy a summer outfit that accentuates your body.
Whatever body you are in when it’s time to go to the beach can be flaunted at its best if you know how to dress yourself. Know what makes you feel good, comfortable, and confident. Lastly, have fun at the beach!