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How to Make Your Garage Cop a Minimalist Look

Feb 24, 2022
In this day and age, maximalism has mostly been replaced by minimalism. The idea that less is more has become more appealing to a larger audience. Some popular names in the area are Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, the men behind the minimalist movement who even have a documentary about the subject released on streaming platform Netflix. Of course, Marie Kondo has popularized the habit of decluttering and only keeping things that spark joy in us. These days, we’ve seen a lot of people do away with excess and only live with what they need. Because of this renewed mindset, minimalism also became popular in design. We see it everywhere. Photo layouts, graphic art, architecture, interior design, and more have a touch of minimalist influence. Even in today’s home garages, the concept that less is more can be applied. According to Garage Living, a minimalist garage would feature a neutral color palette for a simple yet appealing aesthetic and there is a lot of open space by organizing all the things stored in the garage. Some might think that a simple design would equate to boring but they couldn’t be any more wrong. When touched by a skilled and talented designer, a minimalist design won’t look boring at all. On the other hand, it will have that modern clean finish that is elegant and sleek. It can also calm down anyone who enters the space and appreciate it for not overwhelming the eyes with too many design elements. Even though there are many things stored in a garage, they can be clutter-free when the right storage solutions are used. It may seem daunting to keep a garage free from clutter. Because as said, things without a space in the main home usually end up in the garage and are often neglected afterward. Dumping things in the garage becomes customary and having it cluttered is not a surprising sight anymore. But letting this be for a long time without doing anything to change it will just make the garage lose its function when it has a lot of potentials to serve many things other than a mere storage space. It’s easy to get rid of the clutter when you commit to giving hard work in decluttering and organizing the space. You just have to be disciplined and you have to trust the process. Note as well the importance of the garage. It houses expensive things such as your yard tools, sports equipment, athletic gear, and most importantly, your car. Going back to minimalism, it is not just a trend today. It has been around even before The Minimalists (Millburn and Nicodemus) and Marie Kondo has made it popular these modern times. Marie Kondo’s message is to declutter your space while The Minimalists want you to rethink your habits as a consumer. According to Garage Living, the core message of the two is to now allow possessions that you don’t need to occupy your space. It will be much better for your overall mental health, to upgrade the garage. Applying Marie Kondo’s message in your life, the goal should be to have enough parking space and keep things organized. You want to create more space so that the garage can be functional and comfortable. You will also be able to eliminate the stress of a messy garage and you can prepare to clean the space without thinking how overwhelming it can get. Your family won’t have to be hopping in the garage to avoid danger zones because it looks clean in the get-go. And in the end, it will look beautiful and stylish, especially when the garage doors roll out and neighbors and passersby could see how your garage looks on the inside. You can ask a garage designer to do a CAD model for you so you could envision what a minimalist garage could look like. Before even doing any changes, this graphic can help you, the homeowner, assess if the minimalist design prepared would work for you. You may ask all wires to be hidden so that the garage would look sleek and clean. But then again, none of these minimalist designs would matter if your garage is still full of mess. You have to get rid of the excess and to make that what is left, is organized. Garage Living suggests to look at decluttering as curating rather than throwing out junk. It defines curating as “selecting, organizing, and presenting something, which aligns perfectly with what you’re trying to do.” When you rummage through your items, just ask the question what practical value does that particular object gives to you. You can also ask how long since you’ve used that object in front of you; if it’s been more than a year, then you have to seriously consider its future in your garage. The easiest to remove are the large pieces first. You see the space opening up more which will hopefully inspire you to keep on “curating” your garage. When you clean your space, it’s free of clutter and will make you feel a lot lighter. It will be liberating, trust us! After the curating, what comes next is installing smart storage solutions. You have to maximize the space of your garage so choose items that will use up your free walls and ceiling space efficiently and in an organized manner. Give FlexiMounts overhead garage storage racks and wall shelving options a try. You would be able to achieve that minimalist look when these solutions get the clutter out of your sight. The goal, in the end, should be only having your car stored on the floor while the rest of your possessions are on wall shelves and ceiling storage racks. You should also prepare for future storage so leave room for future purchases. A key feature of minimalism is an empty space. It will look minimalist if you are able to keep the clutter or other possessions out of sight. Plus, it’s much easier to look for something if they are stored in an organized fashion.