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How to Make Your Dream Summer a Reality

May 27, 2022
We all have a summer of our dreams. Why is this so? Maybe cinema and music are partly to blame as to why we have romanticized summer to the core. We imagine so many plots in our heads on how our summer season will pan out. If you’re single, a rom-com flick must already be playing in your head, how will you meet your summer fling, and if it will surpass the summer season. If you’re a jet setter, you must be thinking of how crazy and wild it would be to backpack around Europe with a limited budget. If you’re a thrill-seeker, you must already be dreaming about all the extreme sports you’d be doing, diving on cliffs and jumping out of airplanes. If you love the beach, you must already be picturing all your cute summer outfits. If you are a family person, you must be planning with the kids where they want to go. If you are in a committed relationship, you are playing travel memories with your beau, and music is on blast. We all love to picture ourselves in a summer film. And understandably so, because the season opens a lot of opportunities to explore the world and take a break from our otherwise busy lives. It’s a time to be carefree and to enjoy what we’ve been working hard for the rest of the year. It’s the time to recharge so that we come back refreshed and energized. So how can you make the summer of your dreams a reality? Here are some tips:
1. Make a fun list.
List down all the activities that you want to do this season. Sit down and ask yourself why each activity is vital for you to do this summer. Contemplate about it so that you would value its weight and really get around doing the activity. It can help if you pick up your journal and ask yourself some questions to ponder on. The first, as we said, is why the activity is important to you. How do you think will it make you feel after doing the activity? What feeling will arise if ever you won’t be able to do it? For example, you want to go on a solo trip. This is important for you to feel empowered that you can have fun even when you’re just by yourself. You enjoy the company of others but you also want to discover happiness on your own terms. So you feel that if you go on a solo trip, you can validate yourself that you have the power to do anything you set your mind to. And that even when you’re not with family and friends, you are still able to find happiness by yourself. If you don’t accomplish it, you will feel stuck in your state now, always wondering what it would feel if you actually did something to make it happen. The tricky part about this is that when you write it in your journal, you might not look at it again. You might fall into that “out of sight, out of mind” thinking so you won’t go around doing the activities that you listed. For you to feel motivated, driven, and excited about it, post it somewhere you can see it more frequently.
2. Look at your resources.
You have to be realistic at this point. A solo trip would mean you need to shell out money. Do you have the budget to go to Europe? Perhaps if you don’t have the money yet for a Europe trip, you can go to Asia instead where expenses are lower and something you can afford for now. Perhaps if you really want to go to Europe, then you can look for ways to earn money. Why not declutter your belongings and host a garage sale? In this way, you will also be able to clean your space and organize your belongings in smart storage solutions such as those that FlexiMounts provide. If you still can’t go outside of the country, you can always go on a solo trip to other states and still have the adventure of a lifetime.
3. Prepare ahead of time.
Go through your list and see what preparations you need to consider. Your list plays a huge part in knowing what preparations you should do to make your fun summer happen. You are going alone to an unknown destination. Give your family peace of mind by getting travel insurance. Print out the addresses of the US embassies in the countries you are going to. Have multiple copies of your IDs. Make sure you have small bags so you can split all your money and not put it in one place. Make sure you can use your ATM card overseas. Do you need to apply for a visa? Check the requirements. Do you need to be vaccinated? Check the requirements. Do you need to quarantine? Check the requirements. Preparations depend on where you are going and what you are planning to do. Since you are also traveling, make sure people back home can contact you on your mobile device.
4. Have a contingency plan.
Not everything will go according to plan. You must have a Plan B for your summer so that you won’t get frustrated when you are not able to accomplish something on your list. Going along with our example, you are traveling alone to an unknown terrain with people who speak a language that maybe you do not understand. This is why you should have a contingency plan. Probably a friend or a relative of yours lives near where you are going. If everything takes a turn for the worst, make sure that you are able to contact them. If ever you can’t go abroad, consider other options as mentioned above. It’s always better to have a second plan in case your first plan doesn’t materialize. You save yourself from frustration and still have fun in the end. May you have the best summer of your life!