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How to Make Valentine's Month Special

Feb 15, 2022
Showing love doesn’t end on Valentine’s Day. In fact, they even say that February is the Month of Hearts. Yes, you can show love every day of the year but what’s gonna hurt in doing it more this month? It makes the people you love feel extra special when you do more on some days, and it’s much more sustainable than having to show grand gestures every single day. Of course, every person is different so you should know how your loved one feels the most loved (you may want to read up on love languages!) so that you could fulfill their need. There are many ways on how you could express your love to someone special and we’ve rounded them up on the list below:
1. Do not let the pressure of Valentine’s month ruin you.
As we said, every person is different. You should know that not everyone wants or sees the Valentine’s Day or the month as special. You should come from a level of understanding so that you are able to manage your expectations. Do not go over and over what your partner or your loved ones did for you this Valentine’s month. Don’t put meaning behind their actions and assume the worst. How they act this month is not telling of your relationship’s state. For instance, if you are the partner who doesn’t like to celebrate this calendar holiday but your partner does, then you should meet somewhere to be on the same page. If you love the person, making an effort to make them feel special won’t be a chore to you. If you are on the other end wherein you did not receive any grand gesture from your partner this Valentine’s Day, communicate. But also look at the other days of the year wherein your partner gives and shows you love. If they are affectionate not just on Valentine’s Month, then you have a keeper with you. Remember this day shouldn’t be a reflection of your whole relationship. Both of you shouldn’t feel any pressure because it might just ruin the beautiful connection that you have if expectations are unmet. In case you’re single, don’t indulge in self-pity. You might be surrounded by people giving flowers and chocolates and wish that you also have a partner. Relax. You’ll find someone in your own time. Plus, Valentine’s Month is not just about showing love to a partner. It can also be about giving love to your family and yourself.
2. You should focus your mind on giving love rather than getting it.
As they say, the expectation is the root of all heartbreaks. When you get so bent on your expectations and they aren’t met, you have set yourself up for that disappointment. Do not concentrate on what your partner will do for you. Love is unconditional as they say, so focus instead on what you will do to show your love. We promise you that you’ll feel so fulfilled when you see your partner smiling and appreciating the effort you put into making them feel special. People are more pleased when they give rather than when they receive. This is now your perfect opportunity to show someone how much you love them. Again, as we’ve said above, it doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. It could be your friend, a family member, or even yourself. Psychology Today says that when you focus on receiving, you will just feel miserable over your partner’s “lack of generosity.” It might hurt your relationship when you begin to show these thoughts in action. Trust us. You’ll become happier if you focus more on giving rather than how much you are receiving.
3. Give a meaningful gift.
You are thinking of making someone special this month so you must know a lot about this person. Tap into that. Give a gift that will mean something to them and will add value to their lives. Do not put yourself in the equation, meaning giving a gift that you like versus giving a gift that you know will make them happy. Think about all the memories and conversations you had with your partner. What makes them happy? Knowing the answer and the choice of what to get them will be easy peasy. This will save you the disappointment if your partner doesn’t like what you got. You might fall into the pit of thinking that all your efforts are not appreciated by your partner. This, according to Psychology Today, will create a distance and a rift in your relationship. Be generous by knowing your partner’s interests and desires so that you can’t go wrong with what you will offer to the table.
4. Do something new or special.
This is your chance to bring in novelty to your relationship. Since it’s a “special day,” you may break your usual everyday routine with your partner and take this as an opportunity for special things to do. We love routine too, of course. It makes someone feel secure but if you do it every single day or every week, there is a tendency that one or both of you will get bored. You might eventually fall out of love when the excitement and passion are no longer existent. You have to challenge your thoughts that are self-denying and self-critical. You may think it’s a hassle to go out or that you’d rather be by yourself. You might find it embarrassing to display public affection. You might think the other end always gets stupid gifts anyway. When these thoughts arise, you put yourself down including your partner. You have to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and to break the routine. Today, you could probably set up an intimate date in the garage. You may want to install smart storage solutions such as overhead garage racks and wall shelves so that there is precious floor space to set up your date. Doing something out of the ordinary will bring excitement to your relationship.