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How to have a Dedicated Online Workout Group this Christmas

Dec 09, 2022

The ski gear, ice skates, ice hockey tools, sleds, and snowboards will all be out this holiday season, especially if you live somewhere really cold where snow is starting to build up outside. And your excitement to finally do all the sports you love is growing inside of you. You can’t wait to take them out for a spin again! (And probably why people love winter sports so much is because most don’t get to do it so often that when they finally get to do it again, it feels just like the first time). The excitement never fades and it just always builds up to the moment that there is already snow outside and you can play once more. 

All of these have most likely been stored away in the garage during all the months that they weren’t in use. If you. Have had smart storage solutions in place, it must have been easier for you to take your winter toys out. Everything is organized in the garage and you know exactly where things are. Plus, you don’t worry that when you open the bag or container, that you’ll find it broken or damaged because of storage. You did your duty to store it well so that you can use it for more, more years to come. 

But the opposite is true if you just kept it in a haphazard way. Who knows what items were placed on top of your gear because there is a buildup of mess in your garage? Maybe you’re scared that some pests entered the bag and caused damage to your expensive gear. Maybe water seeped through it in some way because they weren’t kept in a waterproof type of storage. There are many unfortunate things that can happen to your gear when you do not keep or store them properly during their months of inaction. You’ll definitely regret it at the end of the day. It might take some upfront investment, time, and effort to put up storage solutions but in the end, it’s all worth it and much more affordable than having to buy new equipment just because of irresponsible storage. 

Anyway, now that it’s slowly easing into the winter season, you would most likely be using your gear every now and then. It’s time to take them out of ceiling-mounted storage units because those are hard to reach and oftentimes, inaccessible, without a ladder or something elevated for you to step on and reach the item. You would want wall-mounted shelves to be ready to accommodate them or hooks to be able to hang them. So come ski day or snowboarding time, you will just easily pick it up from a wall shelf or a hook secured into the wall. 

Here are storage solutions from FlexiMounts that you may use: 


This wall-mounted storage solution from FlexiMounts comes with all the necessary hardware which makes it easier to install in a concrete wall or wall studs. It’s 2x6 in size and could carry 400 pounds in total. It’s made up of top of the line, powder-coated steel that has undergone quality tests. Its buckle design comes with velcros, a feature that prevents it from falling. Homeowners may play around with installment because of the product’s flexible layout with various combinations and different stud spacing. This unit comes in either black or white. It is a certified classic FlexiMounts’ product. 


This is a product that is perfect for small garages. This wall shelving will make use of corner space that can guarantee to optimize all vacant spaces in your garage. It can be used as a corner shelf or a 2-pack shelf. Like the other wall shelves and overhead storage racks from FlexiMounts, this item also features an integrated grid design. It’s easy to install by one person because the package comes with all the necessary hardware. An installation template will also help locate where to mount the holes. You may install it in wood studs or a concrete wall. For additional storage, this is compatible with FlexiMounts GRH2/GRH2B and hooks GRH1/GRH1B. 


Just like the wall-mounted storage unit mentioned above, this BR24 general 2-pack wall shelving is for garages with limited space. It is 2’x4’ in size and could carry 440 pounds in total, 220 pounds per tier. It is made of powder coated steel that is of high quality and has passed through rigid quality tests. It can easily be installed by one person because it arrives in one box that has all the hardware you would need. You may choose to install it in a parallel or vertical manner. Like our other products, this also features an integrated grid design that makes it stand out from others in the market, makes it easier to assemble, and gives it more stability compared to other storage solutions that have a multi-piece assembly. You may opt to add flat hooks from FlexiMounts so that you could hang your bikes. It comes in black and white. 


Maximize safety and stability with this Amazon Best Selling product from FlexiMounts. This overhead garage storage rack that can carry up to 600 pounds of weight and is 4’ x 8’ in size is open to being attached with hooks. This will arrive in one box including accessories you may attach to it. You could attach four pieces of flat hooks or the GRH1 or two pieces of utility hooks (also included) or the GRH3. These hooks offer additional storage for your items and for your athletic gear this holiday season. 

Its height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches and it is made of cold-roll steel. Again, it comes with a Step-By-Step instruction and installation template so don’t worry too much about the installation process. It is also waterproof like the other products which makes it a great storage option for seasonal items that are again mostly tucked away during the year.