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How to Finally Stop Buying and Buying More Stuff

Dec 01, 2022

Many people are unaware that hoarding is actually a mental health issue. Not only do hoarders desire to purchase whatever object that comes their way, but they also struggle to control their hoarding behavior. When hoarding's psychological repercussions have such a negative and devastating influence on a person's life, why would anyone desire to engage in it?

Hoarders tend to keep things even if they don't necessarily have any sentimental value for them—this habit is known as hoarding. They seek ways to acquire anything that attracts their attention, even if they don't have the money to hoard. If they had any control over it, they would put an end to their fixation immediately. Even more challenging is the fact that even when they already have a massive collection of useless items at home, they remain attached to all the items and would experience extreme difficulty to let anything go. They find it difficult to part with possessions, which makes cleaning a laborious task for them.

According to the International Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Foundation, 2 to 6 percent of Americans are thought to have a hoarding disorder. 1 out of 20 people may have hoarding tendencies without knowing it. However, there are ways to get over the propensity to hoard things, just like there are ways to get past any mental disorder that seems impossible to treat. For those who have a hoarding addiction and desire to stop their habit, we've provided some advice. Hopefully, the more often you follow these instructions, the easier it will be for you to reject hoarding.

Don't let mess accumulate.

Return anything you use back to its original location at home right away, or throw it to the trash bin if it's intended for disposal. Avoid accumulating clutter in any part of your house. For hoarders who can't stop gathering things and leaving them around the house, it's a precautionary strategy. Force yourself to get up, move toward the clutter, and pick it up as quickly you notice it. Ensure that you tidy up right away if you see anything disorganized at your workstation or in your living quarters. Do not allow them to accumulate as you will eventually run out of energy or time to do the decluttering. Do not entertain second thoughts when something has already been decided for disposal. Just throw it away. 

Every day, spend at least 15 minutes cleaning.

Schedule daily time to spend some time cleaning your home. You'll develop a cleaning habit as a result, and eventually it might even come naturally to you. Why not create a weekly schedule while you're at it so you'll know what to tidy up on a specific day of the week. Until the entire house is cleaned, you can designate one area to clean each day.

It is challenging for those who have a tendency to hoard to organize their time so that they will have time to clean. There are several things you can do to clear your home of clutter and maintain as much organization as you can. You should always put your clothing in a hamper after changing. You should instantly iron your linens and fold your blankets each morning. Throw away or preserve a disposable bottle for an eco-brick when you see one. Don't be afraid to throw out anything in the refrigerator that you can no longer consume. After you've finished eating at the table or whenever it becomes dirty in any manner, wipe it off with a wet towel right away.

If you haven't utilized something in a year, firmly dispose of it.

Anything that has served you for a year and is no longer in use should be thrown away without hesitation. You need to fight the urge to hold onto something just because you want to even if it's not good for you anymore. You are attempting to break the behavior of hoarders who like to keep things that are useless to them. Consider selling or donating the clothing, for instance, if it no longer fits. Throw away any outdated newspapers and documentation that you no longer require. Placing plastic bags inside an eco-brick is a way to recycle them. Throw away any appliance that has already been damaged beyond repair. 

When you get rid of things that you haven't used in the last year, you stop the clutter from accumulating more clutter. When you make it a habit of getting rid of things you don't use or that no longer function, you won't be amassing superfluous items.

Ask your relatives and friends to lend a hand.

Do not be afraid to approach friends and family for assistance in breaking a hoarding behavior. Decluttering can be very stressful, especially if you have a hoarding disorder. You can always ask pals to assist you organize your space and/or family to tidy up their various messes if you don't want to do it all by yourself. We understand that they are conscious of your position and would be pleased to assist given all of the stuff you've accumulated.

Seek professional treatment. 

This is insufficient to address the hoarding issue. However, there are currently solutions available; all you need to do is thoroughly investigate them and enlist the aid of others to assist you stop hoarding. Speak with a professional who can assist you in resolving specific issues.

Spend money on smart storage solutions. 

Everything is much simpler to get and put back where you received it when it is all readily available. The objects you will store in them can be organized with the aid of clever storage solutions like the overhead storage rack or wall-mounted types. Additionally, labels can be added to make it much simpler to locate items without needing to slide the entire storage unit or rummage through an entire wall shelf. FlexiMounts have many options to help you tidy up your garage. 

When you have a clear idea and vision of what you already own, it’s less tempting to buy more stuff. This is why it’s important to tidy up so aside from relying on labels, you can see everything in one look.